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Mandatory Profiles!!!

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  • Mandatory Profiles!!!

    Just want an opinion from anyone willing to take the time to put it in here.

    I think that profiles should be mandatory. Last I checked the poker rooms across this great nation do not allow anyone to walk up and play with a bag over their head. PSO should give every player a profile based on the information given to them when they sign up and if players choose to change the message to a personal one then they can. So many times you go to look at a player that just threw a beat on you and cannot find out any infomation without extensive research. JUST TAKE 5 AND FILL OUT A PROFILE!


  • #2
    Thank you Chino. I have asked this question many,many times. I never get a reply.

    Have you also noticed there are some people's names that are playing yet are not listed in the profile roster.

    I agree that it should be mandatory. After all, it is also the common courtesy one should extend to their fellow school-mates.



    • #3

      I too believe everyone should have a profile, BUT does it really mean anything :? ? Do you really know anything about them :?: when you read it? It tells you their real name, where their from, and the rest can be an absolute fairy tale that they imagine themselves in. Yes some I am sure have told facts but I believe alot have made up alot. This is only MHO. Knowing their name and where they live will not tell you anything to make you wiser as far as playing poker against them. What to do about telling far fetched stories in their profiles, I don't have the answer. Does anyone else?
      Just my thoughts :!:
      babe60 :wink:


      • #4
        Ok I admit it..I'm not really a Shepherd, and the alien abduction thing never happened, and Phil Helmuth didn't actually ask me for Poker lessons!

        but the rest, is true.....promise


        • #5
          I have also brought this subject up before. I agree 100% that some sort of profile should be mandatory before one is allowed to play in a PSO Event. 5 minutes of one's time (and that is pushing it,,,2 or 3 minutes would be about the average, I would think) is not asking much. I have noticed, that it is USUALLY,,,,notice I say USUALLY,,,,not ALWAYS (for those sensitive types out there) an "any 2'll do" player, who has no profile. They will "bad beat" you over and over, and when you go to profiles to see who the heck this person is,,,NO PROFILE!! IMAGINE THAT!! I'd be embarassed for anyone to know who I was, too! lol
          I am probably one of the lowest ranked active players here, and my face will kill flowers, but MY info AND pic are up!


          • #6
            Babe60...the purpose isnt so that I can learn from the profile to play better poker against that person. It is just a common courtesy that should not even be an issue. Nothing on my profile is fake I can promise you that and I just think that because you arent allowed to sit at a "poker table" without some sort of identity then you shouldnt be able to do it here either. Poker Pages should put the real name of the player and where they are from and leave the rest to the players themselves. It really isnt that big of a deal but if you cant take 5 minutes to fill out a profile then heck with you anyway!



            • #7

              Chino I fully agree with you.
              babe60 :wink:



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