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What a funny game.

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  • What a funny game.

    So I am sitting on a final table last night and somehow managed to allow myself get blinded down to 1 big, I could not for the life of me find a spot to get my chips in, any how 30 mins later I win it.

    It's a funny old game.


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    Didn't I tell you that sometimes the best way to win is not to lose? That's exactly what I mean. You let your opponents do all the work and pick your moments. That you were able to hit the hot streak in the proverbial nick of time has to make it even sweeter.

    So how goes the overall record?


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      Hi Cairn

      Games played 33

      ITM 42%
      14/19 wins and loses and a +ROI.

      Yes Cairn I did listen too your advise, thank you so much.

      I have a system and stick to it.

      Thanks mate,



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        Chip an a chair, well done bro little note bro, do not let them late nights creep into your game. This I call sleepless tilt its a major killer Do not play as soon as you wake up dead head tilt lol get them broumbup:


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          Lol bro,

          I did say I was only going do an hour or so a day but once again,
          My love for stars creeps in, I am not like this on any other site I can leave it alone, I just love this site and really want to try make a mark, but not them mad man dreams of pro u had lol, just try hold my own and gain a little bit of self respect.

          No more rants bro, be yourself and try again I will even stake you, I know you can play, but damn lad that tilt problem you have is ott and then u play like a mad man.

          There's nothing you can do about variance but there a lot you can do for yourself, playing bad adds to variance, and when you tilt bro you play bad, as do we all.



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            Hey, bro, I had 2.17c left, sent my friend a doller because he wanted a game, leaving me 1.17c.

            Don't you think 1.17c is enough?


            • #7
              Well that depends if I am going to see your A game for the rest of the year If you get frustrated, start to tilt, then no, if you play like I know you can play then anything is possible umbup: Like I have already mentioned, stop the rant on this forum every time you tilt, yes by all means let people know you are having a bad run and getting frustrated, but listen to other players bro when they give you advise, there is a reason they are winning players and you must see this, PSO + endless hours of poker education removed my tilt, when a players sucks out on me which he is allowed to do, it is poker, then just take it like a man, don't forget that OP is a player as well and deserves a bit of luck once in a while, just smile knowing that at the time you had him crushed, bro the OP knows that as well and so does the rest of the table. Making the correct play is all that counts. If your making the correct plays and the OP is getting lucky then why the hell do you go on tilt? If aces are suppose to win 85% or so of the time then don't think having aces 100 times you should of won 85 of them hands, have aces 10000 times and then watch the math hold up more. Long term bro that's the whole idea, all things you already know, now prove to the forums and me you have got what it takes. The most important thing... NO MORE FANCY PLAY AT MICROS! GL, Love ya man Paul.


              • #8
                Never say die. Nicely done, and may the good times roll.umbup:
                'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


                • #9
                  Hedgehog will tell you my current 5-orbit run is sucking sewer water big time. Been having one rotten run with the devil each time I get moving. How about eighteen games busting on the bubble? So far, I'm two winners and two losers. Fifth orbit is about to begin. Yeah, I know, nobody cares about chip plays.

                  So how about it PokerPest, can you give us the real poop? Just how inaccurate are my stats regarding the play? I'll repeat them here:

                  3 tables = hand speed between 40 - 60 hands per hour
                  2 tables = hand speed between 50 - 70 hands per hour
                  1 table = up to the bubble, 60 - 80 hands per hour
                  past the bubble, can hit 90+ hands per hour

                  Usual playing time = max of two hours
                  I'm around 85 minutes, which means I make lots of FT, but do a lot of crash and burns. My FT position is usually 9 of 9. Bummer.

                  Don't know about your stats, but I am learning to avoid filling in the SB every time. Amazing how much I save by folding.

                  So can you give us any stats from your 33 cash games to date? Did you get any orbits done in the allotted time? If so, what were your best and worse scores?



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