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Lou Krieger is new dean of PSO

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  • Lou Krieger is new dean of PSO


    November 18, 2002. Austin Texas. PokerSchool Online Inc. announces that noted Poker author and columnist, Lou Krieger, became Dean of on November 15, 2002. Lou will take an active role in the school and will continue to build upon the vision established by School founders Mark and Tina Napolitano. is the first totally online school for Poker, offering multimedia instruction and testing from well-known poker players. In addition the school offers practice play (using only Play-Money) where results of school games are tracked so that members can watch their progress over time.

    Mark Napolitano, President of PokerSchool Online, relays that, “We are very excited that Lou is now Dean, as he brings great enthusiasm, knowledge and fresh ideas to the school. He is taking a hands on approach that will certainly lead to much good content and learning in the school”.

    Lou Krieger has been a widely published columnist since the early 1990’s, and writing books related to Poker and Gaming since 1995. His first publication was "Hold'em Excellence: From Beginner to Winner,", followed by, "MORE Hold'em Excellence: A Winner For Life" in 1997. His ‘Poker for Dummies’ became extremely popular when it was published in 2000, and is probably what he is best known for to date. ‘Gambling for Dummies’ was published in 2002, and Lou reports that he is currently at work on two new poker books set for release in Spring, 2003. Please read more about Lou Krieger here.

    Vice President Tina Napolitano said, “We are so very pleased that Lou has agreed to be Dean of the School. He has such a rich background and has many ideas for increasing the content and level of teaching in the school.”

    Dean Lou Krieger stated that, ‘It is with a sense of pride and hope for a positive future that I accept the position of Dean of PokerSchoolOnline. I look forward to working more with the PokerSchoolOnline members.”[/url]

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    95 views, and I am the first to post a reply? HHmmmmm,

    Well, I think that lack of response in and of itself says a lot about how much this school needs new focus and direction. Perhaps the lack of replies shows a large degree of indifference among PSO'ers. We have been promised a lot and have seen names mentioned, introduced, and disappear with a lot of frequency.

    Lou, welcome to the school. I hope you are the one to take charge and deliver on some of the promises made here. Or perhaps your ideas will be even better.

    I look forward to hearing your ideas on improving the school. I wish that I could add that my annual membership is up for renewal on January 1st and imply that I may not stick around. I will however still be here even with or with out new ideas. I do enjoy the site and do easily get $15 a month out of it. I wonder how many do not feel the same and will not renew based on the lack of progress of grand ideas proclaimed a long year ago.

    Good luck Lou and talk with us regularly.

    Muck it


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      I just have to say, I really don't understand these kind of posts. What more in the world do people really expect from an on-line poker site? Do you think someone should come to your home and hold your hand while you play? I'm sorry, but I think Mark and Tina and staff have done a most excellent job of trying to add new things all the time, as well as keep everyone happy (like that's even possible), not to mention all the choices of games and the true gem of this place, the forum and it's people.

      That aside...
      Welcome and best wishes to Lou. Your addition here can only be a positive for all of us !




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        Well, Lou hasn't only just joined us, and as far as I am aware, he does not read the forum either. So, I would guess most people haven't said anything because there is nothing to say. Possibly.


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          Lou and I are working very closely together to outline some changes that are needed in the school, and over the coming months these new changes will be implemented.

          Yes Lou has been involved as a teacher in the school for the past year, but he has never had the major role of Dean, which i can assure you he will not take lightly. He will be involved in a very big way with the direction that the school takes.

          He brings a huge amount of knowledge and wisdom to the school as well as new avenues for us to explore, that we will integrate with technology to bring the school to an even higher level.

          He has been in this industry for a long time, and is very highly respected by all that come into contact with him, he has many resources with people that he knows, and i know that he will be the first to recommend these resources.

          Muck it your post makes me sad, as i do agree we have added much to the school since it started. I admit we have made some mistakes but we are always quick to put them right, and we do have a 24/7 ear open for the members.

          Muck it if you decide not to renew your membership, we will of course be saddened by this, but please know that you will always be welcome at anytime you choose to come back again.



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            I should first like to say "Welcome" to Lou Krieger. Not because he's new to PSO, but because he's obviously been given a larger remit, reflected in his role as Dean in the PSO set-up.

            At the moment, I have little idea what it is that Lou is expected to achieve for PSO members and how his "success" might be be measured.

