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a few questions

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  • a few questions

    Ok , on recently reading a post by Sandtrap, asking chewme a question about a hand he played and the whys of it, i was interested in What Santrap had to say about itm.

    So curiousity crept in and i sat there for a while and thought about itm.

    So anyway, my question

    Is there any maths to itm,

    what i mean by this is there some formula to working out the average stack size in any specific tourney structure, to work out average size to make it to itm.

    To save on me searching is there any forum videos on this.

    My second question is for JW,john

    When you say you would 3x and then 1bb for the limpers,as a standard raise,

    What do you do if there are no limpers and you are first to act?

    do u just 3x

    And then what do you do if you are faced with no limpers but a raiser would u 3x or 4x the raiser depending on hand strenght of cause?

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    I don't think there is an exact science to equating how many chips are needed to ITM but here is a couple of things. Lets say the tourney has 5000 entrants and each start with 1500 in chips. This make a total of 7,500,000 chips in play and if the ITM is 250+ then the average stack size there would be 30,000. Now this doesn't mean that you HAVE to have 30k to ITM but just the average so for me when concerned about what I need to ITM i think this would be better. total chips divided by 150% of ITM so in the scenario above that would be 7,500,000 divided by 375 giving me 20,000 in chips to make ITM. as said this is not an exact science but will give you a better understanding of where you are and where you need to be. evil: PS this would also have to be adjusted for turbos.
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      For a raise, if nobody else has raised already, here is what I use.

      Blinds up to 100/200..... 3BB+1BB for each limper. If there are no limpers, then I'll raise to 3BB, if there is one limper, I'll raise to 4BB, if 3 limpers I'll raise to 6BB.
      Blinds from 100/200 to 1k/2k.... 2.5BB+1BB for each limper.
      Blinds from 1k/2k on up... 2.2BB+1BB for each limper.

      If someone else has raised already, then I'll raise between 3X their bet amount and the size of the pot (if the pot size is larger than 3X their bet amount). 4X is a bet tell and I would not want to do that.
      chips to get ITM..... will vary with each and every tourney.... and I don't care about what an avg stack may be. I'm only looking at how many BB are in my stack and what chip position I'm in. Chasing the average stack number is something that can get players in trouble, as they'll start to play too many hands and shove too much... which I do NOT want to do.

      John (JWK24)

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        thx joker thats one way too look at it

        and thx John for your replies,
        I was thinking average stack size, not to chase the average stack, but to know where im at, for example if i have 30k in chips all ready,so would this be enough to itm and not chase the game etc.

        some times i think i try to peak to early needlessly when i have a stack so knowing an average itm stack would be helpfull.


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          Average stack

          If one in seven entrants make the money, the average stack at the bubble will be seven times the starting stack. One in ten are ITM then the average stack will be ten times the starting stack at the bubble. You can use the same method to find what the average stack will be at any particular payout level.If the top 20 places pay $40 dollars and there were 1000 entrants, the average stack will be 50 times the starting stack.

          Hope ths helps
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            or you can just click on the stats button and it will tell you what the ave stacks are at any given moment, thats what i do.


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              Originally posted by holdemace486 View Post
              what i mean by this is there some formula to working out the average stack size in any specific tourney structure, to work out average size to make it to itm.
              Just click on the Lobby button. It shows number of runners left and average stack.

              Good decisions.


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                thx foir the replies guys food for thought



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