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How do you find your balance?

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  • How do you find your balance?

    Hey folks would like some feedback on my inner thoughts For a long time i felt i was a turbo player, lately that idea of loving turbos is changing (maybe the many bad beats) i used to get so bored in regular 10min-15min blind levels and i still do i suppose i try to do something on the side while playing these write some posts on here or listen to some music on youtube or just stream a serie i like to watch. Id like to hear out your opnions about speed level tournaments why you play them and what do you do besides playing them nothing something else as well? Do you feel it disrupts your game not paying attention to every hand? Im quite in a bind with this struggle so im open for a healthy discussion umbup: On other notes: who else will be playing the $1 million Freeroll? And lastly a hand of a PSOSOP from lastnight which busted my chance for a virtual bracelet. Did i play it well could i have played it diffrently? EDIT: i found that the board was very dry i did get the idea of 55 into my head for a brief moment, i just didnt think Fayden would rereraise me with trips here because it would make him look too strong. Thanks in advance! Regards, Prohorse3
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    Hi Prohorse, I think it's important to hone your skills on regular and deep stack games before jumping in to Turbo's. Regular and deep stacks will teach you post flop play far better which is of some use in Turbo tourneys.

    There are many decent Turbo players that play a decent pre flop game but when it comes to post flop, they are easy pickings because they simply don't make correct decisions. Put your effort into a post flop game and you will be rewarded.

    I always hated Turbo's because of the faster pace but now I love them. I can cram more games into a session, earn more VPPs and if anything my ROI has increased. When I first moved to 45 man 50c games, I thought my winrate would drop but in fact I ended up in the top 1,000 on OPR for the stakes I was playing.

    I use a HUD, start 10 a a time and play them down until I finish. I don't need to see every hand because my opponents usually play to their stats but in difficult decisions I also have Notecaddy which gives bet sizing tells.

    A basic STT strategy works for me. I don't do anything fancy although I'm a semi decent reader of a player and table. On a tight table for instance I'll loosen my raising ranges. I use the steal and fold to steal stat in my HUD because I think position is very important. I'll defend a lot more to players that have a high steal rate.

    I deposited just to play that $1M freeroll. It's shaping up to be MASSIVE value.
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      Thanks oval!

      Yes i think i may have been at the turbo levels for too long im beginning to enjoy the regular/deep stack games again.

      i have also thought about getting an HUD these last 2 weeks orso but before i get 1 id like to know more about it will create a question thread about it these next few days.

      Furthermore i can relate to your feel about reading players and the table ive begun to realize im getting better and better in this.

      Thx for your reply awaiting for others
      don't beg for things do it yourself or else you won't get anything


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        Reading a HUD is a skill in itself, don't think it will magically turn you into a winning player.

        It took me over a year to use one and at the start it sent me on total tilt and I lost money - I paid far too much attention to my own stats and tried to over compensate.

        I got there in the end and now I can't do without one but get your basics right first before you start using one.

        Tracking software is far better for post game analysis. Use it to analyse your stats and that of your opponents. If you find any mistakes (and you will!) don't do as I done and over correct, just apply what you know to your game. There will also be stats that glare you in the face that you won't know about. Share them with someone like Arty that knows his numbers.

        Poker is so much more complicated than it first seems. Long term decisions make you long term money. Slight mistakes cost you money so look at the game for it's long term value.
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