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pretty rare , i think

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  • pretty rare , i think

    thought i read in a book or something somewhere back when i first started playing that it was not very likely for many people to be dealt pocket pairs in the same hand, so im gonna guess that this is pretty rare and thought id share it

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    wow...........a nailbiter....

    I have had, I think 4 Pocket pair on a table...very unusual betting that was....


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      I've seen 3 people turning over pocket pairs before but I never seen a board playing out like that, three full houses at showdown, that's pretty rare. Raiser umbup:


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        Gotta love the river! The only thing lacking is one lucky person holding 99 and the nuts!

        Roland GTX


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          Nice! 2 pocket pairs is pretty common. 3 is more rare for sure, and all 3 hitting sets is very rare.

          Time for this hand again, love this one:

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            Hey milehigh!

            Yeah, haven't seen one like that before. I did however have AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 10 10 once at my table... and the 10 caught one on the river to win.

            John (JWK24)

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              After you drug that pot I hope you typed "whew!! Justice!!"
              & @ Dave.. I remember that sickness like it was yesterday good stuff!
              May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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                Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
                Hey milehigh!

                Yeah, haven't seen one like that before. I did however have AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 10 10 once at my table... and the 10 caught one on the river to win.

                John (JWK24)
                We had a hand similar to yours in a live charity game that was won by an 88 who called last. I was the short stack and shoved utg with AKs and was called by AA, QQ, JJ and 88. Why the 88 was in the hand was beyond me but if it's mathematically possible then it probably will happen if enough hands are dealt.

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                  Surely, logically, for every paired hand dealt it becomes slightly more likely that someone else will also get a pair.

                  They deal 9 cards - we all have a different card - say mine is an 8

                  They deal me another 8.

                  Whatever cards the others have (apart from the other 2 8s) there is now more chance they will have that rank of card dealt as their second card.

                  If 2 players have pairs dealt, again there are less differently ranked cards left for the others to get dealt.

                  I know it would be marginal - but can someone who knows math(s) tell me if I'm right?

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                    re post

                    not sure about the math exactly ed i guess what you say seems plausible, but if you think about it like this, you are a 4/52 chance of receiving any given numeric/picture card (discounting the suit) for your first card
                    , at a fullring game (9 handed) this then becomes 3/43 for your second card (provided the other 3 are not dealt) or 1/14.3 (approximately %7) whilst not impossible the chances of many people hitting this % at the same time are probably fairly small,
                    i think that is the most basic way you can look at it,
                    it would be good for a more maths savvy person to try and answer your question as to get an accurate answer to your question there is much more that needs to be factored into the equation

                    if you sit with a deck of cards and deal in 9 players face up, i think (%wise) you will see a lot more hands where multiple (3 or more) people dont have pocket pairs at the same time


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                      What Edin is saying is that a pocket pair increases - marginally - the already slim chances that another player gets one. Which is correct. And for every other player the slim chances fatten a little bit. Very little, but a bit.

                      Still, great hand, each getting the card in turn (even though the 8). The small blind folding 99 would explain some unexplained shouting I heard the other night



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