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my poker questions

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  • my poker questions

    1.limping in on a 9 seater utg,utg+1,utg+2,with small-mid pp's good or bad or dont bother

    2.limping in on a 6 seater utg,utg+1,utg+2,with small-mid pp's good or bad or dont bother

    3.shoving on the bb when every one as limped in, to steel pot, good or bad or dont bother table sitting tight waiting for premium hand good or bad

    5.bubble posisition sitting tight waiting for the money places,but not much chance of winning really low stack,and folding a premium hand.good or bad

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    From my STT perspective:

    1) Often good.

    2) No idea.

    3) Sounds bad, but not totally sure what the question was.

    4) Probably bad, but don't know.

    5) Folding premium hands on the bubble can be necessary when there is a shorter stack than you.


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      1-3: Not sure what type of game you're talking about here holdem. Please be more specific. I assume these are ring tables queries but without further clarification hard to assess.

      4. Here I'm guessing you're talking about SNG's. Meh,dude it's really hard to say that there is a 100% one size fits all best way to negotiate every FT you're ever going to see in these and you're giving us no input as to stack sizes,how the table is laid out (do you have loose players on your immediate left or right,or maybe tight,combination...soooo many variables...).

      I will say that as a general rule of thumb no,sitting too snug and waiting for premium hands is not going to serve you well at any FT. If you aren't recognizing profitable spots to exploit then you're going to be hard pressed to ever break into the top paying spots on anything approaching a consistent basis.

      5. Now think about this question in relation to question 4 for a minute.

      Question 4 you ask if sitting tight and waiting for a premium hand is a good idea and then here you ask if one should FOLD a premium hand at the bubble.

      Dude if you're sitting on you butt waiting for premium hands just to the fold the damned things how in the Hell do you ever expect to win anything?

      Panicky is on a great run in the STT's he's playing so in a way I'm loathe to do this but I really have to disagree with his reasoning that folding a premium hand at the bubble is sometimes necessary. Unless it's a satellite situation where X number of players get whatever is being offered and you are inside the cut line in my opinion folding premium hands at the bubble just to hopefully squeak over the finish line for a min-cash is a MAJOR leak.

      Look,folding that hand guarantees you nothing. Even if you are currently inside the cut when you fold it there are going to be plenty of times when one or more of the shorties behind you does get THEIR chips in and hits and now you're sitting there going "Damnit I should have jammed that QQ hand when I had the chance".

      Now going with the premium hand guarantees you nothing either,understood. You could bust. But since it's a premium hand more often than not you're going to double through (maybe even better...) or at least pick up blinds and antes from the table folding to you. This gives you TWO ways to win...from showing down the best hand or by inducing everyone to fold. Folding the hand yourself gives you only ONE way to win---the short player or players behind you do bust out.

      Also if you're sitting on bubbles even passing on forcing the action with premium hands then there are plenty of other exploitable spots that you're punting. Passive bubble play is not going to get you anywhere except to the cashiers window to make another deposit. That I can guarantee you.

      And lastly in this scenario is the single biggest reason NOT to fold premium hands at the bubble IMO.

      If you do that you are guaranteeing yourself that the ONLY thing you're going to see in those tournaments is a min-cash at best. The shoves that you win can lead to getting you to top finishes,folding can NEVER do that.
      Last edited by Moxie Pip; Mon Jan 30, 2012, 01:28 PM.


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        cheers guys for your views,sorry it was all based on sng 45ppl tourneys.
        i hear what you are saying moxi,and i also here what panic is saying,
        the problem i have ,and nether ending, ends up back to the beggining.
        i have been playing basicaly 45sngs thats it,im using +ev play equaity etc,
        getting my chips in good and still losing at the crucial time,yes you can say its variance,i said before variance doesnt seem to favour i that unlucky that most off the time got my chips in good and still not getting anywhere?
        i can stay even thats about it always,so try new stuff to improve and that still does not work,
        my mind is proper boggled with it how some people seem to win always,and i have watched these players and they dont do anything diferent to me.In fact they get there chips in bad and still seem to win.
        And NO im not whining or moaning,i just want the answer im still looking for.

        why i get my stack in good so often,and my hands never hold at the crucial times...

        i would be a millionair by now for real,


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          The questions are too vague and there is no cookbook recipe for many spots, so it's hard to give answers of value to some of these, but as asked here's what I would say:

          1) It depends. Sometimes good, sometimes bad
          2) Almost always bad (keep in mind UTG+2 at a 6 handed table is actually the cut off)
          3) It depends. Sometimes good, but often bad.
          4) Almost always terrible
          5) Almost always bad in standard pay structure large field mtt's
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            thx dave

            thanks dave a true gent i always listen and always remember all advice great thx



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