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Why we lose at poker explained in my opinion.

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  • Why we lose at poker explained in my opinion.

    The year is drawing to its final months, and I have spent approximately 1 year on pokerschool.

    Throughout this time I have personally studied many concepts and various poker strategies.

    I have written many posts, some ludicris, some beyond reasonable thinking, but also some posts that make sense to some.

    At this stage of my post, the forum regulars are cringing by my title alone, but throughout my journey, i have been considering the biggest factor to losing.

    Firstly ask yourself, are you losing?, because if its just a leisurely game you are playing!, is it not cheaper than going the pub.
    So infact are you losing?, or are you winning because that is just a pleasure in your life regardless of the value of the fun.

    Then I move on to the more serious players.

    We play good but never quite seem to get there, you know what i mean, the players that feel this way.

    Feeling not lucky or like there is some dark force.

    So why do players like me and others like yourselves never seem to get there?

    Why do we seem to see more bad beats than anyone else?.

    OK heres the thing, i imagine somewhere in a poker players career, that at least every single player as tilted once.

    A 100% tilt rate for the entire populas of players.

    The players who win more, are the ones who tilt less, and understand the full dynamics of the game.

    Instead of seen Aces beat as a bad thing, they think reload lets go again, as they know in the long run their percentages will prevail.

    Where as, its the complete opposite for a tilty player, who soon becomes result orientated and starts to lose his/her discipline.
    Playing out off position, and even worse, hands that are not even a hand.

    So looking at the times we tilt, often losing quite quickly,
    them are the times we could of actually been favoured by lady luck, but we have chucked the opportunity away before we had chance to see, in another words we busted out quick.

    Today I showed my first bit of discipline for a good while,
    I lost 3 - 80c buyins in concession,so I walked away.

    Maybe in the past I have said similar, cant remember lol theres been so many, but hey, just feel like writing something.....

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    Happy Anniversary!!!


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      Consider the fact that you walked away a sign of improvement. Strange as it seems, sometimes a new day can give one a better perspective without knowing it. That sense of positive outcomes, just like those feelings of impending doom, have a way of becoming true. They call it self fullfilling prophecy.

      After seeing so many of your post cover the entire spectrum from absolute rubbish to inspirational, I'm looking forward to another year of interesting posts. Just hoping most will favor one end and not the other.

      Hedgehog wishes you good hunting on the virtual felt. Who knows, when we Americans return, you may even rival some of us. Me, I'll be in the woefully lagging group.


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        thx cairn, i always find your posts of great wisdom and incite,
        and i now intend not to post rubbish as i am trying to achieve my goal to become a pro now.

        I have covered all issues i think lol,

        I understand a lot now and can give correct answers lol to most questions.

        It is a school, and i have been the curious george who studied all, missing no points or stones unturned.

        TY, my new enlightenment took me to 318th in the big 2.20 last night, not to bad for a start to a come bk tour lol.


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          Originally posted by adsthepro777 View Post
          Happy Anniversary!!!
          thx ads lol


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            Congrats on making it through a year.

            Why do we lose at poker? In your initial post you partially answered the question "How do we lose at poker?", not the question in your title. The answer to "Why?" is so simple that most overlook it. We lose, over the long run, because we make poor, bad and atrocious decisions. I know because I have done all three.

            Good decisions in your next year at PSO!


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              Excellent post.

              I've been at this game 8 years but in my 8 years of playing I'm still learning and still make mistakes. I count myself a pretty experienced and profitable player. You don't have to be the be the best to win in this game, just make less mistakes than your opponents but this site has everything I've learned in 8 years plus a lot more.

              Some people take to poker like a duck to water. There are players I know that are far better than me than have only just started 6 months ago but that doesn't bother me, I don't want to play good players I'd rather take the money from the degens. I've done the long hard grind but I also put the work in.

              8 years ago you could print money playing poker. I was a freeroller for 4 years playing decent value freerolls and winning some very decent prizes (a trip to the England v Paraguay World Cup match in Frankfurt amongst i-pods, PSPs and free bankrolls) but the game HAS moved on. Site's like this improve everyone's game while HEM and PT give information on players that you could never do with notes alone.

              You either have to move with the times or lag behind. If you want to succeed in this game then you have to put the work in. It's OK to lose a few $$ if you enjoy the game but you really have to put the grind in to become successful.

              You can read all you want but the best experience of the lot is to play, play and play some more.
              Bracelet Winner



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