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Leaving the forum.

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  • Leaving the forum.

    Hello all i have decided to leave the forum ,not pokerstars but the forum. My reasons,where do i start such a huge list.
    I have met some interesting people in my short time here, but also to be honest and blunt also some complete arogant arseholes.A forum,definition to post multile subjects on the subject at hand.
    If you want just to read buy a news paper ,if you want to make stupid remarks go on facebook,
    if you want people never to post just shut down the forum because thats the way it is heading with few posts, that just seems to be the same crowd,i have posted multiple topics, even become a mockery to my self trying to get people talking,but most of you to be honest play for the money and not the love of the game.
    Not interested in learning or helping people, just here for your own sellfish needs and gains.
    You wonder why new members come and retreat never to be seen again,because theres more hecklers than advise,more mayhem than at the tables.
    I came on here with the full intention of trying to help the under dogs to achieve and to learn new skills ,myself included,and no im not tilting,and no im not losing at the moment,except my time spent sitting here typing away trying to get people talking well texting.
    So i think i shall just slip away and leave some of you to your very own sad little lives you must live,sick of not saying my mind so its time i did,and those who genuine have helped me i appreciate more than you will ever understand,but as for the rest,i wish there was a ***** smiley i could use and stick it on your heads.
    And thats that,ty mods you do a great job even though i feel some mods do not want to post on my posts think im annoying,and thanks to certain members who are always well mannered regardless of peoples posts.
    I hope if any new people reading this dont take it to much to heart,pso concept is a great idea to learn but for me its over completely had enough,i know when a black sheep is not welcome any more, im not retarded like some of you think!.
    And just a special thx to grade b,he would make a great mod,and my railer who railed me dertymcgerty who well should be a poker shrink.And thx to j.dean with exceptional hand analasis,and a big thx to the live training crew lango etc.
    good bye you can now laugh at my expense but i dont give a flying f..k.
    p.s be surprised if this doesnt get removed.

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    Please don't take this the wrong way, it is meant as constructive criticism.

    If by "leaving" you mean not read this any more, I'm not sure I understand.
    There's often interesting stuff to read here.
    If you don't want to write here anymore... never say never man.

    My suggestion is, improve your writing a bit, maybe people will be more willing to read you and/or take you seriously.

    Now, I may be really bad at poker, but writing I know a little about.
    So again, please don't be offended or anything, it's just as easy to learn the basics of writing nowadays as it is to learn the basics of poker. And it's easy to practice

    It can be a useful skill in this here information age, you don't have to be a writer or a journalist or anything, just paying a little attention to the basics can go a long way.


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      Hedgehog might be crazy for responding since he knows there is little probability of the subject reading this. However, to put this in poker terms, there's still the river to show and I’m holding a one-outer. So, I'm going to post. It might also help the newbie that holdemace wants to warn with some constructive suggestions.

      1 ----- The first thing I must say is that your communication skill sucks sewer water big time. No, you do not need to be an English major to post here, but some reasonable effort should be made to write in a clear manner. It takes me three, or more, readings to understand your comments. The number of grammatical errors reflects on you in the worst way possible. It infers an immature person who doesn't care if they are understood.

      2 ----- If you have run into the forum jerks and they have latched onto you like a barnacle to a ship, there is a reason. Several times the old hedgehog tried being subtle. It hasn't worked. To be honest, your comments sound arrogant, conceived by somebody with an attitude, and borderline insulting to the very membership you claim you want to cultivate. When you strut onto the site with such a superiority attitude and at the same time ask for help, you'll attract that kind of response.

      3 ----- They say love is blind. Usually, that refers to those in love. In this instance, it's also the observer. There are many on this site that are lovers of the game. But you must remember the prime objective of any poker player, winning. That desire to win can mask the love. Yet there are many here offering their help and comments because they love the game. If that were not true, we wouldn't have the Cowboy Challenge, the hand analysis groupies, and the live training sessions.

      4 ----- Lack of participation doesn't infer players are chased off the site. Like any organization, there is a small core of members that keep active. Newer people that want to join need to put in the serious effort to make a difference. When these members come with a serious demeanor, they go through an initiation period. Those who survive become contributors and reap great benefits. What holds you back is items one and two.


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        just as I was starting to warm to you, you quit again


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          I've tried to quit 5 times, give the guy a, what can I say, I'm hard headed or addicted, 1 of the 2....roflmao still trying to find a winning way, even through umbup:


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            Why don't the mods just ban holdemace?

            He is spamming the forums over and over again about how he is going to quit. However, he has no intention of actually quiting as he never does. Either a massive troll of no value to PSO, or he is mentally disturbed from poker torturing him.


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              Originally posted by RockerguyAA View Post
              Why don't the mods just ban holdemace?

              He is spamming the forums over and over again about how he is going to quit. However, he has no intention of actually quiting as he never does. Either a massive troll of no value to PSO, or he is mentally disturbed from poker torturing him.
              I disagree, He really would like to learn and like others in the forum is becoming disillusand (spelling i know) with the forum not meeting his expectation.
              I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

              13 Time Bracelet Winner


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                the only thing missing from this thread is some violin music


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                  @ holdemace I would rather than quit, just look in the forums that interest you, like the hand analize ones. I have noticed you at live trainings and would like to recommend that if you don't post anywhere you keep going to those.

                  Anyway good look at the tables.

                  @ Cairn Desktop I do agree partly with you. I struggle to ensure my posts are readable. In order to post in a forum and expect people to reply then the reader, then of course the reader has to be able to understand.

                  But...should we exclude all students who what to learn based on their learning disabilities? I am very greatful we have great hand analizers who do take the extra time to as you say read 3 or 4 times and respond to everybody in the same professional manner.

                  I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

                  13 Time Bracelet Winner


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                      So will you be back in three days to tell us all how stupid and gullible we are and how this was just a big level on your part and then brag on your near Mensa IQ (LMAO at that claim...)?

                      I think some of the people lamenting this clown's departure would do well to remember his FIRST exit from the Forum and his pathetic post upon returning.


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                        I liked the gentleman. He reminded me of PresBruno. Made me feel very nostalgic.


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                          Personally Cairn I got to the point where I began to suspect the ChiltonLikeBelterMafia had been granted a second ID change.


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                            He's still posting...

                            Dude. Either quit or don't. And when you decide, don't even bother posting it here.

                            Sorry, it's unfortunate, but you suck at poker. I honestly hope you get better at it and I also hope your giant IQ eventually helps you out with your interpersonal skills(which are lacking.)

                            Please, never tell us about how you're quitting again. Just quit. Silently.

                            And never come back.


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                              Fk it I quit too



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