PokerStars ain't Joking Around today!

Real tournaments with the most ridiculous of structures on this, the silliest day of the year!

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Today, (yes, April Fools Day), PokerStars will be running three special tournaments that, in a normal world, make no sense at all, but today should fit right in with everything else that's happening around you. The tournaments are real. Only the structures are a joke (but, even those are real, too). All three of these tournaments are $2.20 to enter at start at 15:15 ET on Sunday April 1.

Bryan's Tourney: An Ante-Up tournament for the people who like the number eight. Eight players per table, the top 88 get paid, 8-minute levels, blinds always 8/8, but antes starting at 8 and go up to 88,888. And of course, you'll start with 888 chips. FYI: The tourney is capped at 8,888 players. Natch. Just search for tourney #588888888.

Steve's Flipament: Let's just see how good you run. You start with 1,000 chips. The blinds start at 500/1,000. It's flip or be gone. Win your flip or you're done. Levels last three minutes and only the final table gets paid. To find it, look for tourney #539981493.

Mike's Tourney: You want to talk about a knockout tournament? This is a knock-out tournament. It's a Super Heads-Up Knockout Tournament! There are two ways to make money in this event. You either knock out your heads-up opponent and get their bounty, or you win the whole thing and take the rest of the prize pool. Other than the bounty money, it's winner-take-all with no final table deals. That event is #539992751.

These tournaments are real. They're ridiculous, but they are real. It will cost you real money to enter them, and you will win real money if you luckbox your way to the end. It's no prank. It's just stupid. But, it's also a ton of fun.

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Have fun guys!