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fifty/fifty- are they profitable?

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  • fifty/fifty- are they profitable?

    i thought i would give these a try to build my br a bit,yesterday i played the $1.50 turbo games for results of itm 16/24 games (66%) this was running 4- 6 tables at a time, tho at one stage i had 9 open up very quickly and it got a little hectic and probably hurt my itm finish a little,so my buy ins were $36, returns were $38.69. profit =$2.69 it did not take long to play these games and if i lift my itm finishes may be viable to try and raise in my br.
    this morning i tried out the $7 turbo games i only played 3 games for itm finishes of 2 (66%) buyins $21,returns of $32.63, profit= $11.63 ,i know this isnt enough games to determine a proper itm consistency ,i'm just wondering if anyone else is finding these games profitable? and if so at what level buy in?

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    These guys have videos on Fifty50's if you're interested. I'm sure they're profitable at every level if you get good enough.


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      ty panicky played 2 more just now at $7 both itm finishes $36.90 return


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        That's very good. If you decide to play these regularly, I suggest setting rules for yourself laying out how you'll study, how you'll manage your bankroll, and how you'll play. If you set rules for yourself that make sense, it's easier to get better and harder to bust. If you don't, it's much easier to tilt or make big mistakes that cost you your entire bankroll.


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          I played a two hundred Fifty50s last year. You can read my blog post from that time here.

          Short answer from my experience is this:

          Low variance. (I ran a 75% itm)
          Profitable if you are TAG. (I ran 11% in the $5.30 buyin)

          Small Payouts (for me at least)

          Gl and have fun at the tables!

          Roland GTX


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            yes roland i find the $1.50 games are time consuming for little reward,but stepping up to the $7 after having played a few im seeing the worth itm 9/11 times,unfortunately i miss clicked a entry and ended up in a $15 game and didnt cash which hurt my profit form the $7 games a bit but if i can maintain stats 9/11 at the $7 games im gonna be pretty happy at the end of the month


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              Gl! Cashing often is fun

              Roland GTX


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                A friend turned pro recently and is specialising in these games at the higher levels, mostly $30, $60 and $100. He tries to work normal business hours and plays up to 30 tables at once. His experiences so far are laid out in his blog (jazzy jon world of poker) that you may find interesting. Note that the VPP bonuses are a big part of his profit.

                Good luck at the felt!


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                  thnx flop hitter ,love to play 30 tables at a time but i think at the moment my brain would short out lol,is there a trick to playin so many at once or is it just player skill level?


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                    ffs f@#$ing f#@$ the bad luck factor kicking me in the nuts at the moment very frustrating 3 bb raise preflop early in game holding aa get called by idiots with the likes of k3 off who raise stupid when their k hits on flop, move over the top all in and and they pair their 3 on river,understandable on the bubble ,frustrating as hell at second blind level about 4 more aa cracked by rubbish, on a 8 game losing streak,time to switch off and regroup with a coldie i think.


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                      Thats the one m8t sit back relax go back on later,unlucky m8t horrible feeling I know big time, got a cupboard full of bubbles lol.


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                        here's a tidbit for ya... i remember Dave checked into these for another member wanting to grind these.
                        eh found that the the most successful ppl grinding these were at about 15% ROI so an expectations of a better return than that might not be very realistic.
                        hope that help ya out some..
                        may the tinfoil protect you
                        May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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                          I've played 50 Fifty50 games at the $1.50 level this month so far - not a huge sample and I am still experimenting, trying to adjust my style and work out how much risk to take to try to boost the chip stack for bigger payouts.

                          My results over these 50 games were 62% ITM, 12% 1st places where the biggest profits have come from when I've built reasonably large stacks (average profit for 1st $2.27) - the profits for the 2nd place finishes weren't too bad (average $1.33) but for 3rd to 5th places where I was often short stacked the profits were pretty small - average about only $0.55

                          Overall ROI was only 6.7%, a profit of around $0.10 per game or total $5 on $75 buy-ins. I think it is going to be difficult though possible to get this ROI up close to 10% and very difficult to go much higher. I would have liked to try some higher buy-ins but don't have the BR just now, so the $1.50 buy in is my limit.

                          One of the reasons I played these sitngos was for VPPs - these pay 0.83 at the $1.50 so I have made over 40VPPs from these towards my 150VPPs+ per month target, and I agree they are quite low risk, so I think they are suitable for this purpose if you are not too worried about getting rich but want a low-risk, break-even plus game to collect your VPPs.

                          Good luck all

                          Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
                          4 Time Bracelet Winner


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                            yeah edin freeman i stepped up to the $7turbos and got itm 22/33 games and was starting to build some coin in my br,then the wheels fell off no matter what i did i lost , 11 from the next 14 games to be exact,tore the ass out of my profit so i switched off,had a bit of hit at the punching bag and then started the grind again.the reason i like these is a really bad 5th place will still get your money back and a good finish still gets good prize money compared to the 9 player sit n go,i just got to get my itm finish no less than 7/10 and i will build my br reasonably at this level,plus the points you mentioned arent bad either,i'm keepin records so ill post em after couple of hundred games or so,hopefully my stats will look ok by then


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                              For intense multi-tabling it's worth looking at a program called Table Ninja that is compatible with PokerStars. I understand there can be temporary issues following a PokerStars client update while Table Ninja catches up.

                              With a bit of practice and the right tools the human mind can create the internal connections necessary to play 30+ tables without too much trouble. That's not to say it isn't tiring or stressful...

                              Thanks for being part of PSO, and Best of Luck at the Tables

                              Ed (flophitter)



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