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All I have is you....

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  • All I have is you....

    This is my poker school, it is your poker school, it is


    Not really having many friends to discuss my poker problems, poker school and the people on here are all I have got.

    I have come a long way since joining poker school, poker school has helped me to advance my game, and remove any WRONG thinking out of the game to be successful has a player.

    I am not exactly raking in the bucks, but since joining pso I have not lost really in terms of had to reload or anything as such.

    I do not believe down swings exist, bad beats or anything of the normal thinking nature that goes with poker.

    I have grown has a player and in maturity over time on pso.

    Nearly 40 and immature, my friends are younger than me, an urban life with no room for expansion.

    Pso has helped me to grow and move away from my immature world that I am surrounded by.

    I need some advice.....on a recent trip to the doctors!

    OH wrong forum lol.

    No , seriously I need help in determining my next step.

    I have over come my worse problem of not been able to play when I have a BR amount that covers my buy inn level.

    This is all good.

    I am however, not knowing, at what stage, or what steps should be taken next,to ensure my success and run continues.

    If I move up a level in the buy inns , does that fail my TV challenge for example?

    I also fear undoing all the hard work and effort I have put in so far.

    I have a BR now of $86. I am only playing 25c 45man sng's and the occasional weekly shot within a low percentage of my BR.

    Should I continue this until I have at least $100 ?

    Should I step up to the 50c turbos, 45 man sng's?

    I do not fear any level of play, I am confident my a-game is has good as any ones, but neither do I wish to get carried away and over confident.

    PSO and yourselves have cured my tilt problems and the feeling of need to spew my chips, having mercy and not wanting to win money.

    I now want to win all your money

    I no longer do this

    Advice please from you, who I class as my virtual friends, although some of you will not see it that way lol from previous troll like, confused behaviour.

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    As an American, I'm probably the last one to ask, and the quickest to dismiss. So take my points as nothing more than nudges to make that decision on your own. If somebody else tells you what to do, you're setting up an excuse for any failure.

    1 --- Take responsibility for your actions. --- Nobody can tell you when is right.

    2 --- Did you achieve your goals? --- That should be your first priority. If you cannot complete what must be a simple, but achievable goal, stepping up could incur greater risk.

    3 --- How much cushion? --- I'm asking if you have enough to give the next level a reasonable try.

    4 --- Is pride your friend or enemy? --- Ask yourself how much "damage" would be done to your pride if you moved up, found out it was a mistake, and stepped back down to your current level. Can you take it?

    5 --- Where's the proof? --- You can fool me and anyone else online, but what does the guy in the mirror think of your poker skills. Not tomorrow, not last week, or last year. Right now.

    6 --- Can you practice? --- If the play money side has your intended game or level, give it a try. If you can hold your own against the donks, idiots, and luckmasters of the play side, you're ready to tackle the real thing. Play with a serious attitude and you'll learn. Play as if it doesn't matter and you'll establish some very bad habits that will drain your bankroll.

    7 --- Are you sure about the mental game? --- I wonder because of the previous topic. You seem to be in a state of denial. Again, check with that guy in the mirror, he never lies.

    8 --- Trust, but verify. --- I love this Reagan line. It applies here. You trust your skills have improved enough to qualify for a higher challenge. Where's the proof?


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      I have to agree with Cairn.

      have you achived your goals at this level?

      could you have a limited trial at the level you want to play? (set aside $5 10 buyins for 50c )

      ARe you awaire of how differantly 50c plays compaired to 25c (50 cent is Turbo so variance is HIGHER.

      Personally I moved from 25 cent 45 mans to !.50 STT's so i could avoid the Turbo game becuase i'm no good at it.

      At the end of the day you have probabaly decided what you will do but you are waiting for one or more of us to confirm that decision.

      I'm not sure why you don't believe in Variance or bad beats, they exist they are part of poker but a part we can overcome.

      Grade b
      I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

      13 Time Bracelet Winner


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        8 --- Trust, but verify. --- I love this Reagan line. It applies here. You trust your skills have improved enough to qualify for a higher challenge. Where's the proof? Wheres the proof that Reagan was first to say that? , he just learn't it from his dealings with USSR (according to google lol),_but_verify Serious now i agree what u said Cairn we only ones that can make these decision's All Thee Best Holdem for ur goals & beyond & to all All Thee Bestumbup:
        3 Time Bracelet Winner


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          I thank you for some great advice, and on consideration I have updated my strategy plan in my TV thread. Thank you allumbup:



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