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Sick and tired of problems

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  • Sick and tired of problems

    I am to the point where enough is enough!!! I am sick and tired of the constant freeze ups. Almost always freeze up after a "balancing tables". Today I froze up after calling a big raise and lost a big stack.
    If pp can't fix these bugs, I won't be renewing when my annual membership comes up.


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    apart from the fact my isp boots me every 2 hours i haven had a problem with timing out since i joined the site and as a dial up user from overseas if the problem was on PSO ends i would have thought i would have the biggest problem.

    i think you need to check out your hardware and your drivers then check the quailty of your isp. you get what you pay for when it comes to isp's your cheap isp from the local supermarket might seem like a bargin but if there not investing in there equippment you could end up getting your connection bottlenecked.

    so try a different ISP one that is an ISP and not a supermarket gimmick. if this doesnt help i am unsure what to say but if the problem was at PSO end ALL of the users would be having the problem not just some even if that some seems like a lot of people.

    ps try a system clean up it might help if your system is old.


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      Also, a suggestion that has work very well for me was upgrading to Windows 2000 Pro. A very stable operating system that recovers well when the connection hic-ups.



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        I've occasionally had problems locking up or losing my connection during tourneys, although not as frequently as others, it seems. Sometimes the problem is with my ISP, sometimes it is not - all my other internet sites are available and functioning.

        JCastle - I had similar problems during the 'table balancing' routine and assumed that I was having a connection/freezup problem. It turned out that it was just taking a long long time to complete the balancing, and if I waited (and didn't reboot) play at the table resumed. I don't know if it would be the same for you, as ymmv, but it's worth a try. Good luck!



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          Originally posted by maxxel
          JCastle - I had similar problems during the 'table balancing' routine and assumed that I was having a connection/freezup problem. It turned out that it was just taking a long long time to complete the balancing, and if I waited (and didn't reboot) play at the table resumed.
          Agreed - sometimes it takes so long you assume you've frozen. The problem here is that there's no way of knowing which is the case ( as far as I know?). The network icons bottom right show no activity, and there's no 'progress' indicator on the screen. Maybe that would be an easy answer - Flash a message every 5 seconds to indicate we should keep waiting ?



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            A table balance when a table is busted takes forever. Most of it is the wait for the play to cease so all tables can be rebalanced.

            Rebalancing not involving a busted table seems to be faster.

            If chat were allowed during these dead lulls the appearance of being frozen woud no longer exist. Also, during table busting a periodic message (every 15 seconds) of "waiting for N tables to complete play" would allow us to track progress.

            Regarding true freeze-ups, they seem to be qute rare when PSO is the only thing I am having trouble with. Although I won't get a disconnected message all of my access attempts time-out and I have to quit my dial-up session and start another one. This causes the PSO software to fail at that point. My ISP (Earthlink) has failed to uncover any cause for this behaviour.

            One problem that I frequently see is net lag, where the game stalls and the catches up in a burst of activity. I have actually had as many as 4 hands played at high speed after an unusually long net lag. These seem to be more frequent in PSO than other places.


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              I am experiencing very very few problems as of late.

              So the problems may be due to your ISP, or all that other stuff I know nothing about.

              I have an on-site technician (wife) to help me.

              GL Jmason with your problems. Please contact someone at PSO adn see if they can resolve or lessen your problem.



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                Have you checked out how much RAM memory your system has as we have upgraded our minimum requirements from 64MB to 96MB since the last update


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                  I think, but I am not sure, that when the tables are just in "balancing"
                  mode, the curser in the box to type in the chat always seems to be blinking and ready to take a text. When I freeze out, I can't type anything in the chat box. That is how I can tell what is a real freeze out and what is a long balancing act.

                  So, next time you are not sure, try to type in a chat. If it takes it ( but of course will not display it until the tables are done balancing)
                  the you are all right. If not, time to reboot.

                  And for the record, I cannot remember any freeze outs do to the server that I am aware of. My freeze outs seem to be only when I am running too many operations at once on my computer. I guess the Poker Pages takes a lot of the running space and my poor lap just can't handle much more. If I am running only the PP software, I never seem to have problems. When I run on my desk top PC, which runs something in the 1.2 Gigahurtz range, I have no problems at all no matter how many ohter operations I have running.

                  In a nut shell, for me, the software is excellent.

                  muck it


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                    I am the poster child for freeze-ups and time-outs. My system has only 64 megs of RAM, but I will be upgrading to 256 megs in the near future. In the meantime I'm using an old version of the software. I'll report back after the upgrade to let you know how it works out.


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                      maxxel, JMason was the one who posted this topic. anyway, just to chime in, JMason, you may want to expand your memory. when i was having problems during the beta testing, i ordered a cheap ($40)memory upgrade at that fixed the problem.



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                        Oops - sorry JCastle - I obviously meant JMason. That's what happens when I type too fast and too early in the morning.



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                          I upgraded my old laptop to 288 megs of RAM, and have had no problems (except for the bonehead who drew out on me tonight going all in on a runner-runner flush; when is there going to be a software fix for THAT?!). I even played two games at once tonight for the first time in several weeks, without any time-outs or freeze-ups.

                          I apologize for my previous rants. Of course my former 64 megs of RAM was state-of-the-art... in 1999 maybe!


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                            I should explain that right now our RAM requirement is up to 96 MEGS.

                            I am informed by the "techies" that during development it is wrong to "optimize". I have to believe them as they know more than I.

                            So what we can expect is a month or so more of new functionality being built in and then it will be all focus back on optimizing which will likely (in my opinion) bring the minimum RAM requirement back down to 64 MEGS or even possibly 48.

                            In the meantime I recommend that players only play one game at a time and if you are having problems turn off the animation from "settings" in the lobby.



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                              Thanks all for your input. I do only have 64 mb RAM, but before I begin play, I close all programs running in the background, I also run disk cleanup once a week and defrag once a month as well as clean up my cache 2 to 3 times a week. I have broadband through RoadRunner and they installed a new cable line to my house to maximize the signal I recieve at my modem. I will expand my RAM and see if that helps.