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  • hackers??

    im a member of several poker related sites although i dont visit them all as regularly as i should,i logged in to one yesterday and the main buzz was about daniel negrano and his accounts being hacked by some person, who then proceeded to lose 46k of his money, Is this true?if so how long ago was it ?i hadnt heard anything about it till yesterday,just wondering if im way behind the times or not?

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    I picked it up a while ago on Twitter, yes it is true, they trashed his account. He had no extra security on his PS account, so once they hacked his computer, they had his email, PS account, etc.

    He said he would sign up for the RSA token immediately, if you can't afford this I recommend you at least get the PIN number. Please remember, this hacking was of an individual computer, NOT the Pokerstars site itself.
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      re post

      what is rsa token and pin?


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        RSA is the name of a security firm, and one of the services they provide is a sheet of changing passwords that you keep off of your computer. The password changes every time you log into your account, so someone would need to have both your main password and the sheet if they wanted to hack your account. The idea is to increase the security of your account. I believe the token can be used in place of the sheets to hold the passwords. This service is provided for relatively cheap from the PokerStars VIP Store.


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          Yikes... So this is why he was trending on Yahoo today.

          That sucks. Hope Pstars finds the people and can destroy them. Really hope they were dumb enough to chip dump to a bunch of their friends...


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            lol hackers, sounds like something I was on about and of cause it can not happen ask the guys on here lol.


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              "Many have asked me if I was using an RSA token. The answer is no, but I will be acquiring one for future play on PokerStars. Truth is, I just didn't really understand the technology all too well and felt like it was a bit of a hassle to use, so I chose not to. I recommend that you get one, it's actually simpler than you'd think. It's like a little keychain "thingy" and the only way to access your account is to enter a number that appears on that key. Once you are in, the number will change for the next time. This way, a hacker would have to also acquire your RSA token to gain access to your account. I think they are about $15 and you can use FPP's to buy them from the PokerStars VIP store. Truth is, with an RSA token PokerStars security is rock solid. If someone is able to hack your email account, while that sucks for you, if you have an RSA token in your possession they cannot access your PokerStars account." Daniel Negreanu I went and googled > RSA token + Pin< because i didn't know exactly ( I knew it had to do with Networking/Security) what RSA was, and came across these Links. After RSA Breach, Are SecurID Tokens in Jeopardy? RSA finally comes clean: SecurID is compromised Northrop Grumman, L-3 Communications Hacked via Cloned RSA SecurID Tokens RSA to replace SecurID tokens following breaches "RSA and its parent company EMC announced last March that hackers had succeeded in stealing information related to its SecurID system. EMC maintained publicly, however, that data stolen in the hack could not be used to directly hack customers and therefore they didn’t need to replace their tokens. Instead, EMC advised customers to increase the length of employee PINs or passwords that are used in conjunction with the SecurID system." RSA Agrees to Replace Security Tokens After Admitting Compromise If defense contractors Northrop Gruman, Lockheed Martin, L-3 Communications, high security company's can get hacked (links above), It shows you have to be very vigilante about online security . I'm not trying be scaremonger, But having more than 1 levels security (very good password(s), Firewall, antivirus, etc) is needed BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT ONLINE SECURITY (if i got hacked there not be much to steal/play with at moment just few $ & cents) All Thee Bestumbup:
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                re post

                thnx for the answers,they wouldnt get much joy from hackin me either,as for catchin them,it would probly be hard to do,i dont know that much about computers but whoever did it must have a bit of knowledge and i doubt they would be dumb enough to let it trace back to their ip address,i have seen video posts etc of negrano and he seems like a pretty good bloke so i hope they do catch em


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                  Hi Folks.

                  The type of thing that happened to DN is all too common...

                  Someone sends you an e mail with an attachment, and in that attachment is a "key logger" that tracks every one of your key strokes...BAM they have your log in info for EVERYTHING you do (provided you access the accounts by typing in pw's).

                  The RSA thing is similar to something that is common for World of WarCraft players (where stealing and selling max'ed character accounts is all too common).

                  The one I've seen used for WoW is a device that plugs into your computer that generates a random number that you must manually type in WITH your regular pw to access your account. Since that number is generated randomly, and is different each time you log in, a key logger program does no good for someone trying to hack you. They can know which numbers you've typed in, but since the next time you log in you'll have to input a different number, it does them no good to know the past numbers you typed in.

                  It should be noted (as someone said above) that it was DN's computer that was hacked, not the Poker Stars software. Had DN been using the coder from RSA, his account would have been safe from the intrusion.

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                    I have gone away from Microsoft (IE (web browser), Outlook etc (email) ) as i have been attacked by virus, etc (losing all my music files etc(Note most Music i have uploaded from CD?, i only listen to music on my PC)) + its leaky more than a sieve )
                    I had/have just a Firewall ruining +Firefox + Thunderbird and i not had one knowing breach (Touch Wood) did virus check its clean?

                    "Top three things you can do to protect your computer
                    Use security software
                    Practice the principle of least privilege (PoLP)
                    Maintain current software and updates
                    Avoid threats to your computer
                    Never share passwords or passphrases
                    Do not click random links
                    Beware of unknown email and attachments
                    Don't download unknown software off the Internet
                    Don't propagate hoaxes or chain mail
                    Log out/lock your computer
                    Shut down lab/test computers
                    Remove unnecessary programs
                    Restrict remote access
                    Frequently back up important files
                    Treat sensitive data carefully
                    Remove data securely
                    Deploy encryption when possible
                    Securing your home network

                    0 Quick fixes for the worst security nightmares
                    Most security attacks are targeted at a few weak points on your PC that aren't that hard to protect. Follow these simple tips, and you'll suddenly be a whole lot safer.

                    >Personal online security best practices<
                    PS ( Facebook and tweeter is the most dangerous at moment as its a mine field, as every Tom & Dick hacker is attacking, i see on web sites(personal security etc) (
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