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  • @holdemace

    As I stated in C-mac's thread I'm going to reserve my main comment to your offering directed at me for this thread right here holdem.

    I addressed the 2 poker only related points there,so I will not revisit them here.

    As to your asking me why I have the attitude towards you that I do...well let's see.

    First you came into this forum saying that the site was rigged,or then it was you were losing because your avatar was -EV and every other of 100 reason NOT having anything to do with YOUR play and YOUR decisions that you could think of. And for quite a stretch you were openly dismissive of people trying to set you straight.

    You seem to fail to grasp that many people here have seen this type of drivel too many times so when we see it now we tend to squash it like a bug. Tough love if you will.

    Then there was the issue of you quitting. Now many peeps have quit here and come back. No problem there. I was halfway out the door myself a little over a week back. It happens,no problem. And for myself I wouldn't even have a problem with your serial quitting. Whatever,the Forum is here for all to come and go as they please.

    But that is NOT what you did holdem. Not even remotely,

    YOU quit and then came back 2-3 days later and posted that everything you had ever posted here was a level and that you and your mates just sat around laughing at everyone in the Forum and that you thought we were all jokes. The nanosecond that went up you lost ANY respect that I and many other people here ever had for you. For myself I can just say that I highly doubt you could ever do anything to change that.

    You spit on this Forum and everyone in it holdem. Because you thought you were being...well,what exactly? Clever? Is that your near MENSA level IQ idea of being clever? You think I give a rat's ass whether or not you respect me holdem? The minute I read that post and from that moment on I have ZERO respect for you. And I don't worry about how people I have no respect for view me boy.

    So now we have the new and "improved" holdem. Mr, Helpful. Only 90% or more of what you're dispensing is absolute tripe. So how are we to discern whether you're just dense or if this is another level and you are actually trying to screw up people who are naive enough to listen to anything you have to offer?

    Lastly...LOL,no holdem I do not think for one second that I am the "ultimate" player or anything even approaching it. I know enough to know when someone is straight bullchitting though and I will call it out. Every time.

    I notice that you only seem to give any heed to players that either play nicely with you or have an official title next to their names and pretty much dismiss anyone else now. Well those players that DO have titles next to their Langolier,JD and JWK24 are all better players than I am. I would never argue for a minute that they aren't.Quite frankly I would have to be a nitwit of the first order to do so. Lang and JD have probably forgotten more about poker than I'll ever know. But I think they would tell you that they are not so much better than me than YOU think they must be.

    And buddy,I'm grounded enough in where MY game is to at least know that my offering up a post on how to become a pro would be akin to Mini-me writing on how to play center for the Lakers. It ain't gonna happen and it would be folly of the purest sort for me to think I have anything meaningful to impart on the subject. And I have more game than YOU do by a long shot.

    90% of players online LOSE money holdem. You're much more intimately aware of that than I am (or at least you should be). It's hard enough just to try and help people on their way to trying to become just profitable without dragging delusions of grandeur into the mix.

    You think I'm obnoxious at times and maybe even rude. Yep,guilty as charged. Never tried to say I'm not and have never pretended to be something or someone I'm not holdem.

    Can you say the same?
    Last edited by Moxie Pip; Sun Feb 26, 2012, 11:35 PM.

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    Don't forget cut and paste articles not posting who he took them from. Trying to claim them as his own.
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      Originally posted by shirshot View Post
      Don't forget cut and paste articles not posting who he took them from. Trying to claim them as his own.
      yes and if I am not mistaken a violation of the rules


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        come on,boys, you just completely fail to grasp his true genius.
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