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to make a friend happy !!!

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  • to make a friend happy !!!

    to make a old friend happy, who was mad with me because i had past this hand with the real names of the players, i made is wish and replace the real names by "code" names....based on a famous movie by QT..

    hey..this took me like 15 minutes !!!!

    no limit holdem tournament...

    Starting hand #10426511

    MR. PINK starts with $7,150
    MR. BROWN starts with $21,425
    MR. YELLOW starts with $9,075
    MR. WHITE starts with $17,175
    MR. "spades" starts with $20,575
    MR. RED starts with $8,925
    MR. GREEN starts with $17,975
    MR. BLACK starts with $8,300
    MR. BLACK has the dealer button


    MR. "spades" dealt down 9c 5c
    MR. PINK posts the small blind $100
    MR. BROWN posts the big blind $200
    MR. WHITE: ty
    MR. YELLOW raises $200 to $400
    MR. WHITE folds
    MR. "spades" folds
    MR. RED calls $400
    MR. GREEN folds
    MR. BLACK folds
    MR. PINK raises $200 to $600
    MR. BROWN calls $400
    MR. YELLOW calls $200
    MR. RED calls $200

    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 4h 2d 5s ]

    MR. PINK bets $2,400
    MR. BROWN calls $2,400
    MR. YELLOW raises $6,075 to $8,475 and is all-in
    MR. RED folds
    MR. GREEN: aa kk
    MR. PINK calls $4,150 and is all-in
    MR. BROWN folds
    MR. PINK shows cards Ah Ad
    MR. YELLOW shows cards 4s 4c

    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 6s ]

    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 9s ]

    MR. YELLOW wins $1,925
    MR. YELLOW wins $17,900
    MR. YELLOW won with three of a kind, fours

    MR. PINK finishes in 30th place

    have funn...spades 8)

    cya at tables MR. BLUEIRON