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How big is your bankroll?

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  • How big is your bankroll?

    Having got my BR back in business got me thinking, what size is the typical BR, at least here at the PSO.

    Mine currently stands at $229.04.

    Now you know how big mine is, how big is yours? Don't be shy now
    'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'

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      Originally posted by havocofsmeg View Post
      Now you know how big mine is, how big is yours? Don't be shy now
      19.2 cm.



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        And I bet it's the .2 that does the trick


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          I think a person's current bankroll is less important than their TOTAL INVESTMENT in PokerStars. Theory is that most players are losing players, so a bankroll could represent what is left from a person's deposit, or it could be all profits.

          My bankroll is small, BUT, I have never made a deposit! You could say my bankroll represents an "infinite" profit over my investment of $0.00. Now, if I had purchased shares in Facebook last Friday, I would be a lot poorer today, by 20%. I'll stick with poker.



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            BUMP And thanks to everyone who's commentedumbup:
            'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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              0.00$ as of earlier this morning. 1 day I will learn that playing when I have friends over that like to include themself in my tournaments isnt good and I wont bust a 25$ deposit in 2 hours. Care to give me a little help until my next deposit? I will give it back don't worry. A looney would be just fine you know lol.


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                Well if you want to know I made a $50 dollar deposit about 6 months ago or so (don't really remember when) and I've been as high as $64 but right now its about $60. Just having fun with it.


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                  I believe you. If I could stick to basic discipline I know I could last for a longtime with a 50-100 deposit. I just need to enjoy playing alone.relaxed without any distraction. For some reasons I get bored just playing 1 table but all my winnings we're made like that. Oh and stop playing when i'm too tired.

                  So until payday I'll be even more bored. unless someones feels like donating a buck or 2 :p

                  In exchange I'll will offer my bracelet


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                    I used to have the exact same problem as you math, until this bankroll i did not know what to do with it because i constantly used to lose all my money simply because i didnt follow bankroll management

                    You'll hear all poker players and coaches say just follow strict bankroll management but i don't think it's all about that.....obviously it is to a certain degree and i am currently following that management...but i also have some money on the side on stars so i can set myself some challenges to keep it fun and interesting.

                    If you follow me on PSO you'll know that i set myself a lot of goals and challenges, i set challenges like playing tournament series with a set roll to start recently i played the PSO Series of Poker with $10 and would not spend any more than that and its what i could afford I also like to take sit n go challenges like the cowboy challenge which you can check out on the "challenges and battleground" forum.

                    I think the main thing is to control your pun intended :P but keep yourself interested too by mixing it up...but only what you can afford

                    I deposited $30 at the start of the year and it is now $210 and i've never looked like losing it

                    hope this helps.



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