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Substitution buttons

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  • Substitution buttons

    Allright. Crazy idea. But who hasn't thought about it at least once, come on.
    You know in football (meaning real football, not American handball you're allowed 3 substitutions per match, right?

    Well then: Say in a tourney you had three buttons, two "change seat" ones and one "change table" one. Three in the whole tourney. Or one button each,whatever. Once you've used them up, you have none left and you're stuck with your seat/table.

    Complicated? Maybe, but only for real newbies.
    Could be implemented in $3 and up tourneys only to start with... or something. Any thoughts?

    And please don't say, send it to ideas@ps.
    For one thing they should be monitoring this (they get paid, and for another I'd like to float the idea first anyway.

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    You want to add MORE seating changes?? I've played tourneys where I changed seats almost every hand in the first 15 minutes, I would definitely not be in favor of even more.

    I know what you mean about getting stuck at a very unfavorable seat, but what about the person you would have to displace, why would they want to be moved to an unfavorable position?? Table change would be a little easier, they could just open new tables for those who wanted to move.

    The other problem is that this would be very hard to implement, since the software is constantly balancing tables as players are eliminated. I think we're stuck with the random seating currently in place.

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      Why not? They'd be your choice, you'd use them when "needed". And they'd be limited.
      Depends on the situation doesn't it.

      Hard to implement, I don't see it really, this is good software, you just request it and it doesn't have to be instant. Like in football, when the game allows it.

      Add some spice, and some... statement of intentions shall we say.
      Because it's true that in some cases you get moved around too much, but in others... pff... especially around the bubble (again, like football, the final half hour is when the substitutions get critical) you get stuck at the idiot table, maniacs to your left, sit-outers to your right, etc...

      They do have that sort of thing in live play in casinos don't they?


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        I would reply that the NFL is so much more football in so many ways but since the pussification of the game (don't hit the qb, don't tackle hard) I suppose I cannot.
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          Also, if England's problem is losing at PK's, whey is Beckham not on the team??
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            I think most casinos will allow you to request a move for cash games, but you can only move when a seat becomes available. As far as changing the software, how happy would you be if you requested a change, then once happy at a new table you were moved again after a few hands?? As a former Systems Administrator, this is the kind of request that got filed under "G".

            This is only my opinion, others may have other ideas. I sympathize with you, but I like the random selection.

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              Just wait 'til PStars has ZOOM tourneys going... "Where we're going, we don't need buttons."


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                Too many gimmicks already
                You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.



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