            However, I do find it somewhat surprising that the negative views expressed concerning this appointment, may be felt to be a reflection of the current and/or future sylabus of the school as a whole.

            Personally, I have found it extremely useful to learn from the players around me. This means that I have only briefly used the various learning tools that have been made available, but that's the learning route (at the moment) which I feel is best for me. That might change and that change of view might well be precipitated by Lou's appointment.

            As for members of PSO, I feel that Mark and Tina make themselves readily available to us, thus ensuring that we have a direct line in to the top of the organisation. I'm not sure there are too many other on-line gaming organisations that provide this facility.

            To put it simply, I run Microsoft software packages on my PC, but if they don't do what I want or I've bought the wrong package, I don't feel that (even if I were to complain directly to Bill Gates) that he would take the trouble to answer me personally. Buying the goods isn't a guarantee of access ot those at the top.

            I must be fortunate in that I have a perfect understanding of what I expected from PSO. If in the future, that turns out to be not what I want, then the likelihood is that I will vote with my feet when the time comes round to renew my membership.But hey, that's my personal choice.

            With the greatest respect, I think that it might help if those people who have expressed (vociferously, on a number of occasions) their doubts about the direction of travel of PSO as an organisation, asked themselves if they really had a clear understanding of what it was they expected in the first place.

            PSO is run as close on co-operative lines as it's possible to get. Resultantly, I struggle to see the validity of some of the arguments being put forward. If Mark and Tina change things (and you would expect for the better) then they're condemned out of hand. Then they're also accused of not listening to the wishes of the members and are equally condemned.

            I only have to think back to the "controversy" surrounding the recent changes to table graphics. I still have little idea why such an obvious improvement should have caused such a furore. OK, it didn't work first time, but it did get sorted and some suggestions by members for additional improvements were also taken on board. Is it right that we should then expect more?

            Surely we need to accept that we are only entitled to limited input into the way PSO is run. Suggestions for the membership are easy to make and whether they are successful or not, isn't as problematic for us as it might be for Mark, Tina or those who are employed by PSO.

            After all as members how much, apart from a monthly or annual fee, have we personally invested in this site's ultimate success or failure? Not I would hazard a guess, as much as Mark and Tina.

            My thanks go to Noodles and Muck It for their views, thanks to PokerGoddess for hers. I unreservedly support the concept that everyone has the right to express their own views................these are mine.

            Shoeless Joe


            • #7
              Welcome, Mr. Krieger! I am in the process of re-reading "Hold 'Em Excellence." It is so far only the second poker book in my poker library, but it has been the most helpful outside resource I've encountered.

              I hope you have a fun and productive tenure as dean. As a side note, I would just like to say that I think Mark and Tina have done a great job up to this point, but I know they have too much on their plates. I think you are an excellent choice for dean.

              Looking forward to seeing what plans you have for the school!

              -Bart M.


              • #8
                Are we to assume from this announcement that more emphasis is to placed on limit structures in the future?


                • #9
                  Some years ago a couple of us at rgp tried to set
                  up a chat room on aol for poker players. Then a
                  short while later CardPlayer sponsored something
                  very similar with guest speakers. lou krieger was
                  one of the first "name" players to be a guest in
                  the chat room. I remember i was impressed with
                  how down-to-earth and open he was.
                  He 'talked" (typed) and answered questions for about
                  an hour. It was fascinating, and was kind of a
                  breakthrough in the use of computers as a way of
                  bringing poker players together.

                  (I may have gotten some of the details wrong, but
                  something like this happened, am i close to right, lou?)

                  p.s. i was GOATBOY then...


                  • #10
                    Trumpin Joe, no, you are not to assume such a thing.

                    This school, with Lou's help will become a very well rounded place for learning "everything" poker.

                    The truth is that Tina and I need help in taking the school where it belongs. I started out with all good intention with regards to my input and basically "the business" just took over for me.

                    You must realize that we have 10 full time employees and currently 2 websites and a poker software. As a business all the wheels need to be continually oiled and we are working on ways to make this happen.

                    Lou is the first step in the right direction and I can assure you Tina and I are working on several others.

                    I no longer like to post here with promises of what's coming next as in my experience that allways backfires.

                    This school has a very bright future and Lou has a focus on helping that happen.



                    • #11
                      Thankyou Mark for taking the time to HONESTLY reply to this thread!!!

                      I guess only a few remember all of the hopes and dreams, and promises you brought when started a year ago.

                      I think most of the members realize that it takes time to get things done. Thanks to your continued interest in getting it accomplished, and being a strong enough leader to realize you need help in getting the school to where YOU want it to be as well I will gladly renew my membership come January. I would have anyway because I enjoy the site for the games themselves.

                      Thanks for sharing Mark. Sometimes thtas all it takes to keep some people happy! As long as I know you are still commited to your goal of a true school, I will stick with you!

                      muck it.


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by MARK
                        This school, with Lou's help will become a very well rounded place for learning "everything" poker.
                        Great News Mark :!:


                        • #13
                          Lou Krieger is new Dean PSO...

                          Thanks for all the comments regarding my taking the job as Dean of Poker School Online.

                          For those of you who want to see immediate changes in the school, I suppose I'll be a disappointment. For those of you willing to come along for the ride, together we can work to help Poker School Online meet your needs.

                          Right now I don't have all the answers. Heck, I don't have any of the answers -- in fact I scarcely know what questions to ask. But here's what I'm doing about it.

                          I have two immediate goals in mind. One involves the Poker School Online Seminar in Tunica on January 11. I'm planning that, securing guest speakers, and making sure that everything runs correctly and that we can deliver a boatload of good, solid, infoirmation to all who attend. While we're at it, we're gonna make sure there's plenty of time for questions and answers and personal interaction with those presenting material, so that everyone there gets a chance to be heard and have his or her questions answered.

                          At the same time, I'm also snooping around the school looking at content and format. If I were a consultant coming into a business and doing the same thing, I'd call it a "management audit." As I spend time looking around, I'm taking notes so that at some point in the near future I can come up with suggestions for improvements.

                          That's where you guys come in. After all, I've only two eyes and one brain and all of you have been around longer than me, so I'm seeking any suggestions and insights from you that would help this school better meet your needs.

                          You can post your messages here, or, if you'd rather communicate privately, just send your suggestions to

                          At this juncture, my own initial thoughts are that the presentation needs more focus. There is a lot here, but it's not always patently obvious what it is, how to access it, and if one is a student bent on improving his or her poker, how to go about working one's way through the material in the most effective and expeditious manner possible. After all, that's the only way to get the most bang for the buck.

                          Once I've finished this process, I'll share my findings and recommendations with Tina and Mark, and it become their call as to which changes they wish to implement and the order in which these suggestions will be addressed.

                          I intend to do what I can to make PSO as responsive to your needs as can be. But I'll be much more effective if I don't have to go it alone and can rely on your help, suggestions, input, ideas and committment to help pull this off.

                          Keep flopping aces....

                          Lou Krieger

                          PS to Goatboy: I remember that Card Player online chat too, though it seems a million years ago. I had heard that you disappeared into the poker hells of Hawaii, where there's no legal gambling whatsoever. Is that true?


                          • #14
                            Looking forward

                            I look forward to Mr. Krieger's contribution.

                            I had the opportunity to play with Mr. Krieger at Binions (I think it was on afternoon of October 25th) in both a 4-8 and 10-20 game and enjoyed it.


                            • #15
                              first of all let me congratulate you on your promotion from teacher to dean (being scotish i dont understand the USA style of education but i take it it's a promotion).

                              i will post my reply here as i hate email the worst form of comunication since the fax machine.

                              as dean i hope you can look into the following

                              1st that hand analysis is sorted out. It is a major learning tool that has been left to waste away in recent weeks/months the tool needs to have its graphics changed a little to include the game type and the text to include the size of stacks after each play. It could also be used to include omaha hands aswell as holdem.

                              2nd the lesson are weighted heavily in the form of limit holdem and the play on the site weighted heavily on NLHE i find that this is causing 2 things limit holdem players not quite understanding BIGBET poker and BIGBET players getting frustrated by what they class as poor play in certain events.

                              3rd mark talked about trying to

                              This school, with Lou's help will become a very well rounded place for learning "everything" poker.
                              for this to happen all players need to be encouraged to play all the games that the school has to offer including getting me back at a limit holdem table. there have been several suggestion in the forum on ways to accomplish this i hope you get time to read them and/or come up with a way yourself.

                              to conclude i wish you luck in hopefully making a good school better



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