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fighting back!

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  • fighting back!

    Hello all my fellow players and trainers. What I ask myself, if anything, could I offer to the poker world?.

    I could offer and give a 1000 theories on all sorts of concepts. However, the biggest thing I could offer, is in fact, great advice on the fight back.

    The fight back, what do I mean?, I will try to explain without getting into a muddle.

    Think back to when you first started playing poker, a relaxed fun game, generally played with freinds.

    Then as with many, including myself, seeing the games on the television, watching the pros, and seeing the big money, decided to play for cash on one of the various internet sites hopeing to strike it rich.

    Then as I advanced wanted to learn more and more , so started to watch more poker, various pros on the good old youtube giving their sound advice.

    I stop you at this point, because as with my game, and I can imagine as with others this is where the problem started!.

    I remember one of the first ever videos I watched, and it was a video by Daniel Negranu, and he explained small ball poker.
    <forgive me Daniel if i spelt your name wrong>.

    So then off I went practicing small ball poker.

    Without creating a huge list, I then went on to discover loads of different theories, strategies etc, by variuos people and players.

    So again , off I went practicing all of this new stuff.

    By now it was getting interesting, I had learnt many new skills, but along the way somewhere, forgot to play poker.

    Stuck in a rut, practising rather than playing that soon became a bad habbit.

    Then I arrived at the pokerschool, looking for the reasons why I could not win, where had my game gone wrong.

    Convinced there was darker powers, and the whole world was out to get me, I continued to study regardless.

    After a roller coaster ride, I finally sore my problem, and imagine alot of players suffer with this not knowingly.

    I was suffering poker confusion, I had studied that many theories and strategies my own game was lost, I was playing a mixture of theories and strategies.

    Too many cooks had spoilt the broth!

    From small ball to Brunsons ten,two, it was as mixed as it could get.

    I cleared my head, had a break, and came back with me.

    I realised poker school teaches the basic path to success, a steady calm game that occasionally you add your own magic, to take down them pots.

    Occasionally been the word!

    Remember, bits of advice are not the way to play, the bits of advice are too be played!.

    My fight back continues, I am sitting with $22 from $1 something, surprisingly from 1c -2c cash tables, within a few short sessions.

    Good luck at the tables,and I hope some of you find this usefull.

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    Nice post Ace! umbup:


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      Hey there bro, nice post and you hit on some good points there.
      I would say the basics are there for all of us, but basics are not enough to own a table unless your running really well.
      Spending a year playing each style, in my mind can help with any given situation, unless you spend time playing as a tag,lag,nit and so on you cannot understand how there minds tick.
      Poker is a game of information and the more info you have on an op the better the outcome will favour you, so yes bro learn learn learn you did the right thing u just did not read and watch and listen you put the theories into practice and did not care how it looked to the other players so good on you bro, and there is no better lesson for all of us than learning from our mistakes along the way.
      BTW i was shocked to see my vpip since i started to open up my play im like 46% lol and the great thing is i can turn a 6c pot into a 200bb pot on one card because tags always assume there top pair top kicker is good and i look so dam spewy, i even have a fish mode now just to get them tags isolation betting me and you would be amased how light they go all in against me. I cant wait for my self exclusion to end its going to be fun
      GL bro


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        lol bro, just dont presume yourself that tags and nits will always think their top pair is good, because good players just know.


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          If you want to study and practice something new you must have the discipline to do it in a controlled manner. I have made several adjustments to my game and with each of them my results suffered before I started to see improvements. Take time to work on one thing at a time and give yourself time to decide if it works for you or not. Jumping from one idea to another without time to assimilate them is a recipe for poker disaster.

          Good decisions!
          Last edited by TrumpinJoe; Fri Sep 07, 2012, 03:57 AM.


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            lol bro a op raises with aa i call ip with 57,s the flop comes 46k 2 suited and he shoves like im going fold an open end + 9 suited outs this is real poker, players can sit here all day and try to deny it there calling

            as the saying goes u need to create action to get action hmmm perhaps there's something in that

            and what happens when i hit it, well how can u believe me i guess this is the reason u have to call and its costing you 100bb well done


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              Originally posted by holdemace486 View Post
              My fight back continues, I am sitting with $22 from $1 something, surprisingly from 1c -2c cash tables, within a few short sessions.
              Nice goin' there holdem ... keep up the good work!! umbup: umbup:
              Originally posted by holdemace486 View Post
              lol bro
              Originally posted by PokerPest72 View Post
              lol bro
              Hey, I've always wondered ... was this 'bro' in the buddy sense, or are you guys actual brothers? I have a big brother and he's really nice


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                hey sam, we are real brothers lol,


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                  oh ... ah haha!! umbup:


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                    Thx joe, and yes practising one thing at time is the best way, practicing too many things in one go is the recipe for disaster. Good advice Joe umbup:



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