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table selection?

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  • table selection?

    hi all i need some help,cant beleive it realised so much last night,if you remember a while back i was totally convinced there was botts on here lol,totally convinced myself lol,but now i know,it is in fact multi-table players homing in on my poor rankings which in fact looks like bots as they are just so boring to play against,so that is why i thought the whole thing was rigged,and if you see it from my view as a none software user it would look like that to you...
    anyway lots of them have no game not surprised i get the question how do i find a table with players? just the normal person who wants to play poker.

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    so the question how do i find a table with players?
    You have to walk backwards and sing "La Marseillaise".


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      I have a feeling you'll not find a normal table anywhere. Reason I say that is the way players can come or go during play. Say you find one with five other players who are not playing on any other table. A player decides to end his session, and the chair stays open for several hands. Then a new person arrives. There is nothing you can do to prevent a multiple table member from sitting in your game.

      If players have tagged you with some software harpoon, (think Table Ninja does this), it is because they see you as a stuffed fish ripe for the harvest. Whenever you play, these table hunters are going to zero in on you. I know I would. Consider what you have said in other posts about your play. Knowing you'll become a tilting maniac draws anyone with the patience and poker savy to outwait your moments of poker genius for that special hand where you dump your bankroll with crappy cards.

      Best way to outwit such hunters is to reverse the game. You must make the hunter the hunted by beating them. Like a schoolyard bully, they are not going to leave you alone until you have given them several bloody noses. As somebody else adviced, you must come to the tables with your A-game. Anything else is a disaster waiting to happen.

      Since you cannot stop the multi table player, learn from them.

      1 ---- How often are you seeing the same player(s) at your table? (Keep a list of suspects)
      2 ---- When do they arrive? (Immediate? First opportunity?)
      3 ---- What are they playing against you? (Only playing sets or better?)
      4 ---- Do these players target you specifically? (Folding if you're folding?)
      5 ---- Are there multiple repeat players at your table? (Several familiar suspects)

      Once you see some of these players at your table, shift to a new table and see if they follow you. When one of the suspects appears a second time, check the table where you last played. If the person is now playing there and at your table, it might be innocent and he is focused on the stakes. If the player is no longer at your former table, he is possibly following the easy money, which is you. It is the price of inept play in the past.


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        thx cairn great advice again read it twice and do understand thx m8t



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