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  • Annoyme2

    Just venting a little, nothing serious... but this "free world" thing is getting to me by the day.
    First they obliterate Spain from the online poker map. Happens to be where I live, so it's annoying enough.
    (And please don't tell me play the .es, I'm Sir Nit Foldalot, was profitable with it, I can't do that).
    I'm adjusting to play money, can be fun :/

    Then... I happen to be in Italy at the moment. Well, that was obliterated earlier on, but it's even worse. Not only I can't play anything, but:

    I got to Easy enough, right?
    No. I get redirected to (intelli? ahem... you should the the headlines there.
    I log in there and it's https... cool... except, after log-in, I get re-redirected. With an "insecure content" warning so I have to click "load anyway". Allright then. I got a mobile connection on a borrowed netbook so I don't even save the pw and have to type it but then. Got nothing better do do have I.

    So after a while I get to pokeschoolonline... only to get a red "certificate expired" warning with a "back to safety" button because "the certificate has expired". One more click - and not on the "back to safety" button either.

    So I'm finally here. On a dodgy mobile connection, and with the famed response times of this server (it runs on Windows, I mean Windows - really it's sort of touch and go, but I'm a persistent buqqer.

    So when I'm finally here, not only do I get the Desinex burger - I can't even stake Marvin 'cause I'm "Spanish", but I'm in for the real treat: I click on any link to any "poker" site in the world, I get redirected to Home page. Or to the Italian tax agency. Nice, innit.

    Ok, so use the Tor browser, you say. I'm on a borrowed netbook with a mobile connection.
    Oh well, at least I don't use Windows

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    Hi Don
    I really do admire your persistance. Very sorry that you had so many connection problems, but i hope you dont mind me saying that it was agreat post, and although not funny for you, the way you explained your difficulties did bring a smile to my face.


    • #3
      I hate those redirections too! So, so, so very much. If I want to go to, I want to go to, NOT If I wanted to go to, I would have typed "". I'm sure there's some reason behind this, like licensing and stuff so people don't download the wrong client, but there has to be better ways to solve that. It screws up linking and stuff and it's incredibly annoying. Allow me to access, just don't allow me to download the .com client. Very simple.

      Shape up, Stars.



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        Hi Feskprins

        I really do understand the frustration some people experiance regarding .com .eu .it etc.

        May i suggest that you contact for a definitive answer. Im sure that they would be very happy to give advice.



        • #5
          Hey, it's the "free" world.
          Maybe we should all just get a Russian account, they're supposed to be the ones... oh well, forget it



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