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poker rng 6.0 my 2 cents worth

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  • poker rng 6.0 my 2 cents worth

    not really sure if this is the right place to post this but i saw a thread a while back asking about poker rng 6.0 and this is the first chance ive had the time to write about it.

    i believe holdemace was the player asking,

    i saw the same youtube videos you spoke of and lets face it, its got to make you curious,there are several versions of this software/program around and basically when youre playing and see some of the players that win with ridiculous hands you got to wonder if your on a level playing field.
    i actually sent a message to pokerstars support asking about these programs and those youtube posted videos and got this response, this is not the exact response word for word ,but they pretty much likened it to the false moon landing videos scandal.
    many forums will tell you its a scam and stay away,but to some degree reverse engineering must be possible or why would sites ban these programs or threaten banning you if you are caught using them,this is seen in most poker clients terms and conditions of use.
    operators of poker clients have a business to protect,are they really going to tell you " yes these programs work, but please come gamble your money anyway" i dont think so.The creators of these programs want to make a sale so are they going to give us the true facts, i dont think so. I know its not the same ,and was most likely an isolated case,but if you think cheating doesnt exist read about the scandal on ***imatebet. im not a very computer savvy person but if pokertars can view my screen whilst im playing, then why cant someone else.
    But back to poker rng,curiosity got the better of me,so i thought id find out for myself, i opened a small account at another site,purchased the program and gave it a try. i DO NOT use this software but heres what i can tell you.
    DOES IT WORK? to a degree yes but it runs from a database you create yourself and is not accurate after a couple of hundred hands,you will find some positive results after a few thousand hands,but the predictions it gives are not like the youtube post where you see every hand in succession with a dominate suit and 3 community cards and its never wrong,the building of the database is a tedious and time consuming pain in the arse,personally i play for enjoyment not to make a living,and this really detracts from that.My thoughts are this 'to use these programs they generally connect you to their server,so someone with access to all users input, receiving hundreds, thousands maybe millions of hands per day may benefit from its use,however you might give these people all your information to purchase their product and then they could possibly (with advanced computer knowledge) be playing at your table while you tell them your hole cards each and every hand, who knows?also i dont think it really does reverse engineer,i think its a computer program capable of extremely fast calculations,so if you look at it like this -there are only so many combinations of cards within a deck,if you have a database with thousands of recorded hands,what it does is discounts your hole cards that youve inputted, leaving 54 possible cards to come and calculates the outcome on a comparison to your stored data,i feel that with the calculations a computer can perform,what you end up getting is no more than an extremely well educated guess based on probability, so if its right 1 out of 10-15 times or predicts 1 or 2 cards correctly pre-flop on a semi regular basis dont think this something special.Look at it like this if you ring me up and while your playing and say i have K spades,Q of diamonds whats coming on the flop, i could have a guess at 3 cards,discounting your hole cards,if i tell you there will be an ace and one appears in the community cards am i phsycic "no" 4 of the remaining 54 cards are aces,so if i was right 1 in 10-15 times at guessing a single card,it wouldnt be that great a feat. *** PLEASE NOTE I TRIED THE SOFTWARE OUT A FEW YEARS AGO AS AN "EXPERIMENT ONLY" , PURELY TO DETERMINE WEATHER OR NOT I SHOULD BE PLAYING FOR REAL MONEY IF OTHER PLAYERS HAD ACCESS TO THIS TYPE OF ADVANTAGE, I DO NOT, AND WOULD NOT USE IT

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