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Guide to becoming a pro player

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  • Guide to becoming a pro player

    Professional -worthy of or appropriate to a professional person; competent, skillful, or assured:
    his/her professional expertise.

    Step 1.
    Learn the basic structure of the game, starting hands, hand ratings, position, game structures.

    Step 2.
    Learn about all the downsides to poker, bad beats,downswings,the lesser player, the better player.

    Step 3.
    Start by playing NIT poker- A nit is a tight-passive player that avoids confrontations.

    Step 4.
    Start your practice with free play chips and NEVER real money.

    Step 5.
    Then learn TAG poker-Tight Aggressive poker play.

    Step 6.
    Back to the practice tables.

    Step 7.
    Then learn LAG poker- loose and aggressive.

    Step 8.
    Back to the practice tables.

    So now we have 3 styles of poker we have learned, so what style should we use?. The fact is throughout your playing career you will in fact use all these styles on any given occasion. This is called mixing it up.

    Step 9.
    Learning to read the table and the opponents you are playing.

    This is probably the hardest step to learn, however on free play it does not hurt to call to just see if you were correct about your read. Range your opponents starting hands with an educated guess.

    Step 10.
    We are now confident winning at free play, time to hit the real money games.

    Step 11.
    Start off at minimum buyin tournaments, avoid cash games and the big mtts for the moment.

    From free play to real money the game will change drastically, less opponents will call or raise as in free play, however at min buyin tourneys the change is not that great so this allows you to adjust gradually.

    Start by playing a nitty style to get use to the formats and get deeper finishes.

    Step 12.
    Keep your discipline and a strong BR ,<bankroll management>. This is most important to the days that will come.

    So ok thats the basics to poker that make sense to me, enjoy the value of the free rolls and home game leagues for just that added extra entertainment and BR builder.

    Part 2 coming soon.
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    Guide to becoming a pro player-part 2

    Discipline -Training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement

    Ok, this part gets more advanced, so if you have failed at part 1 in any way, your understanding of poker needs to be self reviewed, and you need to go back to part 1.

    We now have our basic game structure and our pattern of play is ready to develop.

    Step 1.
    Our moral attitude at this stage is now not worrying about bad beats and downswing.
    If our morals are different ,then back to part 1 I am afraid, as advancement would be poker suicide.

    Step 2.
    We now are consistent, not necessarily winning at small buyin tourneys,but consistent. Now is the time we can look for another format that will best suit our needs.
    I say this because the small buyin tourneys are hard to produce winning results as there are many lesser players to contend with, at this stage you will certainly know what I am on about.

    Step 3.
    What format should we pick, would it be a great idea to jump into 25c -50c blinds cash game?.
    The obvious answer is NO.

    We are not looking at this stage to earn massive amounts of money, but to keep our consistency and mental attitude in focus of the real goal to becoming a pro player.

    Step 4.
    We have looked at all the formats slightly above our min buyin tourneys, and for the best we decide just to step up slightly to a higher buyin just above our minimum buyin we previously had.

    This all ready is signs of a pro, discipline and good BR management, a steady consistent game with no poor mindset.

    Step 5.
    Again if the consistency is lost and the mindset starts to alter, drop back a few steps, reevaluate the situation and why and where you are going wrong.
    At this stage you are still not trying to win but get consistent results.

    This will all become clear to you in one of the later more advanced parts.

    Part 3 to follow.


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      Guide to becoming a pro player-part 3

      Consistency-The achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time..

      Ok we have reached a consistent level of play with great discipline and great BR management.

      At this stage we are even BR or slightly down, this we do not worry about at this stage as it cost very little for the experience and skills we have obtained.

      Practice does make perfect.

      Advancing more and try to gain a profit.

      Ok, by now if you have not got consistency ,patience, good mind set ,it is time to return back to part 1 I am sorry to say, there is no way to fast track time served skills.

      Step 1

      OK we are playing well at our NIT game, confidence is high, we now want to change and look for a winning formula.
      Now is the time to start to open your range of starting hands slightly, playing the TAG approach we had practiced all ready on the free play chips.

      Step 2

      Do not change from the level of play you are now at, just change from NIT to TAG and try to keep your same consistency.

