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    ok i now have the means to reload my account, but rather than put an entire bankroll on have decided i will reload 10 dollers occasionally and only when i can afford too and am in the correct frame of mind to play.

    However the $10 dollers i intend to put on one tourney or cash game so suggestions please.

    What would be a good structure for a $10 buy in?

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    hi darkman, im only going to play one a week or one a fortnight at a 10 doller buyin,thats it m8t and reload only when i am going to play the game,so i suppose thats unlimited BR in a different sense, i loose i wait till next time similar to how i would at casino, theres only one tourney a night at casino so only need one buy in hence the way i now plan to do it.

    I will have to concentrate more knowing that its my one a week game, a bit more leisurely approach but good br management with my tilt in my eyes.

    If i play bad then i cant just jump into another tourmey this way and loose more,only 10 dollers a week maximum which is only £7.

    And thats to say if i do loose!

    I have all ready picked my game for this week and its the big 8.80 for 25k gauranteed any other suggestestions for further weeks appreciated.


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      and p.s i have the depositers freerolls to have some fun on


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        Bad idea to use 100% of your BR for buy in. Go read what cowboy said b4 about BRM.


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          Hi holdemace!

          With a $10 bankroll, if using bankroll management, then you're adequately bankrolled for any DIME tourney (100 buy-ins).
          To even get to a cash game, you'd need to build this up to much more than $10... in the $50-80 range.

          John (JWK24)

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            Originally posted by holdemace486 View Post
            ok i now have the means to reload my account, but rather than put an entire bankroll on have decided i will reload 10 dollers occasionally and only when i can afford too and am in the correct frame of mind to play. However the $10 dollers i intend to put on one tourney or cash game so suggestions please. What would be a good structure for a $10 buy in?
            Ohh when Moxie see's this lol under: ug: Just asking are u relation of Frank Spencer from "some mother's do have them" (TV show) Just joking, that show used to make me laugh, All the best on your BR goalsumbup: Wouldn't be better if save up to amount $50-80, then play or with the 100bi (as John say's) ! 'One Foot Isn't Enough To Walk With.' Egyptian Proberb I think your trying too hard ,,as old saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day"
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              sounds like a great plan holdem get youre pocket money on a monday loss it on a tuesday
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                hahahah very funny some of you obviously can not read plain english.

                why would i need to top up into my account any more than $10 when im only going to play one tourney a week or fortnight, why should i put my money into pokerstars bank when its happily sitting in mine, and it takes 2 seconds literally to top up account!

                So that is unlimited BR funds allowing so ? BR management is it really needed?


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                  I mean it, all the best, not mean to make fun you, just if u use good BRM the down swings don't hit you as much, which leads to being more likely not too be tilted, don't u think? And at end of the day, Its your decision(s)umbup:
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                    last reply ace, promise...... unlimited roll? must be nice. but please don't come back in here when your unlimited roll ends up being limited because some "idiot" sucks out on you, and you tilt because you cant figure out why he/she even played the hand in the first place. i'll tell you now that it IS going to happen, and maybe, just maybe, they aren't the fools you think but have a far superior grasp of the game than you, and know strategies you can't yet begin to grasp because instead of continuing to work on your game and learn, you choose to be complacent with where your knowledge is now. its my opinion (you know that thing we're all "entitled" to lol) that these $10 tourneys will chew you up and spit you out. this is not to say that someday you might get lucky and run deep in one, (stranger things have happened) but in the long run, you're NOT going to turn a profit, but if you just want to be a leisurely player, and have fun playing, just do that. just come to the realization that your just there to have fun, not be a winner, and cut the rest of bs loose. have fun man!umbup:
                    May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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                      Ok HEA486, I am going to disagree with some of the people posting here.

                      What you are contemplating doing is playing on line "out of pocket". You are going to seek to put on an amount you can afford to lose, and seek enjoyment on only that amount. You intend to play whatever you feel you can afford, and not try to "manage" an amount of money that is insignificant to you.

                      To me, this is fine.

