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Odds help!!

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  • Odds help!!

    I have learned a little about odds on my own from reading posts here and at other places, but I just can't figure this one out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Lets just say you have a four flush on the flop and nothing else, how do you figure the odds to see if one of the next 2 cards will be your suit??????

    thanks, torax

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    With 4 of a suit and 5 known cards there are 9 outs of 47 cards for the turn. The river will have 9 outs of 46 cards. You figure the probability of an event NOT occuring so:

    (47-9)/47 = 38/47 = .8085 is the probability you won't see your suit on the turn, and:

    (46-9)/46 = 37/46 = .8043 for the river.

    he combined probability of each of these is:
    .8085 * .8043 = .6503

    meaning that 65% of the time yor flush DOES NOT make by the river. Conversely 35% of the time it does make. To figure the odds you use 65%/35% = 1.86:1 against


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      Let's Simplify.

      9 outs with 2 cards to come: multiply by 4!!

      4 * 9 = 36% (chance to hit!!)

      with 1 card to come, multiply by 2!

      2 * 9 = 18% (18% chance)

      Not exact - but easy to use at the table!!



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