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Another Plea Poll

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  • Another Plea Poll

    This is a poll in response to Minpin's request to change the percentage on the member's page, and profiles to use the cumulative ranking.
    Please read this top in the forum, if you do not know what this is referring too:

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    For those who didn't follow this thread, the poll is basically asking this:

    On your personal page and in your profile, would you like to see your overall ranking changed so that it does NOT include those who haven't reached the minimum number of tournaments?

    In other words, you might be ranked 100th in the school, but when you log in your personal page says you are ranked 160th because it is counting people with less than the required cumulative amount.

    Your profile would also have 160th.

    Answering "Yes" to this poll indicates you'd like your profile to say "100" and your personal page to say "100". Those who haven't met the minimum (currently 25) would just have a "n/a" or something similar until they hit the required amount.

    Further, the thread discussed raising the current minimum of 25 to some other number - I propose 100... but that issue is not addressed in this pole.


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      / \

      BUMP to top.


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        okey dokey sounds good to me :lol: :wink:


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          Agreed. And I wonder how many 'dormant' accounts there are in the listings, whose % will just stay up there until..... ?




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            Could we also make the % on our home page a link to the corresponding results detail page?


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              I agree about uping the minimum number of games. 100 is good. I'd settle for 50.


              • #8

                without trying to sound like too much of a "suckup", most things Minpin writes about are pretty well thought out. I enjoy having someone with his intrests providing suggestions and input...I vote yes


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                    very poor turnout 80 out of 1000 where is everone? :?: :?:


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                      I think it's a very small percent of the population who actually reads the forum on a regular basis. I'd venture to guess that about the same % looks at the lessons and reads all of the information PSO has to offer.

                      I think a good majority of the people here are in it for the free tourneys and not much else.


                      • #12

                        I think you're probably right, minpin, but that isn't necessarily such a negative. I would read every article and attend every class if I had the time, but I don't. I believe that the best use of my time at the school is playing tourneys. And if you look at my stats, you'll see that I play far fewer than many others here. I read the articles and the forums when I have a chance, which is usually while I'm at work - like right now. But the best teacher, imho, is the table - not the class room.


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                          why not have both rankings displayed?


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                            since this vote seems clearly lopsided, i was wondering when the change was going to be made? it would be helpful for the team captains in the upcoming draft to be able to click on somebody's profile and get their actual ranking, i think each person is about 100 lower than there are in the cumalative rankings page.



                            • #15
                              I think this is a brilliant Idea. Can't wait for it to be implemented, thank you for opening the polls on this for a short while!!!



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