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Poker Honesty!

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  • Poker Honesty!

    Hello all, I am not sure who is going to read this, I am not sure who cares about reading this, but in my efforts I hope to enlighten a few of you about the real truths of the beautifull game of poker.

    Many people consider the game to be a game of skill, others consider the game to be a way of gambling. Others consider the game just for something to do.

    The general opinion is that 90 percent of all online players lose, and that 10 percent obviously are the winners.

    Are these 10 percent of players more skilled than the rest, the answer is yes. Not that they play different to the rest of us, their starting hands are probably the same.
    The manner in which they play their hand,however may vary from the way we may play a hand.

    They have a far better ability to read the game, make the right choice on the right occassion.

    So as players how do we learn to be apart of the 10 percent?.

    All that pokerschool teaches, and all the advice other forum members offer is the importance to been a successfull player.
    Not necasarily is one piece of advice more important than the next, but as a whole collective, that is the importance of the school.

    So much advice every where on how to be a good player, magazine articles and links,videos etc offered all over the net.

    So this is where the instant fail of people becomes apparent. There is now far too much literature etc on how to become a good player, however throughout the years the styles and amount of players as grew strong.

    The amount of shear advice then becomes confusing, as so many styles and theories start to filter throught the ranks.

    Big name players have seemed to lose thier edge, their skills are the same but the chancers are strong and many.

    To be a winning player, you must first understand this, and therefore each and every situation as to be adjusted too, strategies are no longer a winning formula, the read of the situation is.

    The truth of poker, many people now see this as a means to money, big prizes for little amounts of investment, the gamblers, the chancers, the players, the donks, and this is why the skill in the game is declining.

    Myself personally have loved my ride of ups and downs, convinced in conspiracies and then proved myself wrong by actually just playing my game.

    If you play your game and can honestly tell yourself you played the best you could give and are still losing, then I hate to say this but you are not good enough and probably will never be especailly if your time served.
    By this I do not nesasarily mean your skills, but the rest of it that I find to be my killer.

    I am sitting 92 percent on opr rankings with now a zero bankroll, however I took 2 dollers to 225 when i started to listen and beleive.
    I gave some away and pissed away the rest, but thats just me, I did what I wanted to do and got a rank which meant more to me than the bucks.

    Good luck all and i hope this helps, I have give up now as i know my mentality will always let me down, but I leave here knowing I can actually win when I want to, and can claim to be a poker player thanks to some serious self observations that people made me realise.

    Thankyou all

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