                      Part of poker is enjoyment, and a lot of that enjoyment can be sapped by trying to grind up tiny amounts by playing only events that fit into micro stakes "bank roll" amount. What is the real "thrill" in winning a 25c 90 man SNG when you have absolutely not intention of cashing out your winnings to spend them? Under your plan you can effectively play what you feel like playing, when you feel like playing, and if you happen to make a "big" score you can cash the $ out and have fun spending it. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that approach at all.

                      There are some things you will be giving up though...

                      1) You will be giving up a lot of the ability to track your relative skill

                      You could get around this by keeping a strict poker journal, but if your only intent is to play for fun when you have available money, it is pretty unlikely you'll do that.

                      2) You will be giving up the ability to know you have "X" amount available, and the discipline that might impose on your game selection

                      Your big issue seems to be discipline anyway, so this is probably ot a terrible "loss" for you; that is unless you deposit small amounts more frequently than you can truly afford.

                      The key point that a lot people miss HEA486 is that BR management is really only an applicable concept when you HAVE a "bank roll". Any amount which is insignificant enough that you can easily replace it is not really a BR. Sure, you can MAKE it into a bank roll by treating a small amount as "important", and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that either, but in doing so you might easily pass up greater reward potential in the short term that higher BI events might give. if the higher BI events you are contemplating playing are still "cheap" in regards to your overall life budget, then is it really a "must" that you restrict yourself to playing for pennies instead of 45 or $10 at a time?

                      Yeah, you'll likely LOSE more often, because the caliber of players you'll be facing is higher in general, but when you WIN the amount will be something you can think about withdrawing and spending. I see nothing wrong with that at all, as long as you do not think of your plan as some "magic formula" to make you a long term winning player.
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                        Bankroll is both a noun and a verb.

                        As a noun it is simply the money set aside for playing poker regardless of where it is deposited!

                        As a verb it is simply money put up to back another player with the intent to profit and share in the winnings!

                        I have way more money in my bankroll than is online mainly because of the FT seizure and as ACE said I can get it back online in a matter of seconds! Does this mean I shouldn't be playing $1.50 / $3.50 9 mans? Good bankroll management is key to keeping the profits you win as you strive to improve and become better. As has been said many times before those winnings then allow you to take shots at higher buy ins from time to time.

                        Gidee Up Holdem! Keep trying to find ways to not tilt and you will be a better player for it.

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                          thanks for the comments,i am going to take a leisurely aproach and by no means think this is some sort of magic formuler to become a long term winning player.

                          I personally think i have played to much and this will help me stop the tilt, then maybe i can rethink and try again at some stage,I never thought i had any goals when in fact i had writen my goal a while back when i wrote the guide on how to become a pro, a guide i set in mind for mainly myself and what i would do in my efforts to be the best of the best.

                          In some ways i achieved that, but like suggested time again its about the profits, but what a bad habbit i have developed of tilting, so if i can disipline myself then maybe i can get succesfull at poker.

                          And on a good note i played the $8.80 25k specail today and i did itm.



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                            Hey, holdem ... maybe this could be like an opportunity to switch the 'ole routine up and add something new if you're up for it? Like you know how you started that blog ... maybe you could set a rule for yourself that before you're allowed to make a deposit and play another game, you have to watch at least one video, and post a hand in HA? I was thinking of doing that too to try and motivate me to watch more tournament videos, since they're always so helpful, but hard to get around to watching when it's so much more fun to just go and fire up a table Like sometimes that process of forcing ourselves to review our hands and articulate our thought process can help with the learning I think? I feel like it's helped out my cash game I think ... I guess Can be hard to get motivated to watch videos sometimes even though they're so great, eh? umbup:


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                              thx jig jig yes i can see the point in $11 with the sunday storm etc thanks and i do feel that is the safest way for me with one buyin.I am trying hard not to play today but so so tempted but trying to keep my will power and resist lol.

                              Thanks Sam i will watch a few vids in between to keep in touch with my game and learn at the same time as learning seems never endless lol.

                              Thanks honu i can see where i went wroong when i did win a decent size BR and blew it on the low levels where as yes i think i should of took a conservative approach and maybe played the bigger rolls when i had that chance, or again like you say i should of made sure the profits were kept safe.

                              And thanks J.dean yes if i do manage win again i will take your advice and cash in most of it, and spend the dosh on something nice.



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