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  • Unvariables

    Unvariables,not even sure if this is a word,but for the arguement sake,this is what we will call it,and hopefully i will explain, what i think is the termonology of it in the poker sense!.

    For my example, I will use a cash no limit table, as I feel the unvariables differ slightly on tournement tables.

    Ok, what do we instantly know about unvariables on a cash no limit table?, we know the big blind is unvariable, the small blind is unvariable, the button posistion and also the cut off.
    By this i mean they dont change except obvious posisition, but the value stays the same. So how does this help?, so can it be said about some players.

    These type players are unvariables, example standard 3x raise always with premium hand.
    If i see a player like this, I will call him down all the way to the river with any two cards, my reason for this you might ask?, I then have is range, he/she only playing high pairs or he/she playing ak etc.

    This then can actually be exploited in a huge way, so for my example I will say player in the cut off,
    he raises 3x the blinds.
    I have all ready tested this opponent, I know his or her range and put them on a premium pair.
    The button folds, the small blind folds, i am sitting on the big blind.
    My cards 85 offsuit,I pause, I think, I range , I call.

    The flop comes.
    855 Instant check, I have been playing tag poker for the last two hours, he/she as seen this.

    So considering the small pot I lost earlier to this player,I am always going to get payed off by this type opponent.
    I could sit here typing examples of unvariables all day but there are so many to consider. So the next time you play, look, observe, pick your opponent, take their chips.

    Thank you for reading and I hope you bare this in mind for the next time you play.

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    why do you multi account in the forum?


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      I still smell a seagull.



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