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Coin flips.

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  • Coin flips.

    Hey all,

    Just a quick question folks,
    I have been in a couple of spots where I knew from the ops stats and my ranging on them that if I called it was going to be a race, my question....

    Hand one, I am sitting with 23bb on the final table I have AQ,s and on the HJ I min raise, folded around to the bb who pushes all in on me with 11bb, I don't instant call I have a look at my notes on him, I then add this info to his stats and I range him on a mid pocket pair, at this point I know its a flip and I have 2 overs so I call, I lose the flip, the op had 88 so I was well happy with my ranging of the op but the pressure on my stack after put me into push or fold mode...Advise please.

    Hand 2, a player with exactly the same stats as me, this made it easy range him I am sitting with 12bb, ten players left and I am looking to hit that final table, I have TT on the bb, the op is sitting on the button with 17bb and raises into me, I know the guys got a hand, he has shown no fancy play syndrome but I just cant fold TT with 12bb so I get my chips in and he turns over AK and rivers the ace, I just need know I did the right thing here.

    Thanks all,


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    My thought is that you may be ranging them a bit tight. In the first hand, if they'll push with 88 won't they also push with KK, AJ and other hands? Not that your call was wrong, just that your range is a bit narrow.

    On the second hand, if you "know the guys got a hand" you're probably up against an over pair or two overs. There are 24 possible combinations of pairs above your tens. So the question is how many over cards combinations they would play this way. These way behind or slightly ahead situations can be tricky. If there are some hands you dominate, under pairs and an over and an under. It quickly becomes in your favor.

    But I would play them just as you did based on the information given.


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      Thank you, Joe umbup: I think your right about my ranging at the same time I think I am over thinking some hands and giving some players way to much credit allowing them to suck out on me, it has been a couple of crazy days, I am now trying to combat my over thinking of the situations by playing on more tables, this plan worked a bit too well and I ended up on 4 final tables in the cash in all of them, things got a bit on the hectic side but wow what a rush I need to find some balance in my game and get them leaks plugged. GL, Paul.


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        I know what you mean by the rush when you have multiple final tables. Had three at one time once. After a few frantic minutes I got in the zone and the decisions seemed so easy. When I finished I was thoroughly exhausted, but man what a feeling.


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          Lol Joe.... hell yeah it's taken me a couple of hours calm down from it, I still have to play another 2 games tonight then I think I've done my 20 games for this week, I just want to make sure I am calm and focused before I hit the felt again, basically I don't want to play while I am still rushing off the buzz and end up doing something silly.

          I have tasted both sides of emotion this week and need to keep my feet on the ground.

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            Hand 1: the only gobbledygook there is I think you should have known what you were going to do before you put money into the pot. Once he shoved, you should have already known your response. Frankly, when an 11BB stack shoves into your raise, you cannot fold - if you fold there you should not have bet to begin with, he's too short for that,

            Hand 2: TT is going in 100% of the time there. You can't play scared and fold pocket TT with a stack as short as yours.

            IMHO, both decision were good.
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              Thanks Ov3rsight for you input umbup: I really do have to stop over thinking things. Paul.



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