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    This is to inform everyone that this is my last day as a moderator for PSO. The time requirements to do this as it needs to be done exceed the available time I know have in my new job. Additionally my zeal for poker has diminished some since this change. With no viable online play avenue since Black Friday and not enough time to compete in a bar league as I had prior to relocation my felt time is the lowest in several years. Playing vicariously through others in this community is not the same. I still get in the occasional charity tournament and trip to a casino along with the Drunk Tank games, so I haven't given up the game entirely.

    Nor do I intend to leave for good. I look forward to browsing the forum and reading those threads which interest me and skipping the rest. Reading most of the posts here has become tiring. There are many people here that I have grown fond of and I hope that list continues to grow over time. Heck, I was even fond of seagull and disappointed that he could not overcome his problems to stay here.

    In an useless attempt to stave off the conspiracy theorists, this decision entirely mine with no pressure from anyone in PSO, although my wife will appreciate the time if see ever gets off Facebook. (I can say that because she won't check up on me here.) PSO has undergone a ton of changes in the past two years. Change and growth are rarely painless in this world and that applies to online communities as well. Being frankly honest I can say that I have not agreed with every change made here. The forum redesign was a good thing, but losing the Bankroll Management forum was not. But I was deeply involved in the origination of that forum so I am not entirely without prejudice.

    One lesson I have learned in my lifetime is that controlled change is vastly superior to uncontrolled and unplanned (reactionary) change. The site administrators have success of this forum as a goal and that will ultimately help each and every member. None of us will agree that each and every step is the proper one at the proper time but I encourage you to focus on the goal and not obsess over each and every step.

    Lastly, before this gets to be a JDean length dissertation, I want to thank all of you for making my time here as moderator and super moderator successful and worth the time and effort. We are all the sum of our experiences and you have been a positive experience during my time as mod, and Roomik, that includes you!

    Good Decisions Everyone!

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    You've been an excellent moderator for PSO ever since I joined, Joe. You deserve a lot of thanks for everything you've done for the site, the vast majority of which I'm certain I don't even know about, since I'm a relatively new member. I predict an 8% chance of total anarchy breaking out tomorrow morning.

    It's always good to have some extra free time, I guess. Enjoy it!


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      Joe, You were the first person I ever got talking to here at PSO and your kind words and encouragement may me feel very welcome and at home here. I cannot thank you enough. You will be greatly missed from the team. Finally, may I wish you the very best in your new venture and keep in touch. Raiser umbup:


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        Wow, really lost for words...

        Panick said it well,

        Your a class act sir, congrats on the new job.

        This place sure lost a great mod,

        Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

        7 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Sorry to hear that Joe even though we've had our differences before i've always felt you were fair in how you handled things and here it was I was planning to unbury your 1st post from september 29th 2002 when your 10 year anniversary came up i wish you all the best in all that you do and hope to see you again and heck you might even talk evil:
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            Sorry to see you leave Joe.
            You didn't even get upset when I gave you devil ears a while back.
            Hope your new career is enjoyable and rakes in the dollars.
            Best of luck to you.


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              Joe What can I say that I haven't already told you, Working with you for the last year and half has been my pleasure, learning and playing with you since 2004 has been a great highlight of my time at PSO, Making a good friend is just Priceless

              I would also like to thank Joe for all he has done to help PSO over the years, It has been a pleasure to work with Joe and his involvement with this team will be greatly missed.

              I wish you the best at the tables and in Life my friend


              7 Time Bracelet Winner


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                Thank you TrumpinJoe and good luck with your new job.

                Giddy Up!


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                  GL joe sad to hear, Never got to know you but enjoyed a lot off your posts.umbup:


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                    Aww Joe you brought a tear to my eye I wish you all the best with whatever you do! If you handle your next endeavors with the class and respect you have shown around here, you will no doubt be running the show there soon tooumbup:


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                      All I can say is that I hope TrumpinJoe WILL BE BACK. mileypoker:moke:
                      Last edited by brkn80; Wed Feb 01, 2012, 07:37 PM.


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                        This is sad news to us all, but hope it frees up your time and energies so that you can enjoy the daily grind a bit more.

                        Hope to keep seeing you in the Tank, as always, I'll do my best to take all your squashy-faced kitty chips. Although that's always a challenge.


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                          Good luck and all the best to you always. You're always welcome hereumbup: John

                          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                            Thank you, I have learn't a lot from reading your posts of Poker Wisdom, Best wish's for future All Thee Bestumbup: ♠♦HighTimes♥♣
                            3 Time Bracelet Winner


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                              Always the template for what a Mod should be and even more a template for what a mentor to many and a friend to all should be you'll be missed in the first capacity Joe,but hopefully can find your way here as often as possible to continue in the latter two,more important ones. Best of luck to you on the next step in your journey. umbup: And better decisions. umbup:umbup:umbup:



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