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I have just uninstalled PokerStars

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  • I have just uninstalled PokerStars

    I really have had enough of this ****ed up shitty game. Variance can **** off. I am not playing this crap any more so bad players can just lucksack at my expense every single tourney. Its a complete waste of time, its bad for my health the amount of stress it puts me under, and makes me think and say things I normally would never, because the unfairness of it winds me up that much.

    Thanks to those behind PSO, and the people who actually give a crap about the game.

    A massive **** OFF to all the idiots.

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    Sorry you feel that way mate. Not all are IDIOTS. Maybe take a break for a while i been in your shoe before.


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      Last edited by chuckkky; Thu Feb 09, 2012, 04:02 AM.


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        Sorry electrx

        I hear u,,,I used to be one of those idiots when I first started,, then I became a little better and started to hate the idiots I once was,,,,then I developed patience and learned to deal with the idiots and appreciate that we need them in this game,,,,,,,,,,darndest thing,,,,,had to come about full circle,,,in this game, lost some hair,,gain some grey hair,,,and then grew it all back and dyed it once I found it didnt matter,,,its only a game,,,and to have fun and play within yr limits,,,then the beats dont matter,,,,its good to rest once in a while,,,playing everyday can freak u out,,,I dont know how the pros do it,,,,


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          If you think varience can be a (censored) in cash games, try playing the the chip games. In those games, suckout is the norm, not the exception. Bad beats abound. Play solid poker and many times the idiots will win.

          That's what I thought until I started my 100-orbit personal challenge. Though I'm in play money, I do find skill will carry you further than relying on Lady Luck. It doesn't guarantee better results, but as anyone who plays this game will tell you, there are maniacs at every level. You cannot escape them.

          When you do read this thread, let us know how your play is doing on whatever site you select. I'm betting the people that drove you crazy here have accounts on the other sites, but under a different handle.

          Best thing is to take a break, enjoy the family, and work on that special home project. Poker will always be available whenever you're ready.


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            must be the beginning of a new month?


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              Im not far behind you electrux,

              Once my bankroll hits 0 Im done and uninstalling. Having that said I'm a decent player so that could take a



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