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a little respect

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  • a little respect

    as the school grows more and more new members seem to be joining please give them respect as people and fellow members

    by laughing at silly plays they make you are more likely to drive them away from the school and remember we all make silly plays

    asking them to talk to you about there play and asking if they mind if you discuss it can do one of 2 things either you get a new member involved in learning which you both can do from each other or they will decline the invite and you continue having to improve your game to the point where you can work out how to play against them

    if your new to the school welcome and please dont take offence if i ask you about a play at the table i just play to learn.

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    Ironside, not seen you here before



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      Nice post Iron have seen alot of new players lately! Holding your tougue is a good point to all us older schooler!very easy to deject a new member, I just tell them to make sure they use the school for all it's teaching tools! 8) JON "ENOCHO,"ENOCHS LSOGC


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        Goot idea! I've always appreciated the welcoming remarks from the vets here. It leaves a lasting impression. Many of the players do take the trouble to look up and welcome new players, Serpico and Sailor Moe at last nite's tourny for example. Caring people is one of the quality advantages PSO has over any other site online!

        Thanks, Ironside and all of you caring vets, Den


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            Wow, if the servers store this drivel, no wonder theres a lag issue at PSO.


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              I am not sure you can and dont believe we should, stop people from commenting or 'LOL' at silly or just stupid plays.

              When I first went to play live poker, as well as getting creamed, I got lots of ear bashings for my silly/stupid plays. I did not cry or moan about it, the opposite actually, I learnt from those mistakes. If noone had pointed them out or got upset about them, I would probably still be making them.

              To me, it is all part of the game and if you are serious about poker, then you should really appreciate that someone is giving you free tips. Obviously i draw the line at abusing that player personally, but comments about your hand, anyplayers hand (including my own) are fair and acceptable to me.

              I got jousted the other day at bugsy, for wrongfully thinking someone was bluffing, calling his raise with bottom pair and hitting trips. When he asked me, how the hell could you call that, are you stupid. I said, in this situation yes, but when i think someones bluffing and call them, I get it right more times than i do wrong. Then i just said, sorry dude. That was the end of the matter.

              I understand your point about welcoming them and trying to help them, I have always done my part in this and spend a lot of time chatting to them and answering questions etc. But to make them excempt from what is common in every poker room in the world, is not good. We are trying to prepare ourselves here for a chance to play and succeeed in real money, real live poker games (at least I am anyway).

              To do that, as I have always said, we should be in and create or at least not alter, the natural enviroment of a poker room. With all its huffs and puffs, comments and genral difference in people. This way, they wont be thrown off thier game when they go to a real poker room and see that players are not all nice and say gg and nh after you have just outdrawn them.

              In 18 months of playing live poker in the UK, i can honestly say, I never heard anyone say 'nice hand' to someone who has just sucked out on another. The reason (im pretty sure) is because they dont want to upset the guy who has just recieved the bad beat and thats wise when the guy is sitting next to you.

              If you want to be a boxer, you dont go to a gym where they teach you, 'if you get hit, remember to trun the other cheek'.



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                Yea, it is sad to see the school change.

                What is wrong with you guys? Drivel? Is that what being polite is about? They are asking for it?

                Remember, THIS IS A SCHOOL!!!!! For learning! That is why people join! It is admitting that they are not good at poker and are seeking help. They are going to make bad plays. And you can justify it as much as you want, but they dont deserve criticisim for something they dont even know what they are doing!!!

                Real loving place around here lately.

                Just remember, without new members, there is no school. So unless you want to be alone and heads up, we should all be civil and help out.


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                  As clint eastwood once said, 'deserve got nothing to do with it".

                  keep your shirt on if you are referring to my reply, I say it like it is.

                  If you start forcing everyone here not to make comments about other players hands (beginners or not) them I and half the players here will be banned, So then you mt brant, will be left with a school full of do gooders and beginners.

                  Poker is poker, you cant change the laws of physics (clint eastwood as well ?)

                  You are as bad as any of us commenting on hands during the game, Like i said, we are not stretching it to player abuse in now way. But if garbage is called against me, example 62 off suit from chip leader vs my Allin medium chip stack with QQ pp.

                  he hits a 66 on the flop, you think I am not telling him that was the crappiest call i have ever seen, then you are wrong mate. because it was, still is and is always likey to be the crappiest call i have ever seen. I was not low stack and we were not on a final table, his stack to mine was about 50% more, not 10x.

                  You know what he said when i made my comments. He said, we have been taught to always call allin if we are the big stack.

