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Winning is not a option

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  • Winning is not a option


    Do the recommended strategies work in low stakes tourney's?

    It seems to me that there are a lot of people who don't get the concept of the game poker and are confusing it with the lottery. The funny thing is, the strategy "All in with any 2 and pray to god" seem's to beat any logical strategy I use.

    I've entered a lot of tourney's now, ranging from $2 to $20 buy in and I all ways find a chancer. The chancer's I find seem to 9/10 find the luck they are looking for.

    I am not talking about one or two tourney's, I am talking about the100 plus tourney I've entered. I would blame my play, but when for example I get dealt AK suited and I am against Q4 off suit and were all in pre flop and Q4 wins, I can't blame my play.

    It sound silly but it feels like Poker Stars has got a switch and as soon as they seen enough they flick the switch and you get dealt strong hands but they have no chance of winning.

    I can be chip leader one minute and out the tourney the next. And the hand that kicks me out is usually something so weak, I wouldn't even bet a penny on it, never mind call all in's.

    I've paid my due's with bad luck! When do my luck turn and I start getting lucky myself and start winning tourney's? or don't give good luck or bad luck, just let it be fair!

    Frustrated !Seven!No7

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    Hi !Seven!No7 Welcome to the forum. The strategies DO work. There will always be maniacs out there, regardless of the type of tourney. I've seen them anywhere from freerolls to even in a WSOP Circuit with a $350 buy-in. They're always going to be out there. The key to beating them is patience, which from looking at your league scores, is something that it looks that you may need to be much more patient. Busting early in tournies is a key that shows that a player is probably playing too many hands. Another thing that shows this is if a player is constantly an early chip leader, then loses their stack quickly. If you learn to be much more patient, that will be a great place for you to start. The integrity of the games is something that PS takes very seriously. Remember, even the worst starting hand in hold'em, 27o, will win against a random hand 1/3 of the time. The key to poker is patience and making the correct decisions for a given situation. This will be what will make a player win in the long term. Good luck at the tables!umbup: John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      hey seven hows u? frustrated i guess by the post,i agree with you totally about the switch, but the switch is not a pokerstars switch but your own mental switch that stops you progressing,no poker strategy in the world can teach you to beat variance.We can only learn and fully understand variance.
      All in preflop is a gamble no matter how strong your starting hand, no hand is 100% favourite as you probably know, the secret to winning is to ask why or what put you to your decission at the time. Was you low stack? why were you low stack? or were you chipped up did you need to push and so on,the guy with q4 was he bluffing and got lucky? beleive me as the biggest critic on ere about thinking switches etc, but do not think about it and you will get succesful one day if make the right decission on the right play on the right day and all thats variance.
      Need to know more ask. i have improved loads with ok results from starting to understand more,ask the guys on ere they will put you straight and help you to start winning.


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        Thanks for sharing your wisdom holdemace486 and JWK24.
        I agree with the points you guys have made and I will take them on board.

        I know the integrity of the games is something that Poker Stars takes very seriously. I only say things like "clicking a switch etc..." out of frustration.

        I busted out of two tourney's in two day's with KK and I was up against K7 hearts both times. It is things like this that get me confused to how or what to do on the table's.

        I will keep trying and hopefully I will improve.

        Good luck at the table's to both you!



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          Hi Seven,

          I have read through the posts you've made and it seems like you have a very small sample size. I lost with KK 14 times in a row once, and losing with kings twice is pretty common. Just keep playing and making good decisions and DON'T BE RESULTS ORIENTED. Also, when you're reading poker stuff, keep in mind to actually learn it, and not just read it. Also keep things in perspective, because some of the things might not apply or be optimal at the stakes you're playing at, or against a specific opponent.

          Best of luck on the felts!



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            Hey Seven
            I know exactly how you feel I have the same issue with guys playing any two cards and winning against me all day. It's definitely frustrating.

            Some things that help me to cope is remembering that no amount of skill can beat sheer dumb luck and that pushing all in preflop without cause with hands like AK is still pretty much a "praying to god" scenario.

            Also be wary of your opponents TAG is only one style of poker one which many of your opponents may not adhere too.Try and keep in mind that your hand is only one factor at the table others such as stack size and position are just as important.

            Stay Positive and remember one day it'll be your turn to suck out that's poker



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