      Step 3
      If you start to loose your consistency back to part 1, learn more on TAG play and all the other styles, regroup, re-think, do not try to force things to happen.

      Step 4.
      If you are successfully then at this stage, keep it up for a while slowly building your BR up to a playable level to make better profits.

      part 4 coming soon.


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        Hiya holdemace! I merged your threads since they all have the same topic. Sort of like chapters in a book. You can post part four and any remaining parts as a continuation of this thread. Thanks a lot!


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          Thank you Gordon,did not know you were a mod,great choice umbup:


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            Guide to becoming a pro-part 4

            Variance - the act, process, condition, or result of changing or varying; diversity

            By this stage you now have a full understanding of the meaning of variance, you should have a full understanding on why you win and why you loose.

            If you have not got this full understanding back to part 1.

            At this stage you should be a consistent player, Your ITM <in the money> finishes should be quite good using your TAG and NIT approach to poker.

            If however you start getting inconsistent results,drop back to stage 2 your first buyin level and then adjust back to NIT until consistency returned.

            Advancing one step further.

            Ok, using our TAG,NIT approach as boosted our BR. The next step is to start mixing some of the LAG approach to you game. The reasons for this will be apparent in later parts to follow.

            We are not going to change our buyin level or format at this stage, we are just going to learn to mix it up, playing all our styles. Mixing it up is the key to success, but you should never let your self get carried away,forgetting about position and the buyin structure, and the reads of the opponents.

            Again we are looking for consistency, do not feel silly if some one calls you a donk in the chat for playing that 67os and taking down the pot. These are normally NIT and TAG players who can not understand the LAG concept and the principles of mixing it up.

            If you do not have a good idea of the LAG concept, or feeling the bad beats and loosing your disipline,drop back to part one, education is the key.


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              Guide to becoming a pro-part 5

              If you have got to this stage and are still consistent , a big congrats you are now an able poker player with loads of plays up your sleeve.

              Any one who as failed consistency needs to reevaluate the situation at this stage and ask them selves am I good enough to continue, or should I go back to the learning side and drop back in my advancement.

              We now are able players, still no where near pro status,but nether the less able to put up a fight at the table.

              Time to step up and bring it.

              Ok we have got a significant BR to move up and start to play with more serious poker players.
              I find 25c 45 people SNG <sit and goes>, the challenge starts there.

              For many these tourneys are took real seriously, as this is the opening door to getting strong BR building.

              We still do not want to think about cash ring tables at the moment,or those tempting MTTs with huge payouts. These can be really expensive to fund and can collapse your BR that you have spent time to earn in hours rather than weeks. This is due to the high amount of variance created by them formats.

              This format is the ideal test for your skills, if you can not win a few at this level there is no point to try to develop any further, you must drop back and take a good look at where you are going wrong. Ask for help , communicate, something you do not understand can be answered.


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                Guide to becoming a pro-part 6

                Official poker rankings.

                Congrats! at this stage you have been successfully at the opening door to the serious poker world.
                You can now check your official poker rankings,any search engine will bring this up for you in search.

                Your ITM should be around the 15% mark, this is a profitable ITM depending on your finishes,
                example- min payout will reduce this to been a non profitable percentage.

                IF this is the case, then this time back to part 1,find out more about the end game and how it should be done.

                Do not continue if your BR is on a downswing, drop back down a level or look for help.

                The next step.

                The next step is simple, if you are winning at this stage,nothing needs fixing.
                Your mind set is solid, and your decisions are good ones. You will gradually crawl up the rankings and also gain a nice BR. So for a while stay at this stage gain this valued monetary value and rankings for later purposes that I will explain.


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                  Guide to becoming a pro-part 7

                  Patience -These nouns denote the capacity to endure hardship, difficulty, or inconvenience without complaint. Patience emphasizes calmness, self-control, and the willingness or ability to tolerate .

                  Halfway there.

                  So you are now successfully winning at this stage, grinding away a profit. Time to move to the next half of the stages. This is far more advanced play, if you feel like you are at unease with any of the other stages, time to stop and look at what is making you feel stressed.

                  The next step.