                  Where as he been taught that,, because if they are teaching that anywhere on this site i would demand my money back if i was them.

                  So then my parting words were something to the effect that he should buy a 50 year membership at this School because he is going to need it, gl all and bye.

                  Now brant my old freind, if you want to get on my hall of fame of worst calls then you can try with a 52 off suit, porker did it with a 54 vs JJ 2nd hand of a satelite, but his were suited. yes of course the 5 and 4 both hit giving him 2 pair. it wouldnt be pso if the jacks held up to this fantastic play would it.



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                    Lol, wow steve. I forgot what a decent conversation felt like! I am so use to being called names when i post that i am shocked when we can communicate normally

                    I see your point, man. From my perspective, i am probably talking more about the really really newbies. Not that ones that have been at pso for a bit but refuse to learn anything. From your examples, the player had no desire to be corrected and had already justified his call.

                    I am all for conversation after the hand. You of all people should know that. Lol, the big one. I actually think that is one of the strong points about the school. Players who are willing to chat about what plays they just made. I have learned so much from that.

                    I am trying to say that calling someone an idiot doesnt help anything. Not criticizing their play. Lmao, i didnt mean to make it sound like you call others idiots. I am talkking in general.

                    To me, there is a fine line between a tough beat and asking about it to immediately insulting everything about the player from his pets to his children. And as far as the middle of the line goes? Everyone deals with it in their own way. I do like how you are straight up and honest. There is nothing wrong with that. I actually prefer it that way.

                    Heck, attitude is apart of poker. Far be it for me to exclude it. Lol, maybe i need to develop some myself.

                    Thx for the cool reply steve.


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                      Lol, Now you getting it.

                      On a very serious point though (as my reply is what i believe to be true, dont spare any of us from what we might be facing in a real casino/card room), I do 100% disagree with picking on players (old and new) calling them personal names like idiot or moron (and i have done this myself many times in the past, I have been working on this so much lately that i now say: that was an idiotic play.(you like that, i added the play bit to the end, not as personal now )

                      But I really do disagree with getting out of hand and do in fact always stick up for any player if i think someone has or is crossing the line. I do however always chuckle when i see the silly/stupid plays getting lucky and busting someone, when he types, you idiot (i know it doesnt say a lot about me), but actually, when i have delivered the bad beat and they call me an idiot, i can say without fear that i never get upset if the guy calls me a moron or an idiot, i still chuckle to myself and count the chips.

                      Its not nice, but sometimes lets face it, we all deserve a little ragging, especially in poker. the whole game is designed for someone to be happy and for others not to be after every hand. We are taking money off each other for crying out loud. If you get happy when you lose your hard earned money, and more so to a bad beat, then you need to see a doctor.

                      But after you cool down, you do realise all the valid points that all or most of us know.

                      1) it doesnt really solve anything
                      2) they are there, you are here and you are out, all the chat in the world is not going to change that.

                      Specifically for the new players, like you said, we all discussed at the big one final table hands we played. It was a great discussion, i learnt somethings there on others views on why they played such a way. its imformative when you see the reason behind a play from anothers perspective and a great way to learn poker. New players (and i have had several pm me for help, or to shadow me et) should not feel threatened by a more senior or experienced played asking them why they did that, they should look at it as an opp for picking up some tips if they explain why they did.

                      A lot of players myself included, are often willing to explain to new players there mistakes, not for putting them down, but in a calm manner if they ask. Example, 'you idiot', player replies 'why what did i do wrong' answer 'you really want to know' reply 'yes' (What I typed there is a true account of what happened to me, except i was just learning and i was the idiot, the player was a pro and we became good friends, i learnt a lot from him thereafter). I have even gone through a heads up because a guy wanted to know how i think his game was, and had to verbally explain what I am doing and what he should be thinking and doing in return etc. I also showed him nearly everyone of my hands so he could see when he was bluffed and not bluffed. He said it was a really great help to him. Wasnt to me though, i lost 100 bucks pso.

                      Extreme abuse or personal attacks i fully agree, no room for it anywhere not just at pso and we dont want that, except for the freeplay site, please let us do it there Only because there you will often find yourself being attacked by a whole group of them if you upset one. We have our knitting club they have something far more scary.

                      And to finish, I did call you alot of names, but PokerPagesGary made me delete them. lol (only kidding)

                      See you soon mate.


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                        In short, criticize the play, not the player. As long as we make that distinction I don't think there should be any problems.



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                          And thats why I gave it the BUMP!!!!!!!!!

                          Jimmy B



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