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I think the games improving.

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  • I think the games improving.

    I have noticed of late that a lot of players are improving at the tables.

    When I first started playing the 45 man 25c sng tourneys, I was seeing the final tables and the blinds would be at about 400 bb maximum.

    I am now seeing final tables at an impressive 1000 bb at times.

    This is telling me that the play as tightened up, and even at a 25c buy in, there is some good players and good play.

    This is great.

    Good luck all, and keep it up, its a game of skill and maths and in the long term luck as only a small part to play.

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    Not sure what you mean here...

    Do you mean the blind levels? As in instead of the FT's being played on Level 9,which would be 400 for the BB (200/400 with a 25 ante) they're at Level 12,which would be 1200 for the BB (600/1200 with a 75 ante...incidentally there isn't a 1000 BB level in these...Level 11 is 400/800,50 and then Level 12...)?

    Meh,I think you may want to look again to be honest. Seems that the 2 tables cut off still seems to come around the first 50 minutes to an hour mostly,so Levels 5-6,sometimes a little quicker or slower,bringing Levels 4 and 7 respectively, into the mix.

    The FT bubble still seems to come at around 1 hour to 75 minutes in,so Levels 6/7,again with some flex bringing the occasional Levels 5 and 8 into the mix. Maybe even a wild hair Level 8 here and there.

    And the money bubble still seems to burst mostly on Levels 7 thru 9. Honestly holdem when I composed this post the only .25 45 mans I saw that had gotten to Level 12,the first level to go higher than 1000 for the BB,were ALL HU by then. Seems the same as it ever was to me,as that's about the pace they went when I played them. Sure there will be some outlier tourneys here and there,but for the most part the pacing seems the same to me.

    Mainly when I do birdog some of these the play is really about identical to what I remember when I could play them,and that's been coming up on 20 months ago now (MAN my government sucks a donkey's %#@& ).

    The players I DO see making some adjustments are some of the grinder types at this level that I have noted from before,as they have made the decision to push harder for the top 3 and more eschew the min-cash levels,probably to adjust for the .02 taken out in rake now.For those that are newer, Stars started raking these games shortly after US players were booted,along with the .10 360's and 240 PLO games and the .25 90 man's as well...not saying it was related,but having never played under the rake considerations in these games I do have to account for them,as the affect on ROI would need to be factored in...seems as though some others who have been able to keep on playing,(aka lucky bastids ),have made this adjustment as well.

    Makes sense to me. I was never a fan of the 7th place prize payout to begin with,rolling it back from .39 to .36 just makes it more likely that I would gamble hard for higher places in these games on the bubble,as I see that as much the better EV play.


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      I think its safe to say you can still find many donks in these tourneys :P


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        Originally posted by adsthepro777 View Post
        I think its safe to say you can still find many donks in these tourneys :P
        If by "many" you mean...oh I'd say about 2/3's of the field...then yeah,I agree 100%. umbup:


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          hey moxs some good post again you really know your stuff.
          Maybe exagerated on 1000bb even though i have seen a few,just the general play seems tighter, when I first started playing these I was seeing final table at 200bb at times they were quick, now i am seen alot of average times its at least 400bb+,

          Maybe nothing but i personally think people are improving and im getting a better game than I use to at this level thats all.



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