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micro stake pro?

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  • micro stake pro?

    99.18% this is my micro stake ranking can i class myself now as a micro stake pro? i think so lol

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    It's 14:30 and I've been in a bad mood all day, but then I saw this thread. Thank you for brightening up my sunday.



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      lol fesk i hope u did not laugh too hardumbup:


      • #4 many times have you posted here that you need discipline when you hit some run good because you get full of yourself and play over your head and give it back almost as fast as you won it?

        What does it sound like you're doing here? Not trying to pop your bubble (actually that's EXACTLY what I'm trying to do...) and congrats on the 4th,nice job. But here's your reality check---you may have closed the gap but you are still a losing player over the long haul. It was a great finsh,but you've had them before and for your "career" on OPR you're still roughly $1100 on the wrong side of the ledger. Hey,it was a lot worse and you're showing definite positive momentum,but by your own admission how many times have you turned the corner and then walked right into the path of a truck?

        This is a good object lesson for you and many others (myself included...).

        That being that REVERSE TILT,getting to puffed up about a spate of success and starting to think one is nearly invincible,is just as real and just as damaging to one's BR as standard Tilt.

        You should know,having been down that path before. Reign it in and concentrate on becoming consistently good,on and off the table (off meaning proper BRM,game selection,self analysis,study and learning...also proper mental approach---not too high,not too low,focusing on good decisions more than the results,keep making good decisions more than bad ones and the results will be there).


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          thx moxie solid advice and i am keeing my feet on the ground at the moment. Playing $1 sngs 45 ppl to keep good br and decide where to go next.
          Reverse tilt i like that one great thoughts thx.
          Just needed a brag moxie to be honest felt long awaited and feeling proud a brag worth bragging about lol. thx to the pso crew


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            It was a nice bink,definitely worth a brag and I think the $1 45 mans is a good idea. I'm actually working up some thoughts about where might be a good idea for you to go in your BR thread. Probably have something up later.


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              I think you should call yourself a micro-stakes pro.

              Because it will irritate people and irritated people often make worse decisions at the poker table.

              I urge you to immediately add "Mircro-Stakes Professional since 2012" to your forum signature.

              Its the +EV thing to do

              Edit an add-on
              Mace, you are a profiled character in this forum, so should think a bit about how to leverage that into table profit. One way is intimidation, but I think that variant can wait for a bit. The other is to encourage tilts for as long as you stay clearly on the side of light teasing (the stakes are nowhere near high enough to be an actual bastard).

              I think the above in forum signature a nice touch. It is solidly in field of light teasing and you never know how or when it might pay off. Just thinking in these terms is good mental poker training anyway
              Last edited by jergul; Mon Mar 26, 2012, 11:07 AM. Reason: More explanation


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                To me, the term "reverse tilt" doesn't really fit...

                "Tilt" is a condition where mental conditions cause you to vary your decisions to the detriment of your play.

                Strictly speaking '"reverse tilt" would be a condition where you vary your normal play due to mental conditions, but instead of playing worse, you play BETTER. I would think a better term for that would be "improvement".

                Yes, I'm being a bit pedantic, but I personally prefer the term "Joy tilt".

                While "tilt" is normally caused by a bad run of luck, and is exhibited by a degradation of your decisions in false hope of CHANGING that luck, it can also be caused by the feeling of euphoria that comes over you from a WIN or a series of win. You can see this a LOT:

                - the guy who wins a few hands suddenly feels "bullet proof" and barges into every pot simply because he feels he is so much BETTER than everyone else. He usually ends up running out of luck, and loses most, if not all, of his gains.

                - the micro stakes "baller" who starts off a night with $5 and runs it up to $30 or $35 with a string of wins. Instead of stopping, he starts to buy in to $5 and $10 games...he MAY run his roll up to $100, $200, or even $750 riding his "rush", but with ZERO thought to when "enough is enough", eventually he is doomed to keep playing higher until his luck, and lack of BR, crushes him back down to $5 or less.

                No matter what you call it though, Moxie Pip is spot on...

                If you are a long term losing player who is currently on an UP SWING, that does not make you suddenly "great". Any monkey can win, or cash deep, in a single MTT...

                (What has Jamie Gold done since HIS WSOP bink, right?)

                While you should certainly feel pride in your deep runs of late, and while those deep runs certainly show signs you ARE improving your skills, now that you HAVE increased the amount you can play on you should really think about PROTECTING that amount rather running it up more.

                Moxie is dead on there too: study, self analysis, game selection and BR management are all tools you MUST consider using now that you have won some money.

                These things are not nearly as important if you are playing on $10 or $20 that you are willing to replace, and upon which you are just looking to have some "fun". Once you HAVE an amount that is too large to replace easily, you need to think about protecting it.

                ...either that, or take a cash out back down to an amount you can have "fun" on, and SPEND your winnings before you lose them back!

                If you don;t do that, then you run the risk of posting in the forum all about your "bad luck" a week or 2 from now.

                Hope it helps!

                Double Bracelet Winner


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                  thx jegul it would be a nice touch lol, and yes JD i completely see your point and at the moment am sticking to $1 buyins and still having success at the moment keeping my itm going.
                  I shall stick at $1-$1.50 until i have decided a good br strategy which i am looking at in my other thread,
                  And am looking forward to moxies advice on BR if he has the time to do it, and JD lol I can not cash in that amount by cheque and no other means so will not be or intend to cash in regardless what i do or do not win. I do not intend to chuck it away either, I intend to build it, and improve further more on my skill and rankings.
                  THx guys for the thoughts


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                    Well done man keep it up with ur BRM.



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