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frustrations of PSO open league

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  • frustrations of PSO open league

    ok its the start of a new month,i have the required VPPs to step up into the premier league if i get a good enough finishing position,so im pretty excited and out to give it my best go again after a good finish last month inside the top few hundred,unfortunately i lacked the required VPPs to go up into the premier league ,but i want to ask the question as this is a school "a place of learning" if you will. How many members are here to learn and improve their game,and how many are here just cos the league games are free? Anyone who has played on a regular basis here must understand just how frustrating the open league can be,in my time in the league i' ve made a few final tables and had plenty of finishes in the top couple of hundred places in individual tournaments ,however the aim here is for consistent play and point scoring every game,i find it really hard to get going and build a stack in most open skill league tournaments,with the amount of donk players encountered in these games,heres an example of what i mean:
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    ok in the above example i hold JJ in the small blind position with the blinds at 40/80 as you can see the player UTG opens the betting at 720 chips which in perspective is around a third of my stack so i dont want to get involved, thinking wait for a better chance,dont want to bust out before the points,as the flop,turn and river are dealt even if i was in the hand i probably would have given up after the second queen drops,with UTGs large bet and a player in late position calling, as you can see at the showdown UTGs play was.....,well you can have your own opinion on that. Does anyone else share these sorts of frustrations every other tournament,or am i alone? am i wrong and need to change my mindset? correction just checked my email after posting this and have congrats email with ticket for premier league
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    well the truth about the open league is that there are a lot of idiots playing. I have seen my acess been beat against the worst hands a bit too often. It is frustrating, but you have to learn to deal with these players as well I think. I play much tighter in the open league than when I play a different tournament. And even that doesn't always work out. But you just have to keep trying, hoping you get to the premier league :p


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      Glad I'm not the only one...

      Can anyone please explain why I should stick with these freerolls? What skill is involved with pushing ALL IN for your first 5 hands as was my experience just now, one of the all in pushes was with 4,2o?? While I am sure these tournaments reach a better standard as you progress it would seem to me to be a waste of time trying to play properly in the early stages. It was my misfortune to call one of these moves with KK and of course was out drawn by one of the 4 callers. I fail to see how I am to learn from this other than to let my stack blind away until all the nonsense has passed. Is this common place with freerolls? As no one actually has any real money on the line so they just take the decision to chance to luck? I was hoping for an informative, progressional learning experience, but sadly I feel let down. I welcome your views and comments on this matter, Is there a way to deal with this style of play? Should I fold KK preflop just to garuntee tornament survival? And is this common place in the freeroll community in general?

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        congrats milehigh well played to get a prem ticket. drevil you are correct in thinking the open skill league is not the place for trying to play poker,however it will learn you patience and many other aspects of the game.
        If you are able to qualify for the prem league then that is where your skills would truly be tested.
        If you are looking for some great learning try one of the home games, I am in the epc one as well as others and surpisingly in the few I have played got my butt kicked. This was because I was expecting donk play and well it was totally the opposite.
        IN the quetion to folding kk, any other game I would not fold KK preflop but in the open skill league,specailly early stages to a four way shove i probably would fold,
        hope this helps you mate I will send you a private PM telling you a little secret to the open league.
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          Hi DrEvil1412! Welcome to the forum. One thing that is necessary for players to learn is patience. Most players in any of the freerolls that I've ever been in (a large number of them) do not have any. In the league games, especially early in them, I'm going to be very conservative and not play marginal hands. However, if I get a premium hand, QQ+, I'm playing them. If someone gets lucky and draws out on me, so be it, as I'm going to be getting my chips in as the favorite the overwhelming majority of the time. The key in the league games is to be consistant, patience and to not take chances. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)
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            The open league is where I have learned the most. You just need to know how to use it to your

            If you are focussed on just finishing high in each tourney and only concerned about your month
            end score (for the money) you will not get much education from the league except patience.

            What I liked to use the league for was trying out new things I have learned like 3 & 4 bet bluffing,
            check raising,stealing because I have nothing to lose in these tourneys. But of course most of these new things i had learned needed to be tried mid to late in the tourney.

            Of course that was just three of many things to try in the open league.
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              Firstly thanks to JWK24 and others for their comments and advice both here and on my blog. I have taken it all on board especially the bit about patience! I have now taken part in around 8 or 9 Open League Tournaments and have done significantly better without going to the other extreme of just blinding myself out. I am still playing the Premium hands and recently they have been coming off (although I havn't had quite so many callers) and have managed to pull myself up to around the 3000th position in the league through consistent play. It also prompted me to read through all of the MTT course and despite passing the test at the first attempt I have since read it ALL again as I had learnt so much from it I was unable to take it all in with just the first read through. So all in all an excellent job from PSO on their standard of their training materials and a big well done to all you helpful people out there in the Forum.

              I have seen a lot of whinges about the Open League in the Forums about the Freerolling Donks etc and asking why are they allowed to play? Well in a perverse kind of way I believe it is to sort out those that are committed to learning and progressing to profitable Poker from those that just want an easy ride and expect to have $millions land at their feet. In short to anyone else who suffered as I did in my first few experiences of the Open League. Spend your time in study and asking questions of your PSO tutors and Forum members and you be well on your way to playing successful Poker.



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