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I am not playing well right now

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  • I am not playing well right now

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    Originally posted by bhoylegend View Post
    It happens to us all. Take a break try to attend some live training sessions or watch some videos. You seem to like SNGs and running 22% itm. So that looks good perhaps the turbos are too high variance. Stick with them and aim to get your early finish % down or try the 10min blind structure SNGs were you get a bit more time. Good luck at the tables. umbup:


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      a) play less tables
      b) drop stakes
      c) change games
      d) change sites
      e) play freerolls
      f) take a break
      Bracelet Winner


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        Thanks for the advice guys.

        I was a bit pissed off on Friday night obviously.

        I do like the SnG's, and I am taking a liking to the 45 man variety, they are a nice mix of SnG and tournament. I am going to stick with them for the time being and I agree I need to get the early finish % down.

        It's interesting you mention the slower blind levels Forrestfive - when I play the .25c 45 mans it is slower (Regular actually) blind levels and I played one of those this morning. I was totally card dead for the early part of it and eventually was getting down to the 10bb level. At the point I dipped below 10bb I got my best hand so far 88 in MP and shoved. Doubled up. Very next hand I got JJ. Faced with a few callers ahead of me who were loose and the ultimate calling station behind, who had a lot of chips, I shoved again as I wasnt prepared to call and any raise had to be a shove given my stack (I think). My JJ held against his K4o and I double up again and was suddenly sitting second out of the remaining 20+.

        My reason for mentioning all that is that in a turbo I would have reached the critical point earlier and had to go with lesser hands (Assuming the same hands would have been dealt) but the slower structure allowed me to play the waiting game.

        I finished the tournament in second to get a small boost to bankroll.

        Just a few other points. I try not to multi-table as I am not overly fond of it. Maybe if I improve my game I can look to it. I play almost always at the micro stakes and cant drop a lot further. I like NLHE. I think if I had to give it up I would be finished with poker entirely. Pokerstars is the best site around (I'm really not just saying that because this school is part of the business) and I have tried other sites and found the software laggy or just plain bad. Freerolls are just bad, I will give up poker before I resort to them again.

        Taking a break, that is one thing I do need to do from time to time, and I frequently exclude myself from playing for 12 hour periods. I should at some point take a seven day exclusion regardless of results to have a look at what I am doing wrong and what I am doing right.


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          Hi bhoylegend, It's great going deep in a x45 man SNG. When the spot lights go on after reaching ft feels good. A sense of achievement then comes the bubble and getting past the min cashes to the top money spots. umbup: With that 10 minute blind structure x45 game you know how long each stage approximately takes. Once you master it you can move up as your bank roll allows. This is exactly the same structure you have become practiced in - 25c, $1, $3.50 then $6 (low stakes tab). Good luck at the tables.



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