                  Ok time to look at MTTs, this is long hours of play and your patience will be tested to the fullest.
                  So what MTT shall we look at? you may ask. The first MTT should be the one with the cheapest of buyins, you must familiar yourself with the times and schedules of these MTTs and continue to use your BR management.

                  You must also make sure you allow yourself enough time to play in these, do not have plans made when you could go all the way to the finish.

                  However do not let yourself become infatuated with playing MTTs, as you know from the previous part 6 you have a solid foundation at that level.

                  This can destroy your BR as stated earlier. Also this can really give you doubt as the variance is a lot higher, as more people are in them and the time to play is longer.

                  The longer the tournament the more patience is required, avoid turbo structures for now with MTTs.

                  Do not try to win the MTT to start, plan just to try to make it to the money to keep that BR flowing.

                  All this is developing your patience and skills at the same time, and also can produce some good payouts.

                  At this stage we are still avoiding the cash tables, if we loose our MTT with no payout ,we will drop back to our solid structure and rebuild our BR.

                  So by now you should be like a rock, folding when needing too, making the right decisions most of the time. A good read of opponents and the patience not to panic if your down to say 12 Big blinds.

                  If any of this as not been reached back to part one regardless of your BR.


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                    Guide to becoming a pro-part 8

                    Etiquette-the customs or rules governing behavior regarded as correct or acceptable in social or official life.

                    To be professional more than skills is needed, a fine table etiquette is a must.
                    Ask yourself do you see the Pros on television calling each other donk idiots etc.
                    Occasionally maybe if they are long time Friends.
                    Becoming a PRO takes more than just been able to play a good game.
                    Professional manner allows the mind to approach every thing the same way, professional.

                    Yes fun and banter is the way to play, but professional thoughts at the same time will keep your mind at ease, helping avoid the dreaded tilt.

                    Are you capable of been a professional?. IF not there is no point trying to be one, just have fun and enjoy what you have learned.

                    Tomorrow I will continue and we shall go more advanced into how to become a professional.
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                      Guide to becoming a pro-part 9

                      At this stage our skills should now be apparent, we are on par with most players at this level,but we have the edge of our professional attributes.

                      Good BR management
                      Knowledge of the game

                      If you do not have all of these attributes, again back to the beginning part 1.

                      Official poker rankings, do not allow your self to get disillusioned about this, 1 big MTT win would shoot you up the rankings, but does this make you a pro?, the answer is no. The OPR rankings are not true in respect of skill levels and professionalism.


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                        Guide to becoming a pro-part 10

                        Advancing that extra step

                        We are now consistent we have a decent ITM and have STEADILY built up our BR. All our attributes are good and we are now ready to advance.

                        We have built a solid foundation at the chosen level, and that will be something we can always fall back to if things start to go wrong.

                        I mentioned earlier the point of mixing it up, and why LAG would be apparent, we now want to try to win a MTT or get a high place payout. Mixing it up gives us a chance to do this, yes you can argue sitting there waiting for that big hand is the best way to play, but that sometimes is not the fact as it depends on table dynamics and the opps you are against.

                        You will find a lot of MTTs are won by people who do mix it up, whether it be the lucky fish, or the skilled PRO.

                        IF you are at this stage you should have at least a year behind you unless you are a natural poker player, who as in deed mastered the game fast.

                        At this stage I would be still avoiding the cash tables, this can be the most horrific BR killer. And the aim is to build a bankroll, so you have the chance to become a PRO, by entering WCOOP for example.


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                          Guide to becoming a pro-final part

                          Ok to summarizes what I have stated, you do not need to be minted in cash to be a PRO, as long as your mindset is the right attitude you can be a PRO at any given level of play.

                          Been a PRO is more than just winning those big bucks, this will come in time as long as you stick too the guidelines I have stated. This is nothing more than the obvious, that poker school will drum into your head.

                          IF you want to be a PRO, have the passion and drive, self belief, this is quite possible to do.

                          From this stage on it is your personal choice and preference how to play and what levels to play it, but doing it wise will give you that professional edge.

                          Hope this helps many of you, thanks for reading and remember fast tracking is not the way unless you are one lucky person.



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