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    As I sit here at the 18 person level, a player at my table with a short stack has hit time 40 or so times and counting. WTF, Mark and Tina. Maybe we should all hit time every tournament when we get short so we never bust. Get rid of the time button, or at least limit the use.


    Utter @ssholes. As well as FSUpoker cheering them on from the rail.

    Said go ahead and report us. Even though they ultimately finished 16 & 17th, they should be barred from future play.

    Oh and FSUpoker is "gunning" for me. 8O LOL. Maybe I should avoid rd 2.

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    I personally think that the WPO is not only a waste of time but it certainly is an insult to any poker intelligence one might have.



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        Watch out for FSUpoker!!!!

        He knows the order of the hands and everything


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          I agree the "Time Button" can be a nuisance at times. However, having the button has its advantages and, I think, is necessary. Just because it gets abused by two assholes doesnt mean we should impose restrictions, penalties or thoughts of extinction.

          As you well know, and I am sure, many, many others here know as well, to avoid the "slow playing" tactic in the WSOP at the final two tables (actually, it could be more), each table waits until all remaining tables complete the present hand before dealing again.

          This is nerve wracking and quite an arduous (sp?) chore BUT, entirely necessary. Everyone hates to wait for the next hand to be dealt. However, they hate the idea of others slow playing even more.

          I propose that we include this same measure into the PSO structure. This would allow a fair playing field and remove the need to slow play.

          The purina dog chow has been poured.....



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            Simply limit the amount of "time" one can use during his/her playing session. It is done at numerous other sites, and should be easy enough to implement here. Once you have used your 60/120/180 seconds of "time out",,,you have none left! Use it wisely, or lose it!
            With connection problems, one might lose his/her time every so often, without using it, but I believe the pros outweigh the cons on this issue. If you don't think so, watch the last few tables of the WPO Warmup sometime! Apryllshowers definately makes a strong point, although one doesn't have to wait until the end of the WPO to realize that, with the exception of a limited few, it is full of nothing but hacks, wannabes, and talking rectums!


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              I think the time button should be left alone, abuse by just several in all the hundreds of games that are played! is not enough to change (in my opionion)one of the best tools added by Mark on this site(school and free side)>Remember this is a site for learning and a moment to think about your A8 with KQ8 flop against a 3K bet!Is the best way of putting that learning process into effect ! Apryllshowers I know that was a pityfull use of time button but i believe the lose of it would be even worse! But i will say this in large multi tournies where the place of your finish decides if advancing or not i could see a time limit of 2 min. or 6 time outs being enough for any player(if someone is disconected take turns on holding). JON>(((ENOCHO)))<ENOCHS 8) JUST HAVE FUN!!


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                who stole the jar of jam???? :evil: :evil: :evil:


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                  I finished 16th on Monday afternoon. You mean that's all I had to do was to hit time--over and over and over............again.




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                    Hand for Hand at the final 2 tables or make the time longer and only allow aplayer to hit it once per hand. The ability to keep hitting time and hold the game up for 20 minutes is unconscionable. And yes, the 2 aholes should be banned, but of course that will not happen.


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                        Originally posted by apryllshowers
                        Hand for Hand at the final 2 tables or make the time longer and only allow aplayer to hit it once per hand.
                        Hand for Hand would be my vote.

                        Dan, I have no more Jam but how 'bout some pistachio nuts?



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                          mmm...tasty! they should go well with a nice glass of chilled guava nectar....the jam WILL be found


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                            abuse of 'time' feature

                            It's most unfortunate, but there will always be those who angle-shoot and otherwise abuse a good thing; it's human nature.

                            IMO, the suggestion of a cap on the number of timeouts per event
                            should be implemented. In particular, I believe the PSO events need to be dealt hand-for-hand, as I've seen much abuse in these events.

                            If I'd used the time feature, maybe, like Randy, I'd have avoided finishing 16th this morning!! :lol: The cheaters are the real losers here, tho they may not realise it.



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                              My 2 cents

                              I've seen this time abuse nonsense at the WPO qualifiers too. Had some real @ssholes about it too. :roll:

                              From playing at numerous sites on the net, I like the following amalgam:

                              1. You get 20 seconds to act, each time you have to act.
                              2. You get an additional time bank of 60 seconds you can opt to use, or you hand is checked/folded.
                              3. 'Hand-for-hand' play is implemented one table before the cut-off point (where the money begins/places for advancement/etc.). I.E: if 15 people advance, 'hand-for-hand' begins at 20. If 20 people advance, 'hand-for-hand' begins at 30.



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