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Rooms for PSO Convention

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  • Rooms for PSO Convention

    I have received a few emails from members that are having problems with their room reservations for the PSO Convention.

    When you call The Horseshoe or The Goldstrike -


    You are making the booking as a poker player and nothing else.
    It seems if you do mention PSO or PokerPages the reservations girl is choosing to divert you to The Holiday Inn. This is 5 minutes away and maybe not be where you want to be.

    I have been told that the block of the 20 rooms, is in fact not really 20 spare rooms, but if you have already booked to stay at The Goldstrike, and do win one of these in our freeroll tournament it will mean you can reduce your existing rate of $35 per night to $25 per night. So this will not really help any of those of you that have booked at The Horseshoe. Sorry for the mis understanding.
    We are looking to hold the freeroll event at the end of November, i have to confirm the date with Mark, and then i will post it in the forum.

    Take Care

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    I think you should call Teresa and speak with her. Obviously she does not realize that the PSO people are the same people who will also be taking part in WPO events as well as the ring games during their stay in Tunica. I think she's mistakenly taken it upon herself to seperate these two events. She shouldn't be booking at the Holiday Inn, until the "late comers" are booking and the other options are all full. I like Teresa, but....she's not all that tuned into what this is all about. She is basically a "secretary" type person. If there are rooms available at the Gold Strike and Horseshoe, I think she should be booking them in order of request, regardless of WHO is coming in. It may even be better to speak with Kenny about what's going on and perhaps he can explain it to her. It's ridiculous that PSOers should not mention what the impetus was for bringing them there in the first place. PSO should be appaulded for adding to the participation in this event, not hiding it's light under a basket!!
    Personally....I'm very upset that this is happening, and would like to see it corrected.




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      Here's my question: Theresa booked me into the Holiday Inn. I was under the impression that there were no rooms left, and that was why I wasn't at the casino. Would it behoove me to call her again and try to get a room at the casino, or should I just let sleeping dogs lie??
      I await your words of wisdom!!

      -Bart M.


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        bart, i would call her back, i called about 10 days ago to book my room and had no problem getting the room at the gold strike. it is sooooooo much easier for you if you have a room on the property. so try to get a room at the goldstrike or horseshoe. good luck,



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          BART: By all means, call back. I talked to Wildbill on Tuesday and he had just that day booked at the Goldstrike. So there are rooms available.

          Good luck


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            I talked with Teresa this morning (before I read this thread, though) and she asked me if I was with the PSO group; when I said yes, she asked if I was planning to enter any other events - I told her I was planning to play satellites and the $500 NL Holdem event the day after the seminar -- she then went ahead and booked me at the Gold Strike.

            From this I would interpret that they are trying to determine who is coming for PSO and nothing else, and these are the folks they are diverting in favor of folks who are entering WPO events. I would think as long as you tell them that you are planning to play satellites, you should get in at Gold Strike.

            This was my experience, your mileage may vary.

            Looking forward to it!


            PS -- I should point out that I agree with PokerGoddess that PSO participants should not be sent elsewhere, as I would think that very few, if any people would be coming for the PSO events and nothing else. Heck, in my case, I wouldn't be coming out AT ALL if it weren't for the PSO events, so the tournament is picking up additional participation because of it.


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              Thanx, y'all!! I have a call in to her, and hope to have it all resolved by the end of the day!!!

              Many thanks for the help!

              -Bart M.


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                Just got off the phone with Therese. Here is the scoop:

                There are VERY FEW rooms left at the Gold Strike. They are saving them for those who are actually going to play in a WPO event. Cant blame em for this. To get one of these precious rooms, you MUST say you are going to play in ONE of the WPO events.

                She wishes everyone to understand her position on this and she is very sorry there are not more rooms available for our convention. But, if you are only coming for the convention AND are not going to play in an event, she is going to send you to the Holiday Inn. She has to keep the best interest of the poker players in mind.

                I know that everyone understands and can appreciate her dilema. Just imagine TJ Cloutier or Eric Siedel wanting a room and her response would be, "Sorry, we just gave the last one to a PSO school member who is not playing in any event."

                Now then, I just booked my room. I will be arriving on the 8th and leaving on the 12th. Cant wait to see every one. As we say in New Orleans:

                Laissez Les Bon Temps Roule'!!!!



                • #9
                  I had already talked to Teresa several times, including yesterday when she told me she would have to get back to me about upgrading me from the Holiday Inn. I, too, told her I was playing other events. Today, she told me that as long as we are playing WPO events as well as the convention, we can get rooms at the casino, but if not, then its the Holiday Inn. So I would definetly play dumb if she asks. I wasn't going to mention it when I called the first time, but she asked me outright once I told her the dates I was coming, so I thought maybe they were keeping count now or something, not that I would be persecuted for my affiliation with PSO .



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                    Originally posted by Greagar
                    So I would definetly play dumb if she asks.
                    Shhh, Greagar, careful! That would just about be on the verge of lying! And we all know that we here at PSO are not liars!



                    • #11
                      PSO? Whats that? Never heard of it.



                      • #12
                        LOL!!! You guys are a riot!

                        I've actually pretty much decided to stick with the Holiday Inn. I really don't want to lie to them. I'm really only there for our event, and if I happen to have time for a satellite, all the better.

                        Besides, it's only $4 more to stay to at Holiday Inn. I think someone said they had shuttle service to the casinos. Besides, the room will only be for what little sleep I intend to get while I'm there!!!

                        Thanks for your advice, folks! And NEXT year, at the second annual convention (hint, hint Mark and Tina) I will be sure to book at an earlier date, and plan to play more WPO events!!

                        Counting the days!!!!

                        -Bart M.


                        • #13
                          You know it's the darndest thing. Theresa is booking me into the Goldstrike, even though I told her the Holiday Inn was fine. The poor girl seems to have been through the wringer making reservations, but she was extremely nice to me.
                          Her main concern is keeping ALL of the poker players happy so we'll come back, and I applaud her for remaining helpful when she is obviously about to have a nervous breakdown.
                          So, if you have to talk with Theresa in the near future, give her a verbal pat on the back for dealing with the onslaught of reservations in a professional manner.

                          I know I'M a happy camper!
                          Maybe we should chip in and buy the poor girl some flowers!!! :wink:

                          Plant ya now, dig ya later!!!
                          -Bart M.


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                            I called and booked a room at the Goldstrike a few weeks ago and never mentioned or was asked about PSO or WPO. My question is what is all this talk about $35 rooms? My room rate is $69 a night Wed and Thurs and $99 a night Fri and Sat. I like the sound of $35 a night much better. Has everyone been getting the $35 price? Guess I'm going to have to play my best poker in the match for $25 rooms.

                            Ricky Hard


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by Ricky Hard
                              IMy question is what is all this talk about $35 rooms?

                              Has everyone been getting the $35 price?

                              This is the poker rate. Call back and explain to Therese Somerfield (800-558-2387) that you are there to play in the WPO and you understand there is a special rate of $35. I am sure she will extend you the courtesy.

                              Tick Tock,

                              Last edited by fadmin; Sun Mar 02, 2008, 05:49 PM.



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