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Where Would You Start?

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  • Where Would You Start?

    When I first started playing poker I only played PLO and after 6 months or so found NLHE and got the bug

    I been talking with some of my Poker Friends I study with and this question came up.

    If your were just getting into Poker right now what game would you start at to make the most Profit and take the most advantage of?

    Please share what game you think would be the best to make money at in 2013 if you were just getting into Poker.

    Thanks for being part of PSO, and Best of Luck at the Tables


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    Playing cash games against me late on Friday nights.


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      I have to say CASH games and second SnG's

      Tournaments are a very long process. With let say a 20% ITM, means you will cash 20 times out of 100 games and not necessarily big cashes

      SnG's, can really say as my experience is not much, but for the amounts I played, it was positive, but very time consuming.

      Cash as been the one for me, but very good BR management is necessary.

      Just my 2 cents


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        if you have a low starting BR i suggest playing 9 man sng's is great to build BR


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          Disagree Marvin, STTs are filled with ABC reg nits. While it's easy to read them, it's a bit harder to cash in them as everyone will be playing the same game. If you do decide to play them then table selection is a key, identify the regs by watching the lobby and try not to play any game where there are more than 3 or 4 in a game.

          I started on Stars playing $5.50 STTs from a £20 deposit, needless to say I lost the lot. I came back after I done a funds transfer on another site in return for funds on Stars. I played the old D2N's at a very healthy profit. I soon discovered Limit STTs which were fish infested and stuck around there for 5,000+ games. They are a good place to earn if you play a tight aggressive game and also change gears as the game progresses. Be prepared for some horrendous beats though as it's no foldem. Any and every runner runner combination will be chased.

          Personally I'd recommend the 45 man SnGs - they are still reg infested but you're not always playing the same regs at every table.


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            My Thinking on this.hiccup,

            Any game...Any limit that he/she likes.....

            As long as they are willing to lose when a down swing happens,

            You have to have fun to win, because if you tilt....say good bye to your roll.

            Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

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              In hindsight I would start at the very bottom and work up and that's exactly how I began. I was a freeroller for 4 years and basically my bankroll today is all free money.

              I'd play as many freeroll's I could lay my hands on. Ed's bankroll challenge in the blogs section is a very good read. He deposited ?£10? and played the $1k depositors freerolls but he made sure he didn't touch his initial deposit. That's a very good ploy imo.

              Only when you start to cash regularly should you take the profits and try and turn them into something serious. Again making sure you don't touch your initial deposit. When the month runs out, withdraw and then redeposit and start the quest all over again (or keep playing with your profits)

              Strict bankroll is essential but it will also stand you well for the future.


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                I started from zero, and take pride in never having deposited. My motivation was a deal with my husband that I would never deposit. I started with Astronomer freerolls and progressed slowly from there.

                My best advice is play the games that you are most comfortable at, you will play a better game if you are used to the blind level increases.

                Of course, if you have 1.02 in your BR the only game in town is the .02 990 players, I'm soooo glad I don't have to play those any more.

                PS. Made the money (barely) in the Women's Sunday today, that cash covered my whole busy day.
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                  Originally posted by joy7108 View Post
                  I started from zero, and take pride in never having deposited. My motivation was a deal with my husband that I would never deposit. I started with Astronomer freerolls and progressed slowly from there.
                  That sounds REALLY familiar. It's the same for me, but it was my family that I said that I'd never deposit (although since we had to cash out due to black friday, I'm free to put that back in if we're able to play again someday). Patience and bankroll management are HUGE keys.

                  The first game I played growing up was 5 card draw, so that's nto a bad place to start.

                  John (JWK24)

                  6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                    Cash vs SNG vs MTT

                    Where would I like to start?

                    Well knowing what I know now.

                    You need to be a winning poker player at one table before playing x2 x4 x8 x16+ tables.

                    I'd ignore any promotional offer, a beginner will probably lose their deposit, then it's basically:

                    Enjoyment in my time here is 6-max cash at 25NL the high end of the micros cash game then try moving up to the low low stakes 50NL. How can you afford it?

                    I started with short field micro SNGs and this is the toughest game. It took 1 year (2012) to grind up 1 deposit to $500. Then to lose profit with bad bank roll management in cash games.

