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Table styles and formats

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  • Table styles and formats

    What do we think about when mentioning table styles?.
    At each and every level of play the table dynamics change, what I mean by this is mainly the type of player changes and the thought process changes.
    Should your approach be differently to the table styles, the answer is yes adaptive poker play.

    The same can be said about table formats, meaning 6 seater's 9 seater's e.t.c. Also it can be said about the format of sng or mtts or ring games.

    So how do we adapt to the differences?. This mainly comes down to the thought process and the decision making.


    You want to play a nice steady game, nothing to hectic because your not really in the mood!.
    So I'm thinking 9 seater ring table about the 5-10c nlhe. Where as if I was to sit on a six seater, the game would be much pacier making me to think to hard.

    Example 2

    I fancy a complete insane game so for me 6 seater 1c 2c nlhe.

    Example 3

    I want to play a serious game, so for me my choice would be 9 seater 10c 25c nlhe.

    I am not saying this is the exact and thats it, but what I'm saying is all these different styles and formats have to be adjusted slightly too.


    All in AA on 1c 2c nlhe, you will find you get multiple callers. Where as on a different style and format it may be different.

    So just remember and adjust your play accordingly, feed back and styles you might use appreciated.

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    Interesting thoughts. I specialize, so I don't really have the luxury of popping back and forth between game formats, but I do like full-ring games because there are more players, which results in fewer orbits. Fewer orbits means I don't need to enter as many pots to maintain my stack. Since I play fewer pots, I play less postflop, which makes my life easier while I multitable.

    I imagine playing 6-max games would force me to cut the number of tables I play in half, because I would need more focus per table, since I'd be playing more hands per table, and I'd be playing more postflop, which requires considerably more depth of thought.


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      Thanks panicky something else to think about ,specialised players hmmmm sounds an interesting thing to do maybe.



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