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  • Online or Live tournaments

    I was wondering if there was such a place on the internet that would talk about every tournaments live or online that exists For example: Found 3 tournaments being help in Montreal and all 3 are sponsored by different online sites Also found the CPT, Caribbean Poker Tour sponsored by lots of sites. The WSOPE sponsored by other sites One site will give you a satellite ticket for the ME at the CPT for a $100 deposit. There's many opportunity available for all, so.... Is there such a site? Since we can't help each other here at PSO about talking about other sites, please PM me with the site name. Thank you umbup:

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    I don't know of one.. but if it exits, would like to know about it.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Do you mean a site that has a schedule for tourneys across sites and countries?
      Or sites that provide satellites?


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        Originally posted by Profess Awe View Post
        Do you mean a site that has a schedule for tourneys across sites and countries?
        Or sites that provide satellites?
        For example:
        PokerStars has EPT, PCA, APPT, LAPT, ANZPT etc
        PartyPoker has All of WPT, and plus
        FullTilt has the Montreal Carnaval, UKIPT, Eureka, BSOP, ANZPT etc
        888Poker has Deep stack Live, WSOPE, WSOP
        Other sites have others

        Also, what about all the online championships going on such as SCOOP, WCOOP, FTOPS, Mega Series, Gladiator Series, or any major tournament

        Is there a site with all this info and all the satellites being played at the moment


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          There should be if there isn't. Seems like an opportunity, although I grant you it is not the opportunity you may be looking for at this moment.


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            It's just hard to track every major live and online tournament, guess how harder it becomes with satellites.
            I don't know for satellites but for live events there is the livepokertournamentschedule


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     is about as good as I have found for live tourneys.
              The issue is that me in the UK wants to know about any UK tournaments, medium Europe events I can qualify for and big worldwide events I can qualify for. But if I was in say Canada it would be different, but I have no interest in a site like this but that could be gold for Canadians. [My bad if not supposed to post these don't see what is wrong with calendars for live tourneys]

              It would not be too hard for someone with access to the range of poker networks to update a site that said where you can qualify for what online. But it is an effort and would need updating often eg 888 staggered when they introduced their WSOPE qualifiers.

              In terms of online series we know what PokerStars, FT and Party have and when they tend to schedule them, but 888 and IPoker are sporadic. So again getting any complete information is difficult.

              Further issues are different sponsors, it is not just Party that sponsors and provides satellites to WPT events, 888 doesn't have any exclusivity re WSOP sats. UKIPT etc have been pokerstars events for 3 years so maybe they share with Full Tilt now Galway is FT I don't know. So you cannot say go one place for all WPT, another one for UKIPT etc.

              The Caribbean Poker Tour is a good example of a complex one as the different IPoker sites have different promos related to it, but there are also shared satellites to the main events. There are also smaller tourneys there sponsored by sites like Betfair and William Hill, which I guess they may have exclusive sats for. To try and capture it is complex and I don't see why anyone would want to capture it all when it is likely that the majority of players play on certain sites and if they offer sats they will play them there?

              I think for too long the assumption has been that Site X advertises their live poker tournament and if you are interested you go to the site to find out what the satellites etc are. Generally I think it works, so long as I find out about tourneys I can find the information I need assuming it is out there.


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                Thanks Awe,

                The Caribbean Poker Tour is a very good example
                I think I've downloaded every poker site I could think of and will check every month for any specials tournament or satellites going on.

                Like I've said in another thread, any satellites or tournament with very good odds, I'm interested in playing them.


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                  Caribbean poker tour (punta cana leg) is top of my list to qualify for. But I will only use sites I am already playing with. If I open a new account I really feel I shld grind off the bonus and not enough time for that + ipoker is woeful for full ring, which is my game of choice for working off bonuses. + already have 4 ipoker sites u can easily end up with too many sites.

                  A month or so ago the rebuy/freeze out sats to the weekly finals were tougher than most SATs, then they dried up a bit. September they may pick up again.


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                    There's a schedule of some games in the every edition of (You can read it online). There's also quite a few card rooms that advertise in it so you might get some information from that.

                    I'm playing the €230 Boyle IPO in October. I paid myself in direct but I've never deposited on the site and played the event previous so it's a freeroll sort of. I'm working on paying for my transport, hotel and spending money on the site

                    For those in the UK and Ireland this is a premium event which a lot of top pro's play. My claim to (in)fame is Jesse May KO'd me from the last time I played to a sort of bad beat. He had AA, I flopped trips and he rivered a full house.

                    Mods, if this goes against the T/C of the site then PM me and I'll word it different.
                    Bracelet Winner



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