                    A waste of your life. I played the big $2.20 nearly every day for over 7 months. This was my first time ever playing poker (summer 2011). I cashed twice <$10 that was before they extended the late reg to two hours.

                    Hypothetically there are a lot worse players than you? So if they are not a winning poker player on one table - they so want to play multiple tables with some software to help them. And still haven't a clue.

                    Unfortunately I cannot accurately work out the -EV of playing one table against a very large pool of either; zoom x4 cash, short field sng nit regs and then in the large mtt field of variance.

                    If I could start over it's probably a 5 year "time vault" challenge to achieve +EV tabling x1 at the micros against the huge online volume game with no re-buy add-on option.

                    English humour don't take it the wrong way.


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                      When I first started playing poker seriously (as a serious student of the game) all the cash games were limit hold'em, so that's where I started. And I'm glad that I did!

                      I don't think talking about "the most profit this year" for a beginner to the game is the most productive approach. It takes time and experience to become profitable and how quickly that process happens is a function of the determination, discipline, and availability of the individual.

                      The most important thing for a beginner imo is to invest a fair bit of time in learning, studying the game, exploring new concepts, and reviewing their own play when they put the practice in. To that end I would recommend no limit hold'em, as there is by far the most learning material and avenues to practice for this game. So there are many options for gaining solid knowledge (at least to get them moving in the right direction) and the micro-stakes games online are still super beatable and a good ground for practicing.
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                        Thanks much to all who took some time to add there thoughts

                        One of the things I was looking for was more Games then type as over the last few months I have Found 7 Stud to be very profitable and I play between 6 and 12 tables when I play NLHE but with Stud it is very important to only play 1 table as seeing the live cards thrown away of your opponents can be costly if you multi table.

                        Any way back to this at the few sites I play on Being from the USA choices be slim. I can not count the craziness I have seen at the stud tables Tourney & Cash both it is like they guys playing these just read the 1st chapter on stud in Super Systems and think they know it all

                        I agree with Dave above about NLHE having by far the most material to Learn from out there but there is info on the other games also and most not making use of it.

                        If I was just getting into poker today I would look for a game out side of NLHE and try and make the most of what is available to learn from and also making some cash, with everyone so focused on NLHE the opportunities be so big for some of the other games that people not be focusing on.

                        I also feel Razz is another good place to start this is a game that a wide range of people who play it have a basic fundamentals down but not a lot of advance players out there especially at the lower limits

                        Any way just some stuff I been kicking around with some others

                        Have a great week all and Best of luck at the tables



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                          Nice to see you post Brian and good question.

                          I think most people forget there is other types of poker,
                          and I think most newbies opt for NLHE structure, as this been the most advertised.

                          Looking from a NLHE approach, it would be far more of a learning curve to play fixed limit or pot limit holdem.

                          Example - a newbie may start of his/her campaign. They may instantly run into our friend variance.
                          They may then from day one, think that the ABC game doe's not work and start to adjust what they have learnt, creating a bigger downswing than needed.

                          BRM and less risk of loosing your stack in a single hit, I feel smooth's variance out. Not in the sense that it changes the cards variance,
                          in a sense where as the longer you are in it, the more chance you have for variance to swing your way.

                          I hope you can follow that lol, I am confusing myself..

                          And the less of a buyin, the slower the variance on your BR.

                          As for the other formats of poker, that maybe an idea for my weekly shots, not played stud for a while.

                          I quite like 3 card poker at the casino , that is an easy format but I suppose a completely different context to topic as that is against the house.

                          I would say fixed limit if I was to go a beginner.


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                            Originally posted by holdemace486 View Post
                            And the less of a buyin, the slower the variance on your BR.
                            Where do I start, becuase this is so untrue that it's not even funny!

                            Variance is due to the odds of a hand winning and is when the worst hand wins repeatedly (EV - actual return). This will happen a given % of the time to any hand, against any hand.

                            Variance is dictated by the odds of a hand holding and has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BUY-IN!!! The same 52 card deck is used at a 1 cent game, or a $1 game or a $1000 game. THE ODDS DO NOT CHANGE.

                            A hand is going to lose to another hand the exact same % over time regardless of the buy-in.

                            John (JWK24)

                            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                              I got my 1st cash in astronomer free rolls playing razz. There used to be less people in the razz tourny then and the field was softer. There were and are so many good hold em players imho its harder to break through there.



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