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a good old moan

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  • a good old moan

    grrrr this site pees me off something rotten at times.

    Im sick and tired of people hitting their draws when i always miss mine.

    They shove draws on the flop and hit,i shove draws and loose,

    AND before you say it, this is mostly always and not just a few times.

    IT really does make you feel like,that there is an handicap put on you.

    i accepted Stars is the real deal and they do not rig it so please this is not a its rigged post.

    It just seems so unfair,

    again i have to question the quality of the rng,

    yes i shouldnt be pushing on the flop, and yes because i have seen a few of these i may be getting suckered into the illusion that this is the way to play.

    But grrrrr guys, i have more than half a deck of outs at times and i miss completely, they have 1-2 outs and hit it.

    Frustrating isnt the word i would use but im not allowed to swear the word that begins with W.

    And no im not going to post all these hands,which i could but cant be bothered to do so.

    its really weird thats all i can say.

    Anyone else suffer from this?

    I understand swings etc, but why does my maths on the flop not hold up?

    never seems to hold up?

    and they just seem to keep hitting their lucky outs.

    No doubt the regs on ere will be on to slam my post, but this is the norm on here and no one willing to even consider that the rng is a bit crap.

    If the rng is so brilliant, how come we are now on rng 6,

    WHAt happened to rng 1 etc if its all so brilliant?

    I bet people defended it then as well even though it as been changed several times, this alone proves that computer generated cards can never run correctly

    Why else would it off been changed in the first place.

    If any one can come up with an arguement for changing the rng in the first place, then i would love to here it! so come on why was it changed?

    I will be surprised if any one can give a viable explanation.

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    Hi holdemace!

    Please note that the RNG is independantly audited and here is a link to that.

    Since this has been covered before, this thread is being closed.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner



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