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    I just wanted to inform members of what has happened in our situation, just in case there are others in the same boat.
    Today we got in the mail My husbands Master Card statement, and he automatically got his membership renewed, with no notification.
    I have emailed Mrs. Poker Pages regarding this issue, so I am not on here to put her or the school down, just to make others aware.
    IMHO I certainly don't believe any monies should automatically come out of anyones acct, without some confirmation.
    In fact in my own situation, my membership was paid for as a gift, so I hope it is not automatic, that I get the same gift, as the giver, may not want to give me this again.
    Just a thought, that others may want to keep an eye on.
    Babe60 and BIGRED31

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    the terms of agreament:

    ANNUAL- If you selected to pay your membership on an Annual basis, PokerSchool Online will email you 35 days or more before your membership is due to expire, to alert you that your annual term is coming up for renewal. If you initially paid by credit card and want to renew or don't reply to the email, then you agree for PokerSchool Online to automatically bill your credit card for another annual membership fee. If you paid by any other method and wish to renew, be sure to send PokerSchool Online another annual membership fee so that it arrives before your current membership expires (you'd lose your ranking & bankroll if you let your membership expire by not allowing enough time for your payment to both arrive then clear). Use the address listed in the 'NOTICES' section below. If you wish to terminate your membership, please reply to the email immediately, by following termination directions (allowing 30 days notification, as outlined in the section on 'TERMINATION' below).
    MONTHLY- If you selected to pay your membership Monthly, PokerSchool Online will automatically bill your credit card each month until you notify PokerSchool Online that you wish to terminate your membership (see section on 'TERMINATION' below). "
    To many people go and click "I agree" befor reading that and it was a year ago, people forget.



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      I received your private message and i have responded to you, to tell you that Mark is dealing with this situation.

      We automatically send out email notification to all the annual members 2 weeks prior to their yearly membership being taken off their credit card.
      If we do not hear back from them otherwise, then the money is deducted.

      I do not know why you were not in receipt of this email, did you change your email address from the original one you registered with.

      In the event that someone is charged and does not want to continue with the annual membership for the 2nd year, we will of course get the money refunded to the credit card

      Tina (Mrs PokerPages)

      PS, Babe60 also mentioned to me that our listed telephone number is no longer in service, this is correct as we are moving our customer support operations to our European office, so that we can move towards 24/7 customer support. I will be posting new 1-800 contact telephone numbers in the school contact us section very soon, and you will also have the facility of the live help button here in the school, simular to the one that is on PokerPages and there will also be the normal channels of contact via email or Private Message.

      Bring on the caffine, as i will now be up 24 hours a


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        thanks 57Sauce for your reply, I probably did get something, and just did'nt pay attention and deleated it before reading. This could very well be what happened, but IMHO, I am sure I am not the only one who may do this, and therefore it causes inconvience for Tina and Mark as well as the member. In our case, BIGRED31 and myself had to retire 1 year earlier then we planned, and at this time, we just cannot afford it. In my case my membership was paid for by someone else, My Daughter, and they are away for 5 months so she won't even get her notification until after its done, and she gave it to me for a Xmas gift.
        It certainly would have helped, had I read my mail, I just hope it can be corrected.


        • #5
          Just to clarify, we are sending reminders out approx 30 days before renewal is due. The first ones did go out a little late as the code that generates the reminders had broken with various registration changes that have been made since we launched and we only just got to the point where the renewals needed to be sent out.

          I believe that the code now works and everyone can expect a reminder to the email we have on our database around 1 month before renewal.

          In the meantime I have personally resolved babe60's problem mentioned at the top of this thread.

          In Tina's defense , she asked me last night when we send out reminders and I told her approx 2 weeks, so that discrepency was my fault.



          • #6
            Originally posted by MrsPokerPages
            ...did you change your email address from the original one you registered with.
            I have changed my e-mail address and experienced extreme difficulty in getting PSO to utilize the new address. If the reminder is sent to my former address I shall be extremely disappointed. PSO made what should been a simple process into something complex and time consuming.

            If such a simple item basic to e-business cannot be fixed how can we expect bigger issues to ever be satisfactorily resolved?


            • #7
              Why are you having problems getting email to a new address?


              • #8
                I was not having problems getting mail at the new address. I was having problems getting PSO to send my mail to the new address as you continued to use the old address after I submitted an address change. I used the change address form 2 or 3 times and sent 3 or 4 messages to support. The newsletters and PM notices continued to be sent to my old address for a period of time. Actually, I received some identical mails at each address for a brief period. I believe it was Tim that i communicated to finally resolve this.

                About this same time there were some postings in the forum where others noted problems with changing addresses as well.


                • #9
                  mark i am getting all my notifiaction of private messages (from forum) sent to my old email address i have asked if there is a way to change it (as my PSOscoop comes to my new addy) but still nothing


                  • #10
                    I just found out how to change your email in the forum admin. I have changed it now so you should get the notifications in your new email account.




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