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Panicky's March/April Goal Thread

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  • Panicky's March/April Goal Thread

    Since my first thread went so well, I'm going to continue to post updates on my poker game in this one for another two months. Hopefully keeping goals and tracking my progress will be as big a help to my game as it was in my last thread. Once again, thanks to everyone who've been following my thread. I guess it helps me to not fail when I know lots of people will see it if it happens.

    Here's the link to my previous thread:

    I'm not setting any winnings-based goals this time. Instead, I'm setting a volume goal. I know I can't control what I win, but I can control how much I play and how much I study. I believe that if I study enough and put in enough volume, everything else will fall into place. So, here's the new goal:

    March/April Goal

    Complete 1000 games of $7 45-man turbo SNG's

    Step 1: Play Two Sessions Per Day

    In order to get in the volume I need, I plan to play one session in the morning, and one in the evening, for at least two hours each, at least six days per week. I'll have eight tables up at a time, with TableNinja loading a new one every time I bust so that I can play continuous sets. This should have me playing at least 30 games per day, which should make it easy for me to hit 750 games per month. If I'm able, I'll add tables later on to increase my volume even more.

    Step 2: Study Once Per Day

    I'll watch one relevant training video or Live Training session per day. Since I have such a hard time planning my studies, that should keep things simple and easy to accomplish.

    Step 3: Avoid Distractions

    I'm going to avoid posting in the forums unless I'm done my session for the morning or the evening. The forum takes up a lot of my time, and I'd like to be able to give all of my attention to one or the other, since I really can't type posts like this while I'm playing. I'm also not going to watch TV, listen to distracting music, etc. while I play.

    That's it. I'm not actually rolled for the $7 games at the moment, so I'll start with the $3.50's. I'm going to use a 100 buy-in minimum for moving up in stakes, and I'll drop back down at 75 buy-ins (let's hope that doesn't happen itt).

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    First day over. Five hours of play, and one and a half hours of studying done. Up $50 for today. So far, my impression of 45-man's is that the play is really, really soft. People with VPIP and PFR stats at least 20 points apart make up the majority of the field, and it's easy to start on a table without a single good reg. Good news for me!

    Before I go to bed, I'm going to spend some time in SNG Wiz writing down a rough chart with unexploitable shoving ranges from different positions on different stack sizes. I've been ballparking correct shoves for the past few days, so I likely have some leaks in that area right now. Hopefully I can plug those overnight.

    BTW, I threw a hand for analysis into the HA forum, which I think shows a really tough spot with QQ. Maybe it's super-easy though; I have no idea. Let me know what you guys think:

    On to day two!


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      Godawful day. I played two sessions, both major losses. I'm down $60-$75 dollars for the day. Feels pretty bad. On the upside, I have more VPP's? Now, I plan to go eat something with questionable nutritional value, watch a completely uneducational television program, and then sleep for more time than is probably necessary. See you guys tomorrow. umbup:


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        The more people in the tournament, the higher the variance presumeably? Going to be lots of ups and downs. Don't let it bother you. You get paid to make good decisions, not win tournaments. - To paraphrase Mike Caro.

        EDIT: OK the more times I read it the wierder it sounds to me. Mike Caro actually said, "You get paid to make good decisions, not win pots." ..... You get the point though. I managed to spell paid wrong too, that is embarrassing lol.
        Last edited by RockerguyAA; Sun Mar 04, 2012, 05:09 PM.


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          Originally posted by RockerguyAA View Post
          The more people in the tournament, the higher the variance presumeably?
          The fact that 9-mans pay out 33.3% of the field and 45-mans pay out 15.6% doesn't exactly help, either.

          Up $20 today. Haven't placed 1st once in the past two days. So... I guess all I can do to make that better is continue to study and play. Seems like my volume system is working so far; I'm actually going over what I initially planned to put in. I'm especially putting in more study time that I expected. Can't hurt?

          Bad news: HM2 is back to reporting inaccurate numbers for my winnings. Gah. Troubleshooting my software is getting on my nerves. Since I've gotten it, I've actually had to run my computer in administrator mode all the time because HM2 fails to open when I try running as admin using a standard account. HM2's forums haven't been any help for any problem I've run into using it so far, which kind of sucks. I've probably spent five hours in their forums over the past month? Yuck.

          I think I might play in some MTT's in the morning, including the Storm. I'll post if I make it deep in any. Let's see if I can't turn my lifetime MTT winnings from negative to positive in one day...


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            Saw the edit Rocker. I'm so used to stuff misspelled in forums I didn't even notice your mistake.

            So... Didn't cash in any of my three MTT's. $30 down, but that's fine. I was just taking a few shots on the softest day of the week, and I'll have plenty of time to build my roll before I try again.

            And... in case anyone hasn't seen it yet, here's my new favourite PSO promo:


            I'm on Team Lango. Anyone else who wants to join, come help me win against Felix's lineup. We need players! Just for practice I played a 2NL session this morning. Session went for 50 minutes, I played 535 hands, and I'm up $4.83. Once the challenge starts, I know it'll be a week-long effort, and I'll need to drop a few SNG sessions, but I'm hoping to get 5k-10k hands in to help my team. Looking forward to the challenge.


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              Goals are not going well. Here's my graph so far for 45-mans this month. My ROI is over 10%, but the amount of games I've gotten in is pitiful. I could play 137 in a single day if I tried hard enough. That's way too low for me.

              Looks like I have some serious motivation issues... I'm not sure what to do.

              For the next two weeks, I'm going to draw up a schedule and push myself to play three sessions per day. Hopefully something good will come of it. I know I'm capable, I just don't play as much as I should. Let's hope I'll be at $700 so I can move up by the end of the month.

              And good luck to Marvin today! Bring me $150k! Daddy needs a brand new apartment.
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                Yay Marvin! No new apartment, but he cashed in the Sunday Milly, so yay! Bankroll up from $430 to $620 in 48 hours. Why do I stop playing? Sessions 1 and 2 of 3 completed for the day, although both were an hour shorter than I wanted. I guess that'll have to do, since I burn out if I spend too much time playing. Yay me. Sharkscope graph below. Lifetime SNG winnings. It's going places. umbup:
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                  lol and I follow that up with 2/21 cashes tonight. Bah. Leprechauns stealing all my luck.

                  <--- Leprechaun because he's green

                  On the upside... My rakeback is going up, and I haven't cashed any out all year. I have about $160 at the moment, and I'm soon to hit my first $50 Stellar Reward. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but it feels nice to have some money hidden away.


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                    Still at 2 cashes for the day, but now for 44 games. Stuck about $90 now. I have to cut my morning session short because I'm getting really tilty. Ouch...

                    I guess that's why I stop playing.


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                      umbup:Good LuckRaiser Hope the Tide turn around and you can surf on itumbup: Good Luck


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                        Panicky, I don't understand, why don't you stick to what you were doing best? You were doing good at $3.50 9 man SnG's and you climbed up to $7 Top grinders play one type of game and that's it Just my opinion Good luck umbup:


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                          I only played a few thousand STT's, and not much of anything else. I'm still figuring out what I'm best at. STT's were working out for me, but there were a few reasons I decided to switch. For one, I found them very frustrating to study. I haven't had that problem with 45-man's, although the swings are something new.

                          Hopefully the tide does turn. I've never gone surfing before, though... Vancouver waters are kind of chilly.


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                            Okay, done. Roll down $150 in 12 hours. Giving up for the day.

                            Hard liquor?


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                              Turbo and 45 man's yuck! I agree with Sandy stick to what is winning!



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