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Getting lucky.....

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  • Getting lucky.....

    Get your minds out of the gutter, I'm talking poker here.

    A few times in the last week I have made what I will rather kindly call high variance plays ie. I have got the money in with hands that are probably marginal at best and often dominated.

    One time I have got it AIPF with AQ v K9 against a half stack. This was blind against blind and I went with my belief that I was probably going to be flipping against him at worst but possibly ahead. It paid off and I took his stack.

    Second hand last night was a similar dynamic. BvB, guy had high VPIP/PFR and 3bet, I had AJo and made the call when he shoved. While I eas content with my call in the first hand I kind of hated my play in the second. The person in the second hand was a full stack and although aggressive they weren't stupid. They had QQ and I hit an A on the turn to suck out on them in a rather fortunate and brutal way.

    I don't feel good about hands like the second one, I can console myself with having won a big pot, but I made a horrible play and I know it.

    How do,you react when you do things like that? Do you just shrug it off and be thankful you got lucky? Do you feel bad about it? Do you whoop with delight and congratulate yourself on having made a high variance play that worked out?

    I guess I need to watch my blind v blind play more closely. I know people defend wide but when they shove I have to fold, at least when I can't place them as a maniac.

    I know it can be good if you get lucky but my play was brutal in the long run.

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    This usually happens to me when I talk myself into doing something other than my planned move.

    As with most poor decisions, I try to look at why I got myself in that situation. For me these actions are frequently the result of something earlier.


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      Originally posted by bhoylegend View Post
      One time I have got it AIPF with AQ v K9 against a half stack.
      Sick brag.
      I make that play about once every 250 hands, because it's completely standard. :/

      To be honest, I don't think about it too much when I make an iffy decision and then manage to suck out, but I might replay the hand after the session to remind me to be more careful in a similar spot in future. Villains have made terrible calls/shoves against me and sucked out hundreds of times, so it's just a little bit of karma when the reverse happens. I'm annoyed with myself if I realise I made a dumb play, but I'm rarely stacking off pre without a very good reason. (I've never tilt-shoved in my life and I'm not about to start!)
      Many times I've got it in light (with something like AJs, KQs, JJ etc) and villain showed up with AA, but the reason I was stacking off light was because villain was a spazfish that had already showed himself capable of getting it in with KT or A6. I might have been getting it in bad against villain's actual hand, but I'm usually way ahead of his range.

      The trick is to not be results-oriented. Stacking off AJ in a BvB battle might actually be correct in many situations. There have been many times when I've 4-bet jammed hands like AT/AJ/99 in button vs blind wars. Since I'm 4-bet bluffing, I don't expect to be good if villain calls/5-bets, but villains will often fold everything but KK+/AK in that spot, and I still have equity if they call. Light 4-bets are only "horrible" when they get called.
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        Well, that's the thing Arty, they were light calls rather than shoves. I'd have felt better about the second one if I had been doing the shoving.


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            Karma got its own back tonight



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