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  • DA Poker

    or online poker and work don't mix.

    In the 1:00 pm $200 NLHE I decided to play while on a conference call. With PSO on the desktop, answering e-mail on the laptop and the headset to the phone on I get 99 in EP just when I have to actually talk on the darned call. I call whatever the bet is and the flop is 976 rainbow. I bet either 1/2 the pot or the pot and get raised and re-raised from 2 goot players. Thinking that I called an open raise from UTG I figure no one is playing T-8 and I am against a smaller set and an overpair so I jam with top set. The button calls and flips over the T-8 I just couldn't believe they would call a raise with pre-flop.

    I then change the window to show the play and see that there was no pre-flop raise. However, on the hand JUST BEFORE this one I had called a pre-flop pot raise with TT.

    Moral of the story: PAY ATTENTION TO THE TABLE :!:

    And it might be wise to keep the play listing in the window so you can do a quick review as well.

    There are worse things than busting out 41 of 43 due to your own stupidity. I hope the rest of the weekend is better.

    p.s. Should we have a "STUPIDEST PLAYS OF THE WEEK" contest?

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    I have a stupid hand that I am ashamed of. I get T9 :s: on the button and call a small raise to enter the pot. Flop comes down QJ8 :h: I can't believe my luck, I flopped the straight. And in all my stupidity, I decide to slow play the straight. Next card to come out is another :h:, but for some reason, I don't notice that. So what do I do? I go all in of course. The other player calls and flips over AT :h: I was so embarrased that I just left the table. No goodbye or anything. I had to run and hide in shame. ops: