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Best place to play in the USA?

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  • Best place to play in the USA?

    Let's say you had no choice but to play poker for a living. You're a cash player (you don't get suckered into those silly tournaments) and you have a $10,000 bankroll to work with. You have other money for living expenses that will last you about a year, and this money is separate from your BR. (Good players know that this is the way to do it.)

    So you have a year to get to the point where you can make a decent living playing cards, and you're good enough to beat most any $10/20, and even $15/$30 hold'em game. You want to move up to $20/$40, but you know you need more experience before you won't lose to the pro's in those games long-term.

    So where would you live, and what would you play?

    P.S. (Please withhold any "DON'T PLAY POKER FOR A LIVING IT'S A BAD IDEA comments. I understand it's a bad idea. So is seeing the flop. I'm asking a different question.)

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    i ahve not ventured far to play poker, but from what i am told, and what i have read, california would be the place to play. "they" say that the games are much looser, more maniacs, and more money to be won there. granted the fluctuations of your bankroll would be higher, but that seems to be where the best games are played.

    i am also told that las vegas is just the opposite. that even the 3/6 game is like playing in the wsop. the games are tight, and too serious. although i hear the bellagio games, 30/60 and above, are pretty nice to play. but then again, i dont really know anyone that i would trust their opinion about high limit poker. so my first guess would have to be california, but then i would say vegas second, just because of all the different rooms there. out of curiousity, are you looking to go full time with the game? if so, best of luck to you!

    jmuzzey lsogc


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      I dont think a $10,000 bankroll is enough to survive in SoCal. You'll pay $14 to $16 per hour (you pay rent instead of a rake) for a seat at $10/20 or $15/30 and the swings are the most brutal ive experienced. Game selection was tough last time i was there for those limits. I played mostly at Commerce (biggest room) and Hollywood Park. I usually had 2 to 4 $15/30 games to choose from at Commerce.....1 or 2 $10/20 and 2 to 4 $20/40 games at Hollywood Park. Considering the size of the rooms and the distance between them (1 hour drive if I was lucky) that isnt much of a selection.

      Personally I would have to choose Vegas. The games never seemed that tight.....the games are raked so you arent paying to sit and fold.....and there are many games to choose from in quite a few casinos.

      Cant give much insight on Atlantic City sorry.

      Tunica/Biloxi....Phoenix...Chicago...St Louis....Kansas City....among others are poorer choices mainly because of lack of game selection in my opinion. Tunica has a few people that play those limits and earn a living but very few. You can usually find a couple $10/20 and $20/40 games at the Horseshoe......maybe a $10/20 at Sams Town.....and a $15/30 at the Grand. BUT occasionally you would be lucky to find a single $10/20 or 20/40 game in the whole area in the early weekday morning hours.

      When you say you have other money for living expenses thats a little misleading. A dollar wont go quite as far in SoCal as it will in Vegas....and wont go near as far in Vegas as it would in Tunica. Cost of living is a BIG consideration. While in SoCal i stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment that ran $1600 a month. In Tunica the same sized 2 bedroom apartment runs about $600 a month.

      Of course this is all based on my experience and opinions.....others may have a different point of view. Hope that adds some insight.


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        What about North Carolina?


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          I know you a far distance from Washingtion State and Oregon,but there is great poker in both places. In Marysville, in Wash State, has 6 or 7 games going at all time, just the kind you mentioned, lots of Tourneys, a very friendly atmoshere, cost of living is probably 1/2 of what you are spending in your home town, never mind Vegas or the likes. In Oregon, there is a place named SpiritMountain, it too has about 15 to 20 games going at most times, also the kind and amt. you mentioned. Both Very Classy places, and like I say the cost of living is fairly low. One more important thing, is the rake is not near what California is.
          Being I am from Canada, I can't forget to tell ya there is some good poker up here too especially in Alberta. and you get twice as much for your money
          if you want more detail, send me a private message, and I will get you lots of info for you. Have been to both and they are Great

          babe60 :wink:


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            Key West:

            I have to say that I've tried finding ANY kind of action in North Carolina, and have not found a blessed thing. That Harrah's in Cherokee is a huge rip-off and disappointment. They don't even HAVE a card room. I told them when they get a card room, I'll be back.

            Having said that, if someone DOES know where there is a decent game in North Carolina, I'd sure be interested in knowing!!

            -Bart M.



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