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lsogc draft consitution

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  • lsogc draft consitution

    the following is a draft consitution for the lsogc please any member wanting anything amended or added before 1st of may send me a private message and let me know



    To promote the concept of better play produces better luck in all forms of poker.


    By setting goals for which players can aim at.

    1) improve overall ranking (annaul ranking as of 1st jan 2003)
    2) improve bankroll
    3) win more events

    The way we will achieve this goals is to add stars to the end of our signature in forum posts.
    On signing up to the LSOGC you will have printed your over all % and your Bankroll, when you improve your % by 1.5 you will gain 1*. When you improve your bankroll by 2000 you will gain 1*. These stars are lost if you fail to maintain the standard ie slip below the level you need for that star. If your current bankroll or % is greater than WILDBILL41 you gain 5*s for excerlance. If you win a multi table tourny you get 1* for the period of 2 weeks after the 2 weeks you lose the star again.

    As of jan2003 all rankings will be reset and so will all stars (expect those earned in multi tourny wins) the figures you have at 23:59cst 31 december will be your new target from which to earn stars.


    The LOSGC was set up as a rival to the E2C by me and therefore i set up all the rules and accepted the members as of 1st of JUNE 2002 the lsogc will become a democracy under this constitution in which it will need a democratic vote to change.

    There is a need therefore of office bearers these will be as follows

    Club Chairman
    Club Figurehead (wildbill41 for as long as he remains a member of PSO)
    Playing Captain for time being i have chosen JMUSSEY
    Recruitment Co-ordinator responsible for keeping fresh blood coming into the club
    Preformance Director responsible for keeping track of starting stats and stars

    These postion will be elected annaully on the 1st of June, people wishing to put themselves forward for an office bearers job should notify the Club Chairman by the 14th of may each year. Then the members hold a ballot between the 17th and the 31st of may the results will be annoucend on the 1st of june when the new office bearers take over.

    Club Chairman can only hold the postion for 1 term so therefore can not be put up for election while already holding the postion club chairman (there is nothing stopping him applying again the following year)


    It will be the repsonibity of the recruitment co-ordinator each month to select 4 possible candidates for joining the LSOGC these 4 names will be put to the membership who will then vote for 2 members to join the LSOGC, these 2 players will then be invited to join the lsogc.
    Any member of the LSOGC can put forward a player to the recruitment co-ordinator who then has to decided which 4 players to put forward to the vote.
    This choice should be made under the following critera :
    1) can membership of the LSOGC help this player
    2) will this player's membership add to the LSOGC
    3) is this player here at the PSO to improve there game
    4) No membership is given to any MANAICS reformed manaics are welcomed

    Any player wishing to join must have played 50 games or more at the school. A player who has played less than 50 games can join on a probationary membership untill they reach 50 games where there stats will be recorded for the gaining of *s.

  • #2
    here is a list of current members

    red rabbit
    clay knight
    scott the fierce

    awaiting membership post from
    probation membership
    rio rita

    i am also needed pokerwidows stats from the day she joined.If you dont have them pokerwidow can you please post your current stats.


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      Came to put my name(ENOCHO) 8) in consideration for new membership!I have been in school since JAN. My % is 61.69 in 296 games! my bankroll is $425(temporary low water lever has been as high as $3500)! I know i can help the Lsogc team!Current rankings in gold league #87 of 180 and in single table sat's #17 of 91(stats from memory)! Ironside please checkout my stats! see how close to money i have been getting! I still have alot to learn,so let me have opportunity to show you! P.S. by the way Ironside the 8:00 freeroll tourny i finished 8th surprise!surprise! just out of money again!! consider ME! JON "ENOCHO," ENOCHS :lol: :wink:


      • #4
        Can I be director of partying and lewd behavior? :twisted:


        • #5
          Nice one Ironside


          I enjoyed reading your constitution. Your goals certainly are compatible with our goals at E2C.

          They both promote GOOT PLAY.

          For all the friendly rivalry lately between LSOGC and E2C, it is nice to see that they both embody the principles promoted here at PSO.

          Randy, rggator
          Interim El Presi-Dent-Ttee


          • #6
            no sucking up now gator were still gonna kick your butt :lol:
            you might think it friendly rivalry but you wont after we humilate your team :wink:
            if i was you i would be getting in touch with your treasurer the bankroll of the E2C is about to hit rock bottom :roll:


            • #7
              Too funny

              You are too funny Ironside.

              I can barely type I am laughing so hard.

              But I think our boys and gals can handle anything you can bring on.


              p.s. I still think you are doing a good job with your organization. It is promoting better play.


              • #8
                i would like to formally welcome enocho to the lsogc
                and add noodles to the probation list his inclusion into the lsogc is a great asset and hopefully in time he will become the lsogc's personal trainer


                • #9
                  May I obtain a position in this elite club? My overall stats stink, but I am 48th in the silver and climbing. I wish I could reset my overall ranking.



                  • #10
                    THANK YOU! IRONSIDE

                    I would like to thank Ironside for adding me into this elite group! will represent lsogc to best of my ability! especially against e2c! thanks ! JON "ENOCHO," ENOCHS :lol:


                    • #11
                      Welcome Enocho and Noodles!


                      • #12
                        thanks to IANb i remebered about my failings in getting the LSOGC up and running properly

                        so i am bringing this thread up to the top and aim to edit the dates and get the LSOGC running proper in the new year(i got another 12 months of membership time to waste)


                        • #13
                          I, too, would like to be considered for your club, as improving my bankroll and stats is my main goal right now. Thank you for your consideration!



                          • #14
                            Ironside, I would like to be considered too, but I'm not yet worthy. At my current rate I expect to complete 50 tourneys within the next six months! :roll: Anyway keep me in mind if I continue to improve.

                            Regards, Den


                            • #15
                              no such thing as reformed mani

                              its something you have to live with and battle with every sat at a time
                              maniacs annonymus is a much needed club at this site
                              and people like you who discrimate against maniacs will only get buffalo chips from me, not buffalo's chips
                              you think its easy, being castigated by people for "feeling lucky about this 39 sooted?"...and winnig?
                              if thats not a lsog, i'm not a shaggy herd beast



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