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Why are all you Big names never on the forum

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  • Why are all you Big names never on the forum

    Ok curiousity as risen in my mind, no disrepect to any players or trainers etc on here intended as i know there is really quality players.

    But curiousity why we never see no big names in the forum. Its a pokerstars forum, in fact not just a forum but a school of excellence!

    Pokerstars sponsers players and allows them to carry the pokerstars logo and wear it with pride.

    But all these players have made there fortunes so what harm would it do to them to occasionally drop in on here occasionally and maybe just post the odd piece of advice or just to say hi and encourage us.

    The forum would be buzzin!

    And you never know the pros may pick up a few tips off us.

    Strange how poker and in fact most things are a never ending learning curve as time changes so does the styles etc.

    So would of thought it be advantageous to those sponsered players to actually be here.

    I wonder if any of them read our posts, probably not , obviously they have not got the time with all their wealth too help us out.

    So a message to the Big names personally from me, please drop in say hi, post some tips get a few extra fans, once a week once a month who cares ,show your faces guys and girls , you have made your money dont be such sad heads come help people out it will make you feel good and allow you knowledge into the other half of the poker world how the small time and the fish do it lol.

    Wishfull thinking and hoping, but you all have got to admit, if a few of the big names turned up this forum would be flooded with people and posts.

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    So a message to the Big names personally from me, please drop in say hi

    Hi, hehe

    Couldn't resist that 1


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      lol bruv dont you dare start trying make me tilt lol are you winning bruv? i tell u wa ill just ring u lol.


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        There's plenty of pros and semi-pros who HAVE dropped reams of good info,FOR FREE,into this forum.

        Try taking a peek at the Video Library.

        Personally I wouldn't trade any one of those for 1000 meaningless missives in the Forum.


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          kind of have to agree with Moxie on this 1, there's a lot of stuff in the library. On the other hand, it would be nice to see 1 of my favorite pro's(Jason Mercier ) here once and a while.


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            i couldnt agree more stake, jason mercier is quality got some sick play up his sleeves, he would be a nice player to see about an talk some poker,

            my favourite is obvious kid poker, not just for his poker skills etc i just think his charicter speaks for itself as he takes it to the tables and makes poker fun the reason i got into the game in the first place for the banter etc.

            I know what you mean with the vids etc some good stuff have watched a lot of them, but personally if i was a famous name i would love to be on this forum giving it some banter, imagine phil helmuth on here that would be some quality banter,he would tell people straight lol and regardless of what some people think about his charecter he still as won a lot and must be respected, any 1 who didnt would be a fool lol.


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              I'm gonna agree on this with holdem
              Tips and/or advice would be great ,but even If they just pop in and give us a joke or quote or something to chatter about.
              Make an appearance

              What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup ?

              Anybody can roast beef
              When fish are in schools they sometimes take